Dec 5th, 2013

Google Play Music banner

One of my biggest complaints about Google Play Music was that the app could only store “pinned” music (music downloaded for offline listening) to a device’s internal storage. Only have 4GB of internal storage but have 32GB of sweet microSD card space to fill? Tough luck.

Not any more, though, as the latest Google Play Music upgrade finally brings us the ability to store cached music to the SD card. This should give users as much space as they need to have tons of their tunes available for those times when a strong internet connection isn’t handy. Beyond that, you now have the ability to share various tracks you’ve bought.

While you’ve been able to share certain tracks and libraries to Google+ in the past, this new option now allows you to share music to any app (it’ll come up in the form of a link). The upgrade should be in the Google Play Store soon, but this is a staggered rollout so if you don’t see it right away then you’ll just have to be a patient Patty and wait a bit.