Dec 4th, 2013

Google Glass swap instructions

After Google promised current Explorers the 1-time opportunity to swap out their first generation Glass for the new v2 model, we were beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get the invite. Today seems to be that special day, with a few Glass Explorers on Phandroid’s team — myself included — now receiving swap instructions in our email inboxes.

Glass Swap Details

Current Explorers who purchased their Glass before October 28th are the only ones eligible for the swap, having until February 5th to begin the process. Before you ask, yes this is a swap, meaning we wont be giving away our old pairs here on the site (I know, we’d really like to). We should note that Google did mention that they’d be doing something “special” with the old pairs, but wouldn’t say at the moment.

Google promises the new and improved Google Glass Explorer Editions are faster, more durable, and compatible with their upcoming accessories like stereo headphones and prescription lenses. I smell another review incoming…