TYLT 50% off sale overloads website, honors deal past Cyber Monday but you gotta sign up!


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One of the day’s better Cyber Monday deals was accessory manufacturer TYLT and them offering 50% off their entire online store with coupon code: 50off_ty!t. Everything from cases, to chargers, and backpacks are fair game (up to a maximum discount of $100 per customer). Needless to say, TYLT’s website got hammered by the stampede of online shoppers looking to capitalize on such a great deal, clogging up checkouts and leaving shoppers walking away from the site empty handed.

But TYLT wants to make things right. According to a prompt that now appears when visiting the site, whether you knew about the deal or not, you can now visit this link here, to enter your email and reserve the deal for another day.

TYLY Cyber Monday Overload page

This should help alleviate some strain on the site, and you don’t need to stress out about grabbing a deal before day’s end. Win win. The must-have item on TYLT’s site? Take a look at these wireless charging cradles, normally $70 but only $35 for Cyber Monday. These docks come in a variety of colors and are perfect for media consumption. The rapid charging keeps your Qi-enabled Android device fully charged quickly and easily. Perfect gift for that Nexus 5 user in your life.

Tylt Vu wireless charger

TYLT VU wireless charger ($35 for Cyber Monday)

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  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiice! that wireless charger is gorgeous


  3. Sent off for a code then looked at their prices. That code will definitely never be used. Insane prices at even half off. $200 for a backpack with a $15 battery pack inside!? Gimme a break… Oh and it’s ugly to boot.

  4. I picked up the Nexus branded Qi charger for my Nexus 5, but I am definitely going to try to pick up one of these wireless charges as well. Especially for the price and greater versatility.

  5. Thanks Chris. These look much better than other chargers I’ve seen.

  6. link don’t work anymore :(

  7. Was able to find the page to enter in your email:

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