Qualcomm Toq smartwatch is now officially available for pre-order



It was back during Qualcomm’s LINQ developer conference in September that the company — normally known for making the mobile processors that power our smartphones and tablets — unveiled their all new consumer product, the Qualcomm Toq. Last week Qualcomm finally gave us pricing and a release date for the Toq, officially arriving on December 2nd for $350.

Today Qualcomm announced that the device is now officially available for pre-order from their Toq Store, where it will ship in 1-3 weeks. Credit cards will only be authorized at the time of purchase, the charges only taking place after the device has shipped.

Qualcomm Toq angles

While it’s still too early to judge if the Toq will be a success, it’s clear Qualcomm is taking a much different approach to the smartwatch than “kitchen sink” offerings like the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Qualcomm Toq has a clear focus: provide users with a simple companion device to the smartphone that can deliver quick notifications, while offering multi-day battery life. Sounds like a winning combination to us.

Of course, whether or not consumers will smell what Qualcomm is cooking — and for that $350 price tag — is another story entirely. Something tells us the niche device isn’t targeting mainstream success (can’t imagine you’ll ever find one at your local Walmart). If they can work that price down a smidgen, we definitely be all over it. Until then, wearable computing isn’t for technophiles on a budget.

Pre-order: Qualcomm Toq

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  1. UI is a step up from my Pebble, but so is the price.

  2. I really don’t GET these things. How many people still want to wear redundant crap on their wrists, no matter how ‘smart’ it is?

    1. I might start once its possible to project a holographic screen lol

  3. To much to much to much.

    1. too

  4. Too much money too little purpose…

  5. Before we go on.. it’s fugly.

  6. Ever notice how little they show these things from the side? Saw a Galaxy Gear in person the other day, and it’s so thick! Can’t imagine the Toq being much thinner, and that right there turns me off as much as the price. Hey, manufactures, make my phone a little thicker with a bigger battery, and thin up these wearables, you guys are doing it backwards!

  7. Nope, it’s the same price as a Nexus5. Why would anyone pay as much for a primitive smart watch as they would for a powerful phone? It’s also plastic and too large. A watch has to look good, it’s not the same as a phone which sits in you pocket, a watch is something you wear.

    At this stage of the game a smartwatch is a disposable item, it’s not like a regular watch that you keep for decades, any smartwatch that you buy today is going it be obsolete in a matter of months so it has to be priced like that. I’d pay $100, maybe $125, for a watch today but not $350,

  8. Uh, so!!!! I have other things to spend $350 on, no thanks Qualcomm!

  9. I wouldn’t pay $150 for that…..but thats just me.

  10. $350? I’ll buy another N5 and strap it to my arm. Then I’ll have one for each arm!

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