Sprint Note 2, T-Mobile Galaxy S3 (Non-LTE) get Android 4.3



Although Android 4.4 rollout news has dominated headlines as of late, some folks are still wondering when they’ll be able to step up to the last version of Android Jelly Bean — that is, Android 4.3. We have some news for a couple different groups of Samsung’s customers in that regard, thankfully.

For starters, the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now getting its Android 4.3 upgrade. Alongside the under-the-hood and minor changes Android 4.3 brought, this upgrade brings us Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch compatibility, Samsung KNOX security features, new camera features and more. We’re not sure how big this thing is, but getting on WiFi and charging your battery wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world before trying to pull it down. Sprint has the full instructions if you need help.

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 is also getting that same upgrade, though you should note that only T-Mobile’s non-LTE model (the T999) will be treated to the new goods. Those with the T999L version, the one with LTE radios, will have to wait just a tad longer. You can accept this upgrade over-the-air, but there’s a manual download and installation tool available on T-Mobile’s website if you don’t want to go through all that. Be sure to read all the instructions thoroughly and carefully before proceeding,

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. just a quick random question, do you guys have an instagram?

    1. You was not lying when you said “random question”.

      1. lol, i get that a lot. i always thought i was a bit A.D.D….oh a squirrel!!!

    2. just a quick random question, what’s your favorite type of mustard?

      1. Gouldens Spicy

      2. i’ve never really liked mustard, it tastes funny, id rather have mayo.

  2. Does this update actually work?

  3. This update dint mess up my phone is working better than 4.12

    1. Do you know if any sprint note 2 users in LA get the update yet???

      1. No idea sorry I should have specify I have an s3 tmobile

  4. has any sprint note 2 users in LA get the update yet???

  5. any minute now AT&T….

    1. what did you hear?

    2. T-Mobile pushed this update to my phone yesterday today from what I’ve seen on g+ is at&t has begun rolling it out today. I think phandroid it taking their time posting news.

  6. So far its running smooth as butter

    1. Good to hear that! Hope it’s gonna be released soon over here… Didn’t you notice any bugs at all?

      1. So far no and it has not crashed yet 4.1 used to crash about three times a day

  7. Can i do this if my phone used to be Sprint but i moved to ting, who uses Sprints network?

    1. I’m sure you will get the update within a few weeks. This particular build is for people only with an SPH-L900.

      1. Yup thats why i have

        1. Then you should get it asap :D

          1. Dude it was pulled hrs ago. Check sprint’s support page.

  8. if asap is yesteday or today… nope.. just checked lol.

    1. lol I meant we should all be getting it asap. I’ve been checking kies & ota every like 10 minutes. ughhhhh

  9. still waiting in SE Missouri.

  10. What about Galaxy note 2 t mobile update?

  11. Stop whining! I’m in Japan with their weaker S3 and I JUST NOW got the upgrade to 4.1.2! It seems like I have a whole new phone!
    Still, I’m going to have to break my contract and get the Note3 that is mysteriously available through AU when they don’t even offer the Note2. (I live in an area where docomo doesn’t have near the coverage that AU does.) Slomo and flawless handwriting recognition ftw!!!

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