Google updates Chrome for Android with improved autofill



A new version of Chrome for Android is rolling out in the Google Play Store. Officially Chrome 31, the latest build gets version number 31.0.1650.59. The update addresses a number of bugs, performance, stability, and security issues, but is most notable for the addition of the ability to print from Chrome (on devices running KitKat) and enhanced autofill for forms.

Simultaneously, Google has launched an update to Chrome Beta for Android. Pegged at version 31.0.11650.60, it addresses instances of the browser crashing as well as removes the ability to to add an application shortcut. A blog post detailing the launch says this functionality will be added back in a later build.

Head over to Google’s blog posts for the official changelogs and more details. Follow the links below to download the latest versions of Chrome to your device.

Download: Google Chrome, Google Chrome (Beta)


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  1. Oh! its great. bise lahore has announced result of matric 2013 supplementary :

  2. Still no word wrap like every other browser? I don’t understand how anyone can use this garbage.

    1. That’s right down vote me for speaking the truth. Even my old feature phone’s browser had word wrap. I love Google Chrome on the desktop but their mobile browser sucks! I do have hopes that some day it will be usable.

    2. The desktop version and the ios version are great, but the Android version lags and makes my New Nexus 5 feel like it’s already 2 years old. Really don’t understand why Google can’t make a decent browser for Android, it’s own OS.

  3. I started using Chrome instead of the default browser on my Razr because it was faster but now it’s gotten slower so I switched back.

  4. i have not been able to run chrome android beta very successful on my Google nexus 4 since i installed it 2 months ago it juzt keeps crashing.

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