Nexus 5 boot-up animation and the Android 4.4 KITKAT easter egg [VIDEO]


It’s always interesting to see what Google decides to do in terms of the bootup animation for the latest Nexus devices. It’s even more interesting to see the easter eggs they plant within the OS (often activated by double tapping some menu option). You know we just had to get a look at all of that once we were finished groping our Nexus 5 units for the first time.

The boot-up animation in the latest Nexus handset is quite simple and elegant, with the Google-colored swirls separating and coming together in continuous fashion. The orb turns completely white when they come together, and return to their respective colors when pulling apart. Nothing complicated or exciting, but nice, simple and elegant. I like it.

Of more importance is just how fast it takes this device to go from hitting the power button to seeing the home-screen — about 16 seconds, by my count. Is it the Snapdragon 800 processor? Android 4.4 KITKAT optimization? Combination of both? No one can say for sure, but we’re impressed no matter what’s at play here.

Onto the subject of easter eggs, we’ve already found the most obvious one — tapping the Android version number in Settings > About Phone. As you’d expect, Google decided to do something special for KITKAT, with the company displaying the version of Android with the candy bar’s styling. Holding that logo takes us to a pretty cool grid of illustrated treats (touching a treat makes it fly away for something else to take its spot). It’s nothing mind blowing, but always neat.

Google doesn’t often include more than one easter egg in each Android release (unless you count tapping the build number 5 times to enable developer options), but if we come across any more you can bet we’ll be looking to show them to you. Watch the quick video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I counted 16 seconds Quentyn, so I’m guessing you had a typo. Waiting for Friday on my vibrant is agony!!!

  2. In in love with this phone already. It loads web pages so much quicker than my N4. I can’t wait until ParanoidAndroid gets their ROM ready. I love that extra screen real estate it gives you.

  3. The easter egg froze my Galaxy Nexus when I tried to get the candy The Jelly Bean one was similar (you flicked the beans away)

      1. that’s to enable developer options so you can root the phone. I put kitkat on my galaxy nexus and the Android kitkat logo appears, but when I longpress the logo, it crashes the phone. Try to longpress the jellybean and you should get a “dream (Screensaver)” for your phone.

  4. No offense, but you gotta clean your nails bro. It’s a pet peeve of mine, sorry.

    1. For real dude?
      You got Aspegers Syndrome or what?

      No offense,of course………

      1. Asburgers? Sounds Delicious

      2. Not sure how noticing dirty fingernails relates to Aspergers Syndrome, but I can see how morons like you can relate the two.

        No offense, of course………

        1. Thank you for proving my point……………….

          1. No problem……………….

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    2. I agree. I couldn’t focus on the video. Of course I have a N5 so I could care less but damn. Usually when my fingernails touch something before the skin does I’ll cringe and immediately clip them!

    3. My nails actually were clean. I make it a point to do it before every video. What you’re seeing isn’t dirt, it’s a slight shadow from the lighting situation.

      1. Oh lol, I see. It’s not a big deal though.
        I still appreciate ya for posting stuff like this. It makes users not getting the N5, like me, not to feel left out from the different things stock 4.4 has to show.

    4. rofl…and you’re clean…lol
      Now your comment my friend, is given like a true moron.
      This is a tech site, not a fashion blog.
      yeah, I don’t pussyfoot around, my comment is meant to be offensive, of
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      1. *Tips fedora*
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          1. oh ok

          2. I won’t be surprised if you upvoted yourself…

      2. BTW, that profile picture of mine, isn’t mine. If you don’t know who that is, come out of the rock your hiding in

  5. wait….6 seconds?

    1. I know I want instant on, Linux can do that you know, seems a phone should be able to do a chip boot like the old laptops use to.

  6. Wow, is it me or do those look like Windows 8 tiles? Way to stick it to Windows 8 hahaha!

  7. Uh oh, looks Micro$oftish.

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