FAA now lets you keep your device on throughout all phases of flight, so Amazon celebrates with 15% Kindle sale



In case you haven’t heard, the FAA — the lovely group that regulates airline safety — made changes to their electronic devices guideline. The biggest change most of us will care about is the fact that devices are no longer required to be powered down, no matter which phase of the flight you’re in. That doesn’t mean you should be on your laptop typing up expense reports during takeoff or landing — that stuff still has to be stowed away during those phases — but you no longer have to shut it down if you don’t want to.

With that, Amazon decided to take this opportunity to put all of their Kindle devices on sale. The company has slashed prices on their entire fleet of Kindle products, from the basic e-reader to the new Kindlre Fire HDX, by 15%. This means you could have the Kindle Fire HD for as little as $118, and the HDX for as little as $195.

Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire devices include the latest Fire OS 3.0, which brings many enhancements to make for a more beautiful, yet smoother experience. The biggest change is Amazon’s new Mayday button, which will get you a face-to-face Kindle specialist within a minute of pressing it in case you need help with your device. Two-way video chat and the ability for the specialist to remotely control your device gives you a helpline that’s more convenient than looking up online documents or having to swing by a store.

You can find out more about what the latest Kindle devices have to offer here. As for today’s sale, be sure to use coupon code ThnksFAA during checkout to get your 15% discount. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage! PS: the sale ends today, so be as fast about buying it as the airplane you’ll be using it on.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The good thing about this is that flight attendants will no longer have to nag people to turn off their electronic tablets…. it’s about time they changed this arbitrary rule.

  2. Is the code a typepo? Isn’t it missing an A?

  3. my phone never worked in the air anyway and I wasn’t going to pay for overpriced wifi..

    1. True, but I use my phone just for games/music/movies while on the plane.

  4. It might not be the Paperwhite, but the regular Kindle for $59 is a pretty nice deal, I wonder if I should pick up one as my wife is always stealing my Kindle Touch…

  5. This article was kinda pointless……..

  6. I take the train, who cares, let the crazy people stuff themselves into flying sardine cans :D I get free checked bags too, paying for checked baggage is so not cool.

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