Verizon HTC One’s Android 4.3 update delayed by a month


HTC One front homescreen

Just when you thought Verizon customers might finally be treated to a timely software upgrade, the bad news bees sting again. HTC America president Jason Mackenzie has announced on Twitter that the upgrade to Android 4.3 for the HTC One has been delayed for Verizon. The exec says they need about a month to work out some more things and go through the testing motions again. The upgrade was originally promised to be out of the door by the end of October.

HTC isn’t interested in saying who or what, exactly, caused the delay, of course, but with Verizon’s track record it’s tough to imagine it was anyone’s fault but their own. Assumptions are useless, though — the reality is that Big Red customers with the HTC One customers will have to wait even longer than their counterparts on other carriers.

The Android 4.3 upgrade should bring us more options in HTC Sense like new camera improvements, greater control and more features in HTC BlinkFeed, and more. Unfortunately, those goods will have to wait until Verizon’s officially ready to unleash the goods. How many of you are affected by this news?

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  1. Zero people were surprised by this news.

  2. First it was the phone itself. Now it’s the updates. Glad I chose to terminate my Verizon USB modem contract instead of converting it into phone service.

  3. They are probably trying to patch the S-OFF method.

  4. I hadn’t heard before that Verizon was going to get Sense 5.5… Everyone else (Sprint, T-Mo, AT&T) got Sense 5 with some bug fixes.

  5. well I think the extra wait with 5.5 is worth it… But I still have to laugh at Verizon tho lol

  6. Lol Big Red strikes again

  7. is anyone really surprised by this ??

  8. I don’t get it. It’s the same software across each device. Different radio signals for the carrier. Bloadware of course. Why is it so hard?

  9. “mmm yes, HTC, there’s not enough bloatware on here.”

  10. Verizon sucks

  11. Unless I was lied to… (I don’t doubt it…) Verizon would be to blame. I called HTC and complained for 2 hours yesterday about all of the ugly pink low-light pictures I get to take. They told me a fix was due Friday on Verizon. They wouldn’t do anything but tell me to wait or turn my phone in for repairs to their service center.

    1. Exactly why I returned the HTC One on Day 14.

      Early reports from One users mostly say the Android 4.3 release did not fix their low-light contrast issues. When I asked Verizon about this, they wouldn’t even commit to supporting the darn thing under their warranty…only option would be HTC’s service policy.

      Coming atop VZW’s conspicuously slow release and their well-earned reputation for slower updates, that’s simply unacceptable.

      1. I honestly think the 4.3 update made the pink hue on my camera screen worse.:(

      2. I replaced mine because of the purple tint as well. The new one does the same thing. I saw that a lot of people complained that the update didn’t help and even added to the problem to people that didn’t originally have it. Hopefully a fix for that is the cause of the delay. Or just maybe Verizon is making them put Sense 5.5 on it.

    2. I was told the same thing Monday then told today there is no estimated.time frame for the fix for this camera issue. I was also told that HTC does NOT replace or refund faulty phones. The only option was to send it I’m for repair but there was NO GUARANTEE it would fix. I also found out from a Sprint user who already has 4.3 that the update did NOT fix the camera issue :(

      Needless to say I am a disgusted customer.

  12. No problem. Not getting the HTC One until my upgrade on 12/15. :)

  13. So glad I’m on ATT, they seem to offer better all around support to me, and push out updates faster

  14. I have a Samsung S4 and I just downloaded the new 4.3. Wow what a difference. Fast everything. Verizon did it before the end of Oct.

    1. Thanks for the heads up!

  15. Ah well… It’s like that whole “definition of insanity” thing. My third HTC on Verizon and I actually thought things would be different this time. Nope. Guess I’m insane. Never again though… In two years.

    1. Me too. Before the “One” I’m still waiting for the promised Ice Cream Sandwich update for my Incredible 2.

  16. Thank God for XDA. Android 4.3 with sense 5.5 is already out.

  17. I am! My Verizon HTC One has the horrible purple camera issue and was told the 4.3 upgrade had the fix. Was told on Monday I would be getting it any time from the next hour to 10 days. Was told today there is no estimated time frame for the fix for this camera issue. I would buy one of these phones with caution.

    1. That’s funny Julie,I got the One on Verizon a little over a month ago,and I have had zero camera issues with mine. Whether I have taken photos in bright light,or low light,pictures have come out just fine. With regards to the delay on the 4.3 update,I really do not even care. I do not waste my time whining and complaining about the current software update. I have had absolutely no problems with the HTC One through Verizon,4G speeds are quite fast. Sorry to say some of you who are on A T and T,I think some of you are smoking something. I have gotten up to 40 megs a second 4G speeds and I am here in Utah,and recently clocked almost 17 meg upload speed. Now tell me people,can A T and T offer that kind of speed? No they cant. It is just too funny some of you get on here,whining and complaining about how you aren’t getting the update yet. Boo hiss. I was coming from the HTC Rezound also throug Verizon,and had virtually no problems with that phone either,so i dont know what some of you are talking about,did you ever think some of you just got lemons and not necessarily a bad phone? Might want to take that into consideration before you start complaining on here,or anywhere for that matter.

      Tell me what Samsung Galaxy S4 has going for it. Oh ya,it STILL is plasticky,still is. You would think Samsung would change that with some of their phones but yet alas they do not. S4 does not have anywhere near the solid build quality that HTC One does,not even close. Add in a quad core processor,ultrapixel camera, 32 gigs storage(which is AMPLE room unless you download 20,000 songs,and in that case you have too much time on your hands),excellent boomsound,excellent speakers,excellent call quality,fast download speeds,I get a great signal in my area(almost never below 4 of 5 bars but almost always 5 bars where I am at),and last but not least,Beats by Dre. So tell me S4 users,does your phone have that? No,I do not believe that it does. Sure,it has garnered good reviews,but still not as good as HTC One. Complain all you want about Verizon,no one FORCED you to join up with them. I have been on T Mobile,as well as Cingular before they merged with A T and T,and can say from experience their reliability and call quality on their high end smartphones is nowhere near as good as it is on Verizon. Sure,you pay a bit more with Verizon,but I can say a few bucks more equals piece of mind for me,and I am not on here whining and complaining,I have better things to do with my time.

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