Oct 28th, 2013


Spigen has been quite the bold accessory manufacturer as of late. The company had no problems leaking some early screen protectors for the Nexus 5 on Amazon, and now they’ve updated their site with more official case accessories ahead of launch. New additions include “Infinity White,” “Champagne Gold,” and “Smooth Black” colors for the Slim Armor case, Black and Gray for the Ultra Hybrid case, and “Champagne Gold,” “Metal Slate,” and “Satin Silver” colors for the Neo Hybrid (though we’d already gotten a decent sneak peek at the latter in an earlier leak).

A couple of these cases were already listed on Amazon before, but Spigen’s latest listings include photos of the cases applied onto actual Nexus 5 renders (something we hadn’t seen before). Even more interesting is that Spigen’s “end of October” ship date is still being plastered on all these accessories, giving us hope that the actual device will be hear at some point within the next few days.

The latest rumors point to November 1st, with @evleaks posting that information alongside a crystal clear press shot of the white version of the phone this past weekend. It was just earlier this morning that Vic Gundotra and Android/Chrome lead Sundar Pichai teased that they were too excited to sleep.

vic gundotra google post


We’re not sure what that meant, of course — the vagueness of the Google+ posts led many to let their imagination run wild, with folks assuming this meant some sort of announcement would be made today. We’d love for that to happen, but we’re going to go ahead and concede that they are just playing with our emotions for now (you know, to save ourselves from heartbreak in the event that we’re reading way too much into the posts).

Quite frankly, we’re just about tired of chasing rumors at this point — we’re ready to see the damn thing, Google! Let’s hope this week brings us the sweet announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

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