Marvel: Avengers Alliance launches November 21st on Google Play, Marvel Run Jump Smash! also coming soon



New York Comic-Con has officially drawn to a close. A huge gathering of geeks, graphic novel lovers, and cosplayers — we didn’t expect to see too much in terms of Android announcements coming out of the event, but we were able to dig up some Marvel news.


It was a few months ago that Marvel: Avengers Alliance launched for iOS devices. A turn-based RPG of sorts, players will take control of 40 familiar super heroes, facing off against 180 super villains from the Marvel universe. During their NYCCC video games panel, Marvel announced a solid release date for when Android users can finally expect the free to play game to hit Google Play: November 21st.

Marvel mentioned that Deadpool will be the new “reward hero” in the PVP mode for the next season in the iOS version, but it wasn’t clear whether he’d be making the transition to the Android version. Also listed as “coming soon” were Beast and the Punisher, and a new Thor: The Dark World mission for Marvel Avengers Alliance players on Facebook.

Marvel Run Jump Smash

Marvel also revealed a brand new title (for us anyway) — Marvel Run Jump Smash! — coming soon to mobile devices worldwide. MRJS! made its mobile debut in Korea where it quickly rose to the top of the charts. The title features endless running style gameplay similar to Jetpack Joyride, and carries the same kinda chibi art-style as Halfbrick’s title. In their press release, Marvel said that in addition to non-stop running, MRJS! will also feature “battles”, although we’re not exactly sure how those will play out. You can watch the trailer for MRJS! via the YouTube video below.

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  1. Ios favoritism again. Die Apple!!!
    We need to wait till November?
    Why can’t all platforms launch at the same time?

    1. Avengers Alliance is already available for Android! Found it roughly 3 days ago and downloaded it.
      I do agree with you though, this whole “We will release for ios first, then Android sometime after” has to end!!!! You just have to go through various forums to see people are getting sick of it! It’s almost like apple pay these devs off to have it released to them first in hope people will jump ship to apple to get these “Exclusives” – It’s plausible anyway, i know too many people that rather an iPhone over anything else based on apps only, not the device!

      Run Jump Smash looks like fun though!

      1. If devs keep doing this, it will hurt them in the long run.

      2. Plus on Android it is only availble for certain handsets and will it be made availible to all.

    2. The developers for Apple are not the same developers for Android. It’s easier to bring out apps for iOS than it is for Android. Of course, with new APIs and all that, that will one day change. But for now, this is to be expected.

    3. The bigger question is will Avengers Alliance force you to start from the beginning of the game or will it connect with the playdom or Facebook site and allow you to continue the game you currently play?

  2. Definitely will download Marvel Run Jump Smash! As for Marvel: Avengers Alliance, maybe, not a big RPG fan. Will give it a go though.

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