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Chrome for Android updated with awesome gestures


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Chrome for Android is still not the perfect browser we want it to be, but Google is taking it there with every update. Google has started rolling out a new update for its browser, making it much funner and convenient to surf the web while on-the-go. This update brings improved gestures, which are a huge part of a touchscreen, mobile experience.

The update brings 3 simple, but very useful features. You will be able to use these features anytime, while using Chrome, so the experience should be rather smooth.

What new gestures does Chrome for Android feature?

  • Swipe horizontally across toolbar (top) to switch tabs.
  • Swipe down from the toolbar to access tab switcher.
  • Tap menu and drag finger down. Menu will appear and you can lift your finger in your selection.


The update should be rolling out within the “next few days,” along with a desktop Chrome browser update. That one will feature the all-new “search by image”, which you might want to check out as well. It allows you to right click any image and find search results related to it. Pretty awesome, right?

[Google via Chromespot]

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  1. i have got Chrome 30 for my PC today so i guess them should be out very soon last time at Chrome 29 was only one day behind for Android for get the update.

  2. Finally thinking practicality, need to bring more of this to android

  3. I wish they would implement the quick launch toolbar from the stock browser already. At least make it optional.

  4. I want extentions like on the desktop!

    1. Firefox :)

  5. This is a good step forward. The only thing stopping me from making Chrome my main browser is the speed. Firefox loads things so much faster. Once Chrome gets more speed, I may uninstall Firefox.

  6. I’m actually sad about these gestures. On my phone they are okay but they’re worthless on my Nexus 10. If I’m going to move my hand to the Chrome tab area to swipe then why not just tap on the desired tab. I definitely prefer the old gestures on tablets.

  7. Too bad Chrome is still unuseable in its current state. Nice to see them adding new features instead of making the browser actually useable.

    1. I’d be happy if it wasn’t so darn slow

    2. You might like Chrome Beta. It doesn’t have the terrible scroll lag that makes Chrome unusable for me.

  8. fall so short of being a good browser. Tons better ones out there.

    1. There are 2000 better browsers?

      1. Not 2000 better browsers. 2000 pounds of better browsers.

        1. Those British browsers are quite expensive but they’re good.

    2. Ive used many other browsers, Chrome is the best. Plus anything i search for on my laptop chrome can be sent to my mobile chrome, also anything i search for on one or the other is saved in the search results. Awesome in my book.

      1. No doubt about it. Chrome is fantastic.

      2. Chrome is the best… if slowest means best.

  9. When will we ever get chromcast support on mobile Chrome?

    1. If there’s enough cpu horsepower to encode h264 at 30fps and xmit. I still have some desktops that don’t qualify.

      1. until they allowing doing the heavy processing on the chromecast instead of your phone never, even if something like the snapdragon 800 could handle it, it would overheat and downclock within minutes.

  10. great for a phone… Chrome really came a long way

  11. Try giving us the ability to lock down chrome and google image search for our children so we can stop blocking chrome from them. Chrome + Google Image Search + Android = Unblock-able porn for our children.

    1. Google didn’t get your chick pregnant, Take care and govern your own mistakes.

      1. I do and I keep my kids off Android because Google isn’t allowing me to be fully responsible with their tools.

      2. Did your mom have any kids that weren’t aborted?

    2. Oh not like we haven’t heard this before…

      1. You don’t hear near as much as you need to on this. If I have my way you’ll be hearing a lot more until I can safely let all of my family use chrome on android.

      2. Why wouldn’t Google do this if they want schools to use their search on Android tablets. Very easy solutions for them to implement yet they leave it up to 3rd parties that basically have to block chrome Google search now and use Firefox.

        1. You have a point because the latest Nexus ad is about a kid in school.

        2. when you use google apps for education you can implement these blocks on the admin side. for the average consumer its too much time and difficulty to filter stuff yourself. No filters can block 100% of bad stuff without destroying access to useful stuff. at the end of the day the internet has porn and parents should watch their kids if they don’t trust them.

          1. That’s a poor excuse! If you can give admins control for business and schools then why not my family. I want my kids to be able to use all of googles features and they can on chromebooks and desktops where google has given me the tools to lock safe search. On Android they have given me the tools to set safe search but no way to lock my kid from changing that setting. All I want is for my 15 yr old son who is a huge Android fan to be able to use a very fundamental tool called search(aka google now). He is a proponent of Android yet I have to lock him out of one of the coolest apps/tools. I would think Google wants kids as early as possible to start using their search on Android, but this is a deal breaker for responsible parents.

          2. I’m not sure how android handles chrome for android now, but I know 4.3 added app content filtering levels and password locks.

            You are NEVER going to have a perfect filter, be a responsible adult/parent.

            Also your kid is 15, when I was 15 my computer was in a communal room so my parents could keep an eye on me, or when it was a laptop they check on me often and unannounced. Or you could you know… have open and honest discussions about sex with your kid.

            If you can’t trust your kid to that level, you can’t trust a filter. The filter will either have to filter tons of useful content, or allow bad stuff through.

            plus a 15 year old is smart enough to bypass any filter you put in… ip forwarding, vpning, downloading porn apps (anyone ever hear of the app tic-tac-toe… see what happens when you connect x-x-x) lol

            The admin type controls are far too complicated for non-IT people. plus you need a hardware firewall for them to be at all useful and unable to be easily circumvented.

            Stop asking google to parent your children.

            Also porn should be the least of your worries, the hate speech, bullying, and violent sites are far more detrimental to your child’s welfare.

          3. First off it is a good thing that no one responding is building software. Telling the client that he shouldn’t really want a feature is a sure fire way to end up with something called IOs, because Steve knows best for everyone. I believe that objectifying women is far more damaging to them than anything. I’m not looking for bullet proof solutions. I understand that if a 15 year old wants to see naked women he will find a way. I’m looking for just enough of a solution that makes him think about what he is doing. I can lock down Android but that means not allowing him to use the Google search app and him using firefox netnanny browser that forces safe search. But I want him to have access to the Google Now and Search functionality. I would presume that 99% of 15 year old boys will look at porn if it’s a click away where if he has to jump through hoops it will go down to more like 25% or less. Who knows? But I know I want safe search locked down on an Android phone with a pass code to unlock it. You can judge my request all day long but I have exactly what i want to make Android’s Google Search safe for my kids.

          4. We as humans do not have the technology for what you are asking for currently. It’s not saying we don’t want to give you a feature. It’s impossible to have a filter as good as the level you want without restricting functionality.

            BTW I worked in I.T. at a one2one laptop school for 5-8th graders.

            The kids who tried to look at bad stuff, were kids whose parents did a bad job controlling them and being open and honest.

            Also you’d be shocked how creative your kids are in deceiving you and getting to the content they want, it’s not hard at all for a technology native.

            You say it yourself, you don’t like netnanny because it’s too restrictive, that is the tradeoff you must make.

            Also teenagers are rebellious, the more you make some secret and bad the more curious they will be. I’m glad you’ve taught your son how shameful his body, girl’s bodies and sex is. That seems super healthy.

            The fact that you think safesearch protects your kid is also laughable. Also you really think making something take 3-10 clicks versus 1 click stops porn? Nobody accidentally stumbles upon porn. it’s a conscious effort.

            The school was able to use android just fine with students, not because of fancy filters, but because students are carefully watched and understand what is expected of them.

            Are you going to follow your son to college?

          5. You’re a typical IT guy. No it can’t be done and why would you want it anyway. Your judgmental attitude stops you from even considering the request. That’s why businesses end up going outside of IT groups and hiring consultants that do what their asked to do. So judgmental it makes me pissed. I’m not asking for all porn to be blocked. I use OpenDNS and Filtering from T-Mobile for that. Perfect by no means. All I want is the same ability that Google provides me in chrome on my desktop on Android. Which is a password protected safe search setting. I never asked for a bullet proof solution or something that Google isn’t already doing on their desktop version.

          6. And this is where I stop feeding the troll, I will not be spoken to in this way.

            I’m sorry I’m a rational and logical human being, if that’s what you mean by I.T. guy. It was my mistake for trying to respond to your comments rationally.

            Why don’t you fill out a bug report feature request in the upper right corner of your chrome browser? ,instead of bitching about it here.

            Or Maybe instead of spending your time posting over 800 disqus comments, you spend some time with your children being a better parent. My 2 cents.

          7. Feeding the troll? How many times have you insulted my parenting skills?

          8. This isn’t just about profit, this feature is about making Android kid friendlier than Apple does. It’s total PR that shows them as caring about society and not pushing porn like a lot of the attitudes are that come up every time someone mentions this. It’s high time they do something effective to make search teen friendly on all devices. For my teenagers I want a passcode enforced safe search. That’s all.

    3. Google Safe Search has existed for years.

      Besides its not like that stuff just randomly pops up out of no where. You kind of have to go look for it.

      1. Even with safe search off, you actually have to be quite a bit more specific when searching for porn than before.

        1. Uh… my 15 yr old son knows how to be specific and he also knows how to change safe search on Android. I know that I have opposing standards to many people that think porn is awesome, but I firmly believe it is detrimental to having healthy relationships with women.

          1. Have you tried teaching your son that? Why not just go through his history once a week if he was googling bad things punish him, take away his android toys? If he clears history punish him for twice as long. It’s a good thing your son respects you so much that he breaks your rules the second you leave him alone.

    4. I’m amazed at how much resistance this request gets. Basically many of you believe that you shouldn’t try and protect your children from porn and that is troublesome to me. Or at the least you don’t think Google should deal with the problem. Maybe I need to give up on Google Search on Android. Netnanny can solve my problem but it means taking away functionality from my kids. What Google thinks is good enough isn’t. I would pay a lot of money for them to do this. I would even consider purchasing business apps and paying for each account so that I can lock down safe search across devices, but it isn’t offered there either. Oh well this was the wrong forum for this request. Very sad;(

  12. I’m still waiting on one killer Chrome feature: The ability to also *close* open tabs sync’d from my various devices. Essentially a “mark as read and remove” feature, since that my use of viewing my desktop tabs on my phone & tab.

  13. I’m still expecting Webkit-Like performance, Current chrome’s performance is poor (scrolling is jerky, heavy to load, eats a lot of memory, etc.)
    I also expect what I call “instant-back” that shoulb be in any mobile browser but can only be found in Xscope Pro.

    1. It seems like every update make it even slower.

  14. This browser sucks. There still is no text resizing when you zoom into a Web page. Even opera mini can do it. I don’t understand how anyone can use this trash.


  16. Booooooo. Swipe bar sucks vs swipe edge. The other two are pointless. Oh yeah…its super slow!

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