Sep 24th, 2013

Twitter 5.0 for Android featured

As a long time Twitter user, I’ve managed to accumulate a huge list of users I follow. Everything from hot chicks, to celebs, Android users, and parody accounts. Needless to say, it’s become daunting trying to keep up with Tweets from 700 people throughout the day. Turns out, Twitter is on top of this, and they’re rolling out a new feature to help keep their users “in the know” inside Twitter-land — no matter how many people they follow.

Using personalized “recommendations”, Twitter will now notify you when multiple Twitter peeps follow a new user, or retweet the same tweet. According to Twitter, it’s not as spammy as it sounds, and it’s a great way for those who aren’t glued to their Twitter feeds all day to get a notified of the important stuff that happens on their feed (especially useful for news).

For those that find the new feature too much of a nuisance, “Recommendations” push notifications can be turned off at any time from inside your Twitter app’s settings. Download link provided below for those wanting to give it a shot.

[Twitter on Google Play]