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There’s been a bit of drama the past few days throughout the Android community, ever since the announcement of Cyanogen Inc. Here at Phandroid, we haven’t been reporting on the drama, because no one needs that soap opera crap clogging up their favorite Android news site. If you aren’t aware, CyanogenMod’s Focal camera app has been pulled from the open source ROM. The developer behind the app, Guillaume Lesniak, has decided to put his Focal camera app on the Google Play Store for all to download and use. No longer will you need to be on CyanogenMod to use this full featured camera.

The app is currently in beta, but does come with a lot of features you’d expect in a camera app. You can take burst shots, set timers, change scene modes, add camera effects, change lighting settings, there’s an Auto Awesome tool, and it even includes a PhotoSphere replacement called PicSphere.

Focal is fully open source (GPL) and developers can download Focal’s source over on GitHub.

If you’re not fully satisfied with the camera app on your current phone, it’s worth taking a look at Focal. Just please remember, it is beta. Plenty of bugs do exist and will get squashed as time goes on.

Download: Google Play Store.


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  1. When isn’t there some drama with CM?

    1. Now that they have gone main stream aren’t we supposed to hate them?! FIGHT THE POWER!

      1. started from the forums now we here, yeah. started from xda now the whole team f*ckin here

        1. Lmao mega kudos to this!

    2. There’s always drama with GPL

  2. Not available for the HTC One

    1. Well, ’tis beta I guess. Works on my Moto X.

      1. And my Verizon S4. For anyone curious.

    2. Installs fine on my HTC one.

  3. Cant find it on the store (searched for Focal and Guillaume Lesniak) maybe it got pulled?

    1. Click the download link at the bottom of the page. That link works fine for me.

    2. search for “focal(beta). BTW it will only install on <4.2

  4. LOL!!! LMAO!! But ANY CHANCE you get you guys post Apple drama.

      1. Haha… nice

  5. Not availiable for note II sprint!

  6. For anyone who can’t find it in the store, it is 4.2+

    Also, has anyone compared this to the stock camera on the moto X..I’m hoping it improves the pictures…

  7. :( Does not work on EVO LTE

  8. 4.2+, too bad

  9. Can someone please tell me how to use the burst shot on this? I seriously cannot find it.

  10. Runs great on my GS3 with CyanogenMod. baked in.On a stock GS4 runs like crap. keeps crashing or won’t focus. I know it’s Beta but it obviously needs some work now that he has left CyanogenMod team.

    1. it works great on 4.3 ge ROM too

  11. Got it on my DROID Mini as well. We’ll see about performance later.

  12. I understand CyangenMod wanted a nicer camera app than AOSP provides but I doubt Focal, being under some version of the GPL, had much bussiness being in an Apache-licenced code base. That would of cut out so much of the drama.

    Still, even if Focal cannot be used on hardware where the OEM doesn’t want to share their modified source, I wish it was still part of CyanogenMod’s build service as it is much better than the AOSP camera… until it crashes.

  13. tried it , not impressed

  14. This sucks doesn’t work on 4.0

  15. The ONE thing I cannot believe the stock camera doesn’t have is a freakin TIMER!!!! I mean how are you supposed to take good, full body selfies if you can only hold the camer arm’s length away??? Always wondered how they missed that one.

    1. The HTC ONE has a countdown timer on the front facing camera, and the regular camera if im not mistaken. Definitely one on the FFC though.

  16. So Google Play Store tells me it’s not compatible with my Thunderbolt running v4.0.4. However, it tells me it IS compatible with my Nook Color, running CM10. Ummm….the Nook Color has no camera!!

  17. I was bummed out that my CM10.2 did not come with it like older versions of CM (SGS3 Sprint & rooted). I just downloaded it and it works amazingly well. Nice range of features and terrific ease of use.

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