Sep 20th, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S board

As so often is the case during Apple’s new device announcements, Tim Cook n’ friends was curiously mum on details about their all new A7 chip found inside the iPhone 5s. To be fair, they told us it was powerful, and according to recent benchmarks performed on the device, they’re right. What they didn’t tell anyone is where the new chip came from. Ironically, the A7 is manufactured by none other than smartphone rival Samsung.

Chipworks in collaboration with iFixit made the startling revelation after ripping the device apart and examining each component piece by piece. What they found was a 64-bit A7 built using Samsung’s new 28nm process. Apple did get away with contracting NXP for the M7 sensor chip, so they’re off the hook there. We just find it ironic that some of the iPhone 5s “magic” is comes from their biggest rival.

In the end this serves as a reminder that no matter how much Apple and Samsung are out for each others blood, in the end… it’s all business.

[via Engadget]

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