Turns out Apple’s A7 processor featured inside the iPhone 5s was built by Samsung


Apple iPhone 5S board

As so often is the case during Apple’s new device announcements, Tim Cook n’ friends was curiously mum on details about their all new A7 chip found inside the iPhone 5s. To be fair, they told us it was powerful, and according to recent benchmarks performed on the device, they’re right. What they didn’t tell anyone is where the new chip came from. Ironically, the A7 is manufactured by none other than smartphone rival Samsung.

Chipworks in collaboration with iFixit made the startling revelation after ripping the device apart and examining each component piece by piece. What they found was a 64-bit A7 built using Samsung’s new 28nm process. Apple did get away with contracting NXP for the M7 sensor chip, so they’re off the hook there. We just find it ironic that some of the iPhone 5s “magic” is comes from their biggest rival.

In the end this serves as a reminder that no matter how much Apple and Samsung are out for each others blood, in the end… it’s all business.

[via Engadget]

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  1. They have such a codependent/love-hate relationship.

  2. Is this surprising to anyone? Didn’t think so.

  3. Money speaks in mysterious ways…

  4. they are going to be their chip manufacturer until 2015. that’s when the contract ends. ice been telling the itards that Samsung makes their a7 chip but no one believes me. know I can use this article to rub it in their faces.

  5. LMAO, then samsung and Apple probably made an agreement that Samsung is only allowed to make 64-bit processor after iPhone 5S start selling lol~

    1. You don’t get it. The A7 is designed by Apple. It doesn’t matter who builds it. An oven is nothing without a cook :-)

      1. Prove it was designed by Apple by sourcing your information…but I doubt you’re correct. A company doesn’t spend millions in R & D and then give the specs to a third party who will definitely reverse engineer.

        Secondly, who cares about the 64-bit chip? You would need an absolutely crazy high-end graphics game to actually take advantage of it, and I’ll bet there are less than 10 by year end. Also, they won’t be very popular for two important reasons…cost and ease-of-use. Seriously, who wants to play a console-level game on a 4 inch screen? Now, put it on an iPad, that’ll be at least understandable.

        Lastly, I’ll take your analogy and return the favor…an engineer is nothing without his locomotive.

        1. Can you READ ? Because everything I say is very much documented on tech-sites. Just help yourself and read Anandtech, Chipworks and others. Apple designs and Samsung builds, that’s basic fact everyone interested in this debate should know.

        2. You’re wrong about the benefits of 64-bit architecture and about Apple’s influence on design. The 64-bit chip rids itself of legacy code and now reaps the benefits of the ARMv8 instruction set. I still prefer Android, but the 5s will outperform any Android phone coming out until they follow suit with 64-bit, which will take quite a while. Apple likely has at least the next three quarters (if not more) to itself as a mobile tech leader. Here’s an article that explains why the A7 is so good, as well as why quad-core chips are not just a waste, but are running at clock speeds that render them horrible inefficient:


          From the article:
          “The CPU cores are, once again, a custom design by Apple. These aren’t Cortex A57 derivatives (still too early for that), but rather some evolution of Apple’s own Swift architecture.”

      2. If Apple can design it, why would it turn to Samsung for fabrication, knowing full well that the possibility Samsung could pull an Apple move and do it better?

        1. Apple needs someone with the fabrics, but they don’t need anyone to make the design. Don’t worry for them, Samsung won’t replicate Apple’s IP. Patents aren’t for pigs.

        2. There’s a difference between designing your own cores and actually fabricating chips. Samsung won’t be able to compete with this design for some time yet. It’s the ARMv8 instruction set that makes the difference here and you need 64-bt architecture to fully take advantage of that. Apple is way ahead of the game on this one. Still, their customization options and tiny screens prevent me from even considering a purchase. Phones are already fast enough for normal use, I’ll sacrifice speed if it means I can have the features I want while viewing it all on a screen more suited to my personal tastes.

          1. The difference is Samsung can do both design and fab. If they don’t fab for Apple, Apple has nothing except a bunch of specs.

        3. Because building a fab facility is ridiculously expensive, and Apple has no experience with fabrication. The advantages of having their own fab would likely be dwarfed by the disadvantages. I’m sure Samsung is capable of designing their own 64-bit ARM processors if and when they want to… fabricating Apple’s processors for them doesn’t help them achieve that.

  6. Tim Cook got no guts going against Samsung, I tell you. Apple is just way different when Steve Jobs (RIP) is no longer in charge.

    1. Pretty sure Apple was getting parts from Samsung in the Steve Jobs days as well.

  7. Now can we tell iClowns off when they say Samsung is copying Apple with the 64bit chip ?

    1. No, because the design of the A7 is 100% Apple. Samsung is just the factory and they don’t have the needed ARM license to do the same (design there CPU cores themselves).

      1. The design of the A7 is based on ARMv8. It’s far from 100% Apple.

        Incidentally, the fact that it’s 64-bit itself comes from ARMv8. And since that’s the next generation of the ARM processors that nearly everyone in the industry is using, the only way for the other makers not to “copy” Apple by making 64-bit chips would be to stop making chips.

        1. ARMv8 is an instruction set, not a design. The comparison is between Cortex A57 (first ARM core compliant with ARMv8 ISA, maybe in the next GS5 ?) and Cyclone (Apple’s ARMv8 compliant core, already available). Of course, everyone will have that kind of tech next year, but only Apple has now (one year is a huge amount of time in tech), and I’m not even considering software…

  8. Startling revelation? Hasn’t Samsung been making processors for iPhones for quite awhile?

    1. Yes. They have been the factory for Apple since the very first iPhone.

      1. The reason this is news is because the iOS blogs have been (apparently incorrectly) reporting that Samsung lost the Apple contract this time around, in order for them to be able to accuse Samsung of “stealing” 64-bit processors without looking stupid.


    1. “Sometimes people like to harp on Apple for stagnating, but the company’s progress under the hood show that it’s just not true. For all the huge specs (and huge screens) Apple’s competitors like to throw around, Apple remains a year ahead on the only metric that really matters: How well the phone actually performs.”
      Interesting article. To be read after Anandtech’s.

      1. I cant take any smartphone article from Gizmodo seriously anymore.

        1. They’re just commenting on Anandtech’s deep review. Are you also questioning the obvious benchmarks results ?
          If you don’t want to hear any truth, how can you choose your devices well ?

          1. I didnt read the specific article posted. My comment is about the opinion parts of their articles.

      2. Too bad it’s hard to read that article on an iPhone. Because its screen is too small.

  9. no surprise as this isn’t the first time

  10. So, does this mean Intel has been just a factory for MS?
    So, is this the final result that Apple has been trying to avoid the hardware dependency upon Samsung so desperately?

  11. Why not, they use everything else from android too. They get so many things from android, these days all an iPhone is is a 2 year old android.

  12. I heard that Samsung is going to use a Samsung CPU in their next phone. Those thieves! Apple clearly invented using Samsung CPUs.

    1. Funny dude!

  13. So let’s see the “innovations” on the iPhone 5S are:

    64-bit CPU = Samsung

    Touch ID = AuthenTec

    iOS 7 = Android, WP8, Google Apps design etc.

    1. the only good thing is Iphone 5S is the fingerprint detector implementation. Rest all is meh designed to fool the fanboys.

      1. The fingerprint it`s old news for Android user… I had Motorola Atrix and it came with fingerprint scanner. So Apple presenting no new idea to their user, I have to agree on one point, it`s one step foreword for Apple users

      2. The only fanboy I see is you. I’ve owned a G1, GS1 and a GNex, and have never even thought about purchasing an iPhone. Still, I can admit that Apple have blown away the competition this time.

        Educate yourself:

        1. Funny that’s the only website really giving glowing reviews of the iPhone.

          1. Do you actually have an argument, or are you just speculating? Anandtech is well trusted within the tech industry and gives a thorough explanation of what is involved here. Go ahead and deny it though, it won’t make your phone any better. Fanboys are amazing when it comes to ignoring facts that counter their fragile beliefs.

        2. How exactly have they “blown away” the competition?

          Implementing a dual-core samsung buil 64-bit chip?

          By the time 64-bit holds any kind of significant influence in phone and app performance all the Android big boys will have 64-bit chips that completely blow away Apple’s chip. Samsung will surely build a better and faster 64-bit chip, I mean they’ve already built Apple’s.

          So for the next 3-6 months Apple will hold onto its essentially useless 64-bit A7 processor.

          So where else might Apple have blown away the competition? AuthenTec’s fingerprint scanningttechnology which like the Moto ATRIX 2 years ago is severely limited to very few functions.

          Where else? iOS 7 bringing “innovative” new features that were availablein gingerbread?

          Why don’t you educate yourself before suggesting others do the same?

          1. “Samsung will surely build a better and faster 64-bit chip, I mean they’ve already built Apple’s. ”

            With more cores. But it will be a while before we see 64 bit anything

          2. I’m willing to bet the Note3 and SGS4 will have 64 bit processor in them

    2. The innovation is technology that means the 5s will outperform any Android phone for the foreseeable future.


      1. You really bought into the Apple RDF didn’t you? Android will have equal and better in a few months or less once the next gen of Android phones start rolling out leaving Apple in the dust, again, like they’ve been doing from the start

    3. iOS 7 is just a water-downed android with v-tech toy-like icons.

      1. To me it actually kinda looks like some poor child ate an entire box of crayons and then vomited the colorful mixture in his stomach onto Apple’s OS.

  14. The only shocking thing in the article is that this android fanboy is oblivious to the fact that Samsung HAS BEEN FORGING APPLE PROCESSOR SINCE IPHONE 1.0. I suspect he is actually an apple fanboy trying to make android users look stupid.

  15. this sounds like a incestuos relationship to me.

  16. you do realize that Samsung has fabbed apples processors and flash storage (until just recently) for a decade.

    for the past 6 years, almost all idevices have an arm based processor, licenced by Apple with wafers cut from ingots on a samsung fab line.

    funny how you fan boys always talk about iphone and ipad inferior uProcessor hardware….and you didnt realize until today that the God of Android OEMs also build Apple silicon and logic.

    lol…this is too rich.

    1. Sir, the fact the Sammy mfgs crapple chips is not news to anyone here. We’ve known since the patent wars started. That rich taste in yer mouth is ignorance.

      1. Turns out Apple’s A7 processor featured inside the iPhone 5s was built by Samsung

        1. I believe I misinterpreted yer post…apologies.

  17. I love the very fact that all the iHeads who hate Samsung and buy iPhone 5s are buying into Samsung. LOVE IT!

  18. Apple doesn’t make any of its own hardware. it just brainwashes people to believe it does. The finger print sensor was made by Motorola for the atrix and failed because of poor marketing. Most of apples glass Comes from LG or Samsung. Turning background sound down also came from LG. Apple’s fame and fortune was stolen from the LG Prada phone and repackaged in the iPhone. Sadly 90 percent of the public is brainwashed to believe anything apple says. Even if all smart phones were exactly the same only Deuche Bags would pay three times more for a smartphone because it was sold by Tim Cook and Company. The general public really loves getting screwed up the rear end. And they have proved by making Apple the number one company. The most unintelligent people are sadly here in the United States. I agree with the rest of the World that Android is better it has way more options. Same with pcs versus macs. Any thing with an apple logo costs more. And it isn’t cost effective. Top android devices aren’t cheap either however Apple almost never lowers it’s prices. I can get an sgs2 or 3 between 100-200 bucks. Iphone 5 cost 700 off contract and I can do more things with my 200 dollar sgs2

    1. I think an analogy can be made to compare this to Swiss watches. Rolex is the most recognized brand in the world, but it’s not necessarily a better watch. You can spend more or less to get a device to tell time but people still buy them because they know it will work and it gives them a sense of peer pride. I am a Phandroid btw, I wear an Omega, so does that make me any different? (don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question.) Cheers.

    2. Dam I knew somebody out there saw it that way as well. I actually had a Prada Phone and saw that the first iPhone had just a little something different the animation when launching an app maybe. But it wasn’t far off from the Prada. Notice how the Macbook looks like the HP laptop

    3. Thats why i use android and read about it !!! ♥

  19. So it’s a Samsung chip, but still has the fruit logo on it?

    1. Manufactured by Samsung, owned by Apple. Samsung had the base design and the manufacturing capabilities and Apple had a need for a specialized chip.

      Not a lot to read into this regardless of what the Apple-fanbois and Android-fanbois will pipe in with here. This is merely business as usual and is not news.

  20. That does explain why its so Androidy lol. Kinda make you wanna dislike a Galaxy phone a little.

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    This kind of information may improve one’s knowledge very much. We can get some
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  22. Quite Funny, there is that Apple Innovation shining through again. =)

  23. suck it again apple
    go android


    1. you are on a roll, but this is not the time to be such an ignorant.

    2. All caps is the first sign of a great mind.

      1. sarcasm at its best.

    3. Unfortunately, iOS has yet to catch up to Android, it seems, in the area of supporting lower-case letters.

    4. Yea because the fact that they were both in development at roughly the same time is completely irrelevant right?

      Go back to your cheap plastic iPhone 5c idiot.

    5. Not sure if he is trolling or being sarcastic…. hmmm, I mean look at all that caps… they must mean something!

    6. Are you like 12?

      1. Apple fan, just as bad.

      1. Do you really expect isheep to read the truth. He wont click on any link not approved by his god Steve Jobs

    7. Gee who would’ve guessed, the guy with an Apple logo for a profile pic is spewing nonsensical garbage about Apple and Steve Jobs single-handedly invented the smartphone.

    8. R U living in your parents basement???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    9. Your caps lock key is stuck

  25. iPhone is for iStupid :D

    1. samsung is for Syoreans

  26. It’s funny people saying that Samsung copies Apple all the time when in reality most of Apple’s “magic” comes from… uh SAMSUNG.

    1. The magic comes from custom designed cores that use an instruction set that Android won’t see until next year. Also, Apple seems less focused on marketing prowess and more on providing real power. Android manufacturers need to learn from this.

      1. Its much easier to provide “real power” with a much more limited software. Apple is a marketing company and because of that it manages to fool people like you convincing them to buy silver for the price of gold.

      2. ROFL, guess what, through the life of the ifagphone5s, it will never utilize the 64bit

      3. Say what again? Are you serious?

      4. As you have been told already Apple did not design anything. They choose a few of the components that the liked for the CPU and it was built by samsung (with their patented technology). By apples logic if I buy a car and choose the engine I want and the exhaust I can claim I designed it. “Real power” isn’t really a fair comparison when iOS is so basic compared to android thats like comparing A 16 wheeler to a honda civic. In a race the Honda would win obviously but does that mean its engine has more horse power ? No it actually has a fraction of the strength of one but since it is carrying less its faster.

      5. You’ve got to be kidding about ‘marketing’ prowess. That is one of the core Apple activities. The other phone manufacturers have only recently really started marketing to go head-to-head with Apple.

        What Apple does different is they try to take the focus away from the technology side and push it to the aesthetic and usage side. So, it will be unlikely that you’ll see an Apple commercial showing a picture of the A7 processor being zapped into a phone. But, it will show someone manipulating a picture while commenting on how smooth the experience is.

        Apple threw a 64bit chip in their phones so they could bring out something ‘new’; the 5s is a minor update to the 5 at best and they know it. Regardless if what you feel, Apple is slipping in the smartphone market and they know it.

  27. Samsung was the fab … So what? Very few companies own their own fabs (AMD, nvidia, Qualcomm). Manufacturing technology is not the “magic” in a design, the design is. Switching fabs just means the circuit team and backend tools use different standard cells and rules.

    1. Absolutely false. The performance gains and power efficiency from processors come from shrinking the die sizes so that the distance between the nodes are reduced. If the distance is reduced, the time it takes for an electrical circuit to pass through the nodes is reduced, meaning power consumption is reduced. Small distances between nodes also allow for higher amounts of nodes to be placed in a die, increasing the power of the processor.
      Each fab has its own patented technology. For Samsung, it’s 28 nm HK+MG. A customer that uses Samsung’s fabs have very little control of what it can change. Apple can decide what clockspeed they want, but the technology is still Samsung’s and they have to conform to Samsung’s manufacturing process technology.
      This is why CPUs and GPUs don’t have multiple fabs. NVIDIA and AMD each use TSMC’s manufacturing technology. Switching to Samsung will yield drastically difference power consumption and performance.
      In the end, it’s the manufacturer’s process that counts, not the brand.

      1. The switch to 64-bit architecture allows A7 to bypass legacy code while using ARMv8’s instruction set. When combined with custom cores that are actually running at clock speeds drastically closer to optimum frequency than you’re likely to see in the latest quad-core processors and you have a beast of a chip that likely won’t be equaled for close to a year. Apple beat Android to the punch this time. The roles will likely be reversed sooner rather than later though, especially if Google takes on a larger role in the hardware business. The Moto X has, due to great software and mature use of clock speeds, shown itself to be more than capable of punching above its supposed weight.
        The best thing about this is that it will spur further competition, and maybe more manufacturers will consider using the chips in the recommended manner rather than simply upping speeds to check boxes on marketing displays. User experience is paramount now, especially since technology has reached a level of diminishing returns for the time being.

        1. The irony of this comment is that in reality all the A7 is is just a rebranded Samsung chip with some very specific Apple customizations, so in all reality Samsung is already there and that’s why right after Apple was acting all high and mighty about their 64 bit chip Samsung said they had one already too, just think it over for a minute and reality will set in there

          1. Well, they have to do it. Not just come out with the chip but put it in their devices.

      2. Thank you for showing up and shedding some light on much needed details. I take it you are close to the industry?

  28. For anyone wanting to know more about what fabs do, you can read it here:


    This is what you guys should hone in on:
    “For 32/28nm, Samsung and its partners were the first to introduce the Foundry HKMG strategy. At 32/28nm, a Gate-First HKMG was selected since the scheme has proven to meet market and customer needs achieving superior area scaling and preservation of layout styles without complex restricted design rules.”
    Read the last part again. Every fab machine is specific and has to follow a certain design rule. Though HKMC manufacturing technology made the processor designs slightly less complex, it’s still the manufacturer’s design that gets churned out from these machines. I know it’s a tough pill for you Applesexuals to swallow, but it’s the truth.
    A7 is Samsung’s design. Apple decided what clockspeed they wanted. That’s all.

    1. Really?

      “The CPU cores are, once again, a custom design by Apple. These aren’t Cortex A57 derivatives (still too early for that), but rather some evolution of Apple’s own Swift architecture. I’ll dive into specifics of what I’ve been able to find in a moment. To answer the first question on everyone’s mind, I believe there are two of these cores on the A7. Before I explain how I arrived at this conclusion, let’s first talk about cores and clock speeds.”

      It’s the cores and the instruction set that are making the difference. This will come to Android too, but not until next year. Android has been overtaken in the power department, for now. Deal with it, it won’t last forever. Besides, any phone released in the past year is fast enough for anything you’re going to need to do in the immediate future. User experience is the most important thing, and for that I think Android wins easily.

      My source:

      1. Darn right I want those android chipmakers to get a kick in the rear. I don’t think we’re at the point where we can completely dismiss Apple like Blackberry even though it’s missing in many other respects.

      2. Incorrect. It’s the 28nm processing from Samsung’s HK+MG that’s making the difference.
        The cores are vanilla ARM instruction sets and customers are only allowed to make very slight modifications.
        Apple is allowed to decide how big their SoC is, what clockspeed they want, and what GPU they want to use. This is what Apple means by “designing” the A7 processor. They have control over which manufacturer’s technology they want to use, but they’re not involved in the creation of the technology they use.
        You have to remember that Apple is a repackager. They’re not really great at engineering. They can draw awesome-looking rectangles, though.

  29. Apple has one ace in its hand, its cpu design, but it needs Samsung to produce them. However, it has no say on the other hardware components which is probably why it’s missing better screen, more memory, features such as haptic touch, nfc, etc.

    1. Paint me a picture and i will sign there my name .. thats all what can Apple do

  30. Surprise surprise hur hurr hur


    1. Without Apple, you should go to the doctor everyday…

  32. Where are the lines forming around the world to buy Samsung Galaxy phones like people are doing for iPhones? I forgot it never happens and it never will!!

    1. The people that buy those phones are smart enough to buy it online so they don’t have to wait in a line for 2 weeks like an idiot.

      1. I hope that’s not really you in that profile pic because your comment will be irrelevant to me.

        1. Lol at macncheesesteve so butthurt about Apple he has to respond to every comments. LOL. Teens, gtfo.

    2. no need to line up for Galaxy, their products sell regardless.

      1. And they make plenty of them…crazy concept.

    3. Yet the Galaxy S 3 still managed to be the highest selling phone last year…

      1. Not in America sweetheart!

        1. Typical American mindset. America =/= the world. Lining up for phones is a ridiculous concept anyway, it’s a phone…who cares if you’re the first to get it or the last, either way you’re no different to everyone else who ends up buying it. Sweetheart.

          1. Bravo! Honestlythis guy is an idiot and people like him are why most of the world hates America and Americans that elitist attitude that only Americamatters I’m the world is just stupid.

            But to your point you are exactly right!! You are no different than everyoneelse especially when you buy a phone as rigid and uncustomizable as the iPhone.

            But that’s not the only reason people would line up. Sure about 98% of the people in line are the fools that have to have it first!! And it’s because of those people that smarter people thrive. I lined up for the 5S and bought 2 unlockediPhones one was 64GB, and the other was 32GB one was white and the other black or space black or whateverthey’re calling it.

            I just doubled my money selling one for 1,300 and the other for about 1,850. The amount of money the iSheep are willing to pay so they don’t have to wait for the back orders is astounding.

            I love android and will probablynever leave it, certainly nnot for iPhone but there is money to be made here.

        2. As a whole more people bought the S3, who cares who sold more in one region. The only reason it won in America is because we are the only ones ok with paying for something sub par just to say its American made, car industry case and point.

        3. The world is much bigger than America you dildo. Ask Hollywood where they make a huge amount of money at the Box Office and they will tell you overseas. American films are even catering to the foreign box office by filming special scenes to only be shown in specific countries. Foreign is big, America is a small part of the business model.

    4. That’s because everyone KNOWS that Samsung makes…wait for it…enough phones for everyone to buy. Apple shorts the market deliberately and if they don’t then Tim Cook, the supposed master of the supply chain, is a very poor COO.

      Let’s assume for a minute that he his not…Most hail him to be a master in this field and I would agree, he is genius when it comes to partner relationships. So why the lines, because everyone knows that if they don’t get one THAT DAY it’ll be 6 weeks until they do.

      oh and I’m sure many many of them are paid.

    5. Android fans arent idiots, thats why. We realize we will get our phones without having to stand in a line. To me Apple fans are the same as those idiots that run to the stores on Black Friday because of the sales, a bunch of morons that think theyre getting something special when theyre really just getting a $10 toaster.

    6. Samsung products has no class…period. the only way people will line up is if they give away Phones.. like what they did at their sydney store …

  33. What does it matter if Samsung “Makes” the processor? Apple Designed it! And their patients keep anyone else from copying the chips unique architecture of it’s A7 processor! That’s what counts!

    1. The article was just pointing out the irony of Apple and Samsung being such bitter rivals in one segment of the market but not letting the desire to earn money in a different segment of the market get in the way.

      Both Apple-Fanbois and Android-Fanbois all tend to spin this one direction or the other. In fact, its all about business.

    2. I didn’t know Apple went into the medical field recently. What kind of “patients” do they tend to?

    3. How did they design it? Tell me. Apple is obviously known for their team of developers who design processors ….. This was designed and manufactured by SAMSUNG, as always Apple is handing Samsung money only to watch them sell more phones, and take a cut from every single iPhone sold.

      1. Tardaboveme – It is well known to pretty much everyone that follows tech – that Apple has processor design team they got when they acquired P A Semi – So YES absolutely this processor was designed by Apple – who then just used Sammy as a job shop to build it for them. Just like they use Foxconn to assemble the iPhone.

    4. Yep and the iPhone still pales in comparison to Android. Thats even sadder. Fast processor, nothing to run on it.

    5. The “unique” architecture of the A7 processor is called ARMv8.

    6. To show that Apple isn’t the ones who thought about x64 processors in phones. They were just the first to implement the idea.

      But I don’t think x64 is really necessary with Android.

    7. Again, the main technology behind the processor is from Samsung and ARM.
      The only things Apple does is decide what clockspeed they want, what GPU to use and what instruction sets they want to utilize (ARM). They’re not involved in the creation of these tech. Samsung and ARM are. Apple just repackages these technology.
      Anyone who has worked in the industry can tell you that semiconductor fabs are specific and all outputs from these machines follow a very specific design pattern, a “design pattern” that was made from the manufacturer. Apple didn’t do jackshit. It’s like you going shopping for CPUs. Intel has i3, i5 and i7 processors. Just because you decide to buy the i7 processor doesn’t mean you had anything to do with the creation of the i7 processor.

  34. This web site try to create controversy again apple. Not a good journalism web site. Such a screwed up people like Google is giving them money or pay their bills to be android fanatics. By the way, I bought Motorola moto-x with my color. Nice design and good phone.

    1. This site is all about android and their fans. Android always right.

  35. Something I think that’s being overlooked. Apple giving one of its biggest competitors a complete blueprint of the processor for upcoming products well before they are released…

    1. I don’t think Samsung new everything that was going into the iPhone besides the processor and other components that it sold.

  36. Samsung products turn me off.!!! reminds me of the North Korean retard leader.

    1. Samsung is from SOUTH Korea. Your comment might just be the most stupid thing I’ve read in years.

      1. same same

      2. That’s exactly what I thought

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