Republic Wireless to announce Moto X for $300 off-contract?



Republic Wireless made headlines back in November of last year after finally opening their wireless service to the public. Not your typical wireless provider, Republic Wireless offered customers unlimited talk, text, and data for only $20 a month on their “hybrid” calling service — a unique combination of WiFi calling, and Sprint towers — requiring specific handsets to take advantage of that. And therein lies the problem. Republic Wireless’ smartphone line up was always less than stellar. The best of the bunch being the Motorola Defy XT, offered for $250 off-contract. Yeah, not exactly lust worthy.

Well, a leaked screenshot from their site is now showing a new Motorola device, one we never saw coming. That’s right, the Moto X might soon make its debut on Republic Wireless and although details are scarce, it appears Republic Wireless pulled some strings and will offer the X for only $300 off-contract. That’s nearly $300-off if you bought the same phone full price on AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon or wherever.

Republic Wireless FAQ Moto X

A Redditor mentions that the page accidentally went live before their official announcement tomorrow, but Republic Wireless has definitely been teasing a new device on their Facebook page. Seems the cat is out of the bag. Hopefully we’ll learn more tomorrow and see if Republic Wireless can still keep their rock bottom low $20 monthly service.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Ooooooo. A serious contender for my Nexus 5 money.

    1. Can’t BYOD as they need to be specially provisioned for use on their “hybrid network”.

      1. Aww. Poopsickle

      2. Still, might be compelling enough for me. I was already considering the Moto X over the Nexus 5 to get access to Active Display, always-on voice commands and the color customization, but for $200+ the cost of the Nexus 5? Probably not. If they were the same price, that changes things. This sounds promising, but I’m skeptical…

        Who am I kidding, I’ll end up with the N5.

        1. we have no idea of the N5 price, I don’t think we should assume the best.

      3. I just wonder how much they’re going to muck up the Moto X. I have no experience with Republic other than what I’ve read here, but as I recall from earlier entries, the Defy was pretty heavily skinned, which I would not particularly love.

        The real question would be if the ~$500 a year I would save by switching from Aio to Republic would be worth giving up my desire for a Nexus phone. I’ve really loved my Nexus 4 since switching to it a couple weeks ago and I’m eagerly anticipating the Nexus 5, but $19 a month would be tough to pass on.

      4. So does this support LTE?

    2. close but not quite. snapdragon 800! nexus experience! take my $ please!

  2. Hopefully this is a good sign for the Play Store sale of the Moto X. Maybe it will be subsidized or cheaper than the 650 Developer Edition.

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    1. haha “mini mansion”

      1. Haha, Citroën 2CV!!! Haha!

    2. Actually.. I’d pay rent to live inside that. O_o

  4. Only if Sprint had already launched LTE in South Bay area/San Jose Santa Clara

    1. Sensorly says it’s there in sporadic pockets already?

      1. Only in oakland and parts of east bay, Vallejo, Napa, Sonoma, Fairfield, Vacaville

  5. Finally a reasonable price for the Moto X off contract. This is the pricing they should have come out with for a mid range phone. $300 pricing will give it a great chance to compete against the Iphone 5c.

  6. So you could have a full year of service with them and this device and still save money compared to what we pay full price for hardware elsewhere. VERY interesting

  7. um i have sprint now… why dont i have republic wireless instead.. I would miss my Note 2 though… damn decisions. Looks like they dont use sprint Lte for 4G do they?

  8. Why hasn’t anybody done this on T-Mo’s network… Now that would be Freedom…

    Wonder if a Sprint MotoX is missing all the other antenna’s or if they are just turn off on FW… Bet the XDA’rs will take the inner’s for a spin…

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