Nexus 5 makes appearance on GFXBench, benchmark shows Snapdragon 800, 1080p resolution display


Nexus 5 concept

Nexus 5 Watch 2013 continues and while the device has yet to be officially announced or even acknowledged by Google, we’ve gotten enough hints, leaks, and tips to where we can now begin to paint a clear picture of what Google might have planed for their next Nexus device. Whether it was the surprise appearance of the device in Google’s own KitKat unveiling video, the FCC filings showing wireless charging, dimensions of the phone and display, and confirming LG’s part in the making of the handset, there’s little we don’t know.

Google Nexus 5 GFXBench

Even though the Snapdragon 800 SoC was alluded to in the FCC filing, we’re now seeing further confirmation today from a GFXBench benchmark which also sheds a little light on the resolution of the display. According to the benchmark for the “Google Nexus 5” (AKA Hammerhead) running build number “KRS71D Key Lime Pie”, the upcoming Nexus will likely come equipped with a 1794 x 1080 resolution display (the missing 126 pixels is for the navigation bar).

GFXBench Google Nexus 5

As for the actual benchmark, the Nexus 5 scored a respectable 23.1fps on GFXBench’s T-Rex HD test, and an even 58fps on Egypt. By comparison, the HTC One Google Play edition running the older Snapdragon 600 SoC scored 15 and 41, respectively. While it’s true it’s fairly easy for someone to fake the system information their device sends to GFXBench, there’s nothing here that reeks of foul play.

If all these leaks and tips are the birthing pains of the Nexus 5’s release, it seems like it’s fast approaching. Let’s hope Google doesn’t make too much longer, as the Play Store is currently barren of Nexus smartphones.

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It would be a dream if they could release it with the same price points as the Nexus 4>

    1. I’m guessing it’ll be priced a little bit more, same situation like with the new Nexus 7’s.

      1. Agreed. I’m hoping for $349 for 16GB, $399 for 32Gb. That would still be insanely priced for the tech, but not so cheap that they’d have to skimp on components (*cough* camera *cough*).

        1. at this point without ANY sdcard support it shoulld be more like $349 for 32gb and $399 for 64gb. memory is CHEAP and its BS that we dont have more native on our devices.

          1. MEEEEEEH. OEMS are easily getting by without providing SD slots. So MEEEEH, having one doesn’t really matter much anymore.

          2. It really matters in places where the “cloud” is not available. Not only the infrastructure but also the services. Try to use Pandora, play movies, magazines, etc outside US…. Samsung know this and includes sd slots even in the entry levels in India, China, Africa or Latin America.

          3. Sounds good to me.

          4. I’m doing just fine with 32GB. I still have like 8GB left on my 32GB onboard.

            I don’t *need* external memory. It’s not much of a convenience for me to hold on to all my media. Mainly because I only have like 4GB of songs. LoL!! The cloud is just fine.

            So I’m glad there are some phones not coming out with SD card slots. Just less stuff to worry about.

          5. You don’t have to worry about a slot that you are not going to use. It cost less than 1c to put it in the phone. On the other hand, many others could use it, even you in the future if you keep the phone long enough. Options are never a bad thing if they don’t compromise other things… It’s just Google forcing you and everybody else to use the cloud, the only part where they earn money

          6. emmc memory is not cheap, this is not your average crappy grade nand stuffed in a sd card or usb drive

      2. I would still be super happy with a small bump in price. LOL

  2. sprint! yes! nexus is back home!

    1. Just in case they start doing things right in my part of the country. Until then I will stick with the other unlimited.

    2. Home? Home Would be T-Mobile. :P

    3. I can’t wait for this. I’ve been using the Galaxy Nexus since it was released and have been very happy with it so far. Where did you Sprint in the Nexus 5 announcement?

      1. Sprint LTE bands are supported and it has CDMA, so fully read for sprint, according to the FCC report.
        Source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/12/4723138/lg-nexus-5-photo-details-revealed-in-fcc-filing
        Edit: sorry wrong one

        1. Thank you. I appreciate the explanation.

    4. Sprint? I wish. I hope.

    5. I hope this comes to Sprint. I should be so lucky.

  3. key lime pie? isn’t it kitkat?

    1. More evidence it was totally Key Lime Pie until the last minute.

      1. Or, that KitKat is just a grand marketing scheme with the candy maker and that 4.4 will never actually be release, but that they’ll jump to 4.5…. aka Key Lime Pie….

        1. You’re just talking crazy now!

          1. And the final episode of Breaking Bad is going to be the Malcolm in the Middle pilot……..

          2. LOL!!!!!

        2. Hopefully we can have this update whichever is 4.4 or 4.5 or 5.0 on the nexus 4 when the nexus 5 comes out… Pronto!

          1. Yes you will and the GNex will as well.

          2. Nexus devices ftw .

          3. Not the VZW or Sprint ones though.
            CDMA carriers should never again be allowed a Nexus.

          4. Who knows, maybe they’ll skip over 4.3 and go to 4.4…

  4. Just out of curiosity, why use renders at this point? Plenty of actual pictures of the thing available now…

    1. Cause it’s pretty.

    2. Just out of curiosity.. why do you care? A blurry cam pic or a render. Really, why does it matter?

      1. Well, I guess because one’s a fantasy, one’s reality. But hey, no skin off my teeth, Just making an observation.

        1. You have skin on your teeth? O.O

          1. Them figure of speeches, though.

          2. You don’t?

          3. No…

  5. I’m happy with everything known thus far with this phone aside from the battery. Why make it so much smaller than the G2?

    1. We don’t really know the battery size(s) of the final product, just the size in the unit sent to the FCC.

      1. That’s true, hopefully it will be closer to the G2. I certainly don’t mind a little more bulk for peace of mind it won’t die hah.

        1. My HTC One is just fine. So I don’t mind 2,300mA. But more is always nice.

    2. What’s the battery size? Source?

    3. Well I’m hoping the reason is two fold… Kit Kat has some new battery saving features, and the back is removable, thus you can change the battery if needed.

      In the FCC pictures there was one showing a not fully snapped back in place rear back . See below.

        1. Ya, forgot about that, saw that earlier. I guess my brain wanted to forget this, I am really wanting a removable back haha.

  6. 1794 x 1080 resolution display (PLUS 126 pixels for the navigation bar).

    1. …Bringing the resolution to 1920×1080, same as the G2 display.

    2. Throw AOSPA on there and the nav bar could be even smaller =D

      1. AOSP… A?

        1. its the name of a ROM…iirc its a like Pac Rom, a mix of CM + AOKP

          1. Okay, thanks. I was like did I miss something? LoL!!

    3. Yeah, I worded that weird. Fixed.

  7. “Bring it On!!” °Joe Swanson Voice

  8. What’s the battery size?

    1. Still probably the same 2300mah.

      1. The LG G2 is 3000mah. I am hoping it uses this size since reports on the G2 indicate it lasts through a full day…

        1. This is my #1 hope for this Nexus!

        2. I’m sorry, but to clarify, it’s probably the same 2300mah battery that was seen in the FCC unit.

  9. I am salivating.

    1. i am ovulating

        1. I’m ejakulating

      1. and I’m just sitting here….

  10. A small camera sensor with a very large lens directly in front of it–What is the purpose of that?

    Seriously. I have not heard a good explanation for this and would love for someone to explain it to me.

    1. Optical Image Stabilization?

      Purely cosmetic?

      Nobody yet knows, but back in February Vic Gundotra claimed that future Nexus phones would have great cameras..

    2. Why does anyone have to explain anything to you? Maybe if you GOOGLE on occasion you’ll understand, even at an 8th grade level why this is.

      1. Using Google is no different than asking someone to explain it to you. I mean the answers are people explaining things to you. Heh heh…

      2. Really?

        I asked an Android related question, on an Android fan page, about a completely esoteric hardware decision, on an unreleased phone and you’re lecturing me for not using Google?

      3. Wow dude, take a nap.

      4. Really dude eat a snickers. You turn into a troll when your hungry

    3. Seems the actual camera hardware is the same as the LG G2… Regular size sensor with stabilization… What most folks are tripping over is prob a reflective ring that is being use to help it with low light levels…

  11. I’ll take 20!

    1. Please don’t, I want one…

  12. My soul is ready

    1. Jenkins!! Prepare the soul separator!! We have souls to collect!!

      1. Lmao!

  13. 3,000 mah is more important than 1080p get it together goog

    1. I would agree, and am hoping this screen res and/or battery size is fake, but doubt it is. As it has been said before, hope they have some major software improvements in 4.4, akin to the Moto X.

      1. yeah i dont think they are fake specs either, all i could hope for is that its not 2300 and maybe closer to 2600? i feel like they arent going to go the 3,000 mah route to make sure the g2 outsells the nexus 5.

        1. Right… It will be on the low end.. And I don’t think as much as Google can improve the fw… It will be right on the line for battery life…

          I am trying to figure out if the G2 battery is the exact same size as the Nexus 5… Wonder if they would be interchangeable…

    2. A friend of mines has the Note 2. That has a 3,100mA battery. He has 2 batteries because his phone is always dying. Yea… More battery will really matter.

      Non-removable batteries tend to last longer, from what I’m noticing.

      1. i also have a friend with a note 2, their battery lasts them from one morning taking it off the charger and until the next morning. Maybe it does, but the nexus 4 was not an efficient device in that respect, i was hoping more than a 200 mah bump

        1. Hmm… I see… IDK then… Maybe he bought some cheapo battery then. LoL!!

          Because I do more than what he does with his phone and I can last all day. So I figured he should be able to do what your friend can do.

          Oh well… As long as *I’m* content. =.P

          1. lol yeah i mean mileage varies, maybe he has a lemon, maybe my friend has a golden egg, who knows. We just all need to hope for the best and that this snapdragon 800 is out of this world efficient.

      2. Samsung, like Apple, uses very high energy density batteries that lose their charge capacity faster over time. However, your friend should try to find out what apps are killing his battery life. It’s not ideal, but I use Juice Defender Plus: turn off all the features except the ‘apps’ — limit radio access for the full list of internet enabled apps. It makes a huge difference.

  14. As long as the price is 350 I’m in.

    1. I would be beyond surprised if this came out for like $350. With specs like that it’s almost like why wouldn’t you buy this.

      I *may* consider getting the Nexus 5 over one of these new phablets coming out. I just may…

  15. More pixels has gotta be better, amiright?

    I’d much rather have a competitive camera in a Nexus for once than a bunch of pixels I can’t see over 300ppi anyway.

    1. So go see an eye doctor.

      1. In normal phone use, 8+ inches away from your face, the best sighted person cannot see above 330ppi.

        1. Oh, shut up. Have you ever watched a movie on a Nexus 4? It’s nowhere near as amazing as one the HTC One. You can’t necessarily *make out* pixels at 8 inches, but you CAN subconsciously *see* them. It’s been said that around 900 pixels per inch is actually the limit that we start to subconsciously think that an object on the screen is real. And that’s from about 8 inches away, as well. I watch videos and movies somewhat close to my face, so I can make out as many details as I can in my living room. I love having a high pixel density.

          It just sounds like you haven’t seen a phone with 400+ ppi like the HTC One. (AMOLED doesn’t count)

        2. You are wrong. The very standard number for human vision thrown around is 60 pixels/deg. At 8 inches away that is 430 PPI. A 5″ 1920×1080 phone is 441 PPI. Definitely not overkill if you can focus at 8″ or even 10″. I can see the difference between a G2 Pro and a Note II (two phones I have access to) quite easily, and I’m starting to go farsighted. With my consumer dollar, anything less than 1920×1080 today is a fail (no Moto X for me).

    2. Preach it! At max 330ppi, or were wasting energy on invisible pixels!

    3. Why doesn’t anyone complain about how over powered phones are? My HTC One rarely goes up to 1.7Ghz. It stays around 1.1Ghz-1.4Ghz.

      Well I don’t complain because I always want more power, even though I know I don’t need it. It would be a… what is it? Oh yea… waste of battery. =.3

      So if you would excuse me, I’ll continue to use my 1080p and my pixels I can’t see because I like wasting power.

  16. why couldnt it be 4.7?…sigh…looks like moto x for me…or maybe a n4 remake possibly in works?

    1. The n4 redux made more sense when the n5 was believed to be a Note-sized device.

      1. I agree. This is only slightly bigger than the Moto X, The only other question is thickness, but it probably isn’t bigger than the 10 mm of the Moto X.

    2. Why does it matter the size of the screen? The size of the phone is pretty much the same as the Nexus 4. I’m not a fan of phablets either, but that’s because of the size of the entire device, not the screen size. The more screen in a reasonable overall size, the better.

      1. One handed use varies with it, I can’t stretch my thumb to the top left corner of a 5″ screen without adjusting my hand a bit,

    3. Agreed, the Moto X is definitely the upper limit of width for me to have comfortable 1-hand use. Too bad its camera is so mediocre i’d be the one to get. There is really no perfect Android phone for me right now because they all got either giant, or plastic, or crap cameras, or not supported by all US carriers, it’s pathetic.. If phone the iPhone 5S could run Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

    4. Problem is the moto x isn’t really 4.7 when you account for the virtual home, bank and task buttons it’s really more like 4.3

  17. Poop. 720p is more than enough, and the battery life at that resolution would have been awesome. Oh well. Can’t have everything. When can I start throwing my money at them?

    1. ✏✏✏✏ мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…… ✈✈✈✈✈✈JA­ZZ40.C­OM

      ☺☺☺☺☺Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. –Henry Ford

    2. while I agree that 720 is enough, what if they have it so optimized that you get awesome battery life and a 1080p screen. I know I might be talking unicorns and wishes here but a fan can dream right?!

  18. “The iPhone 5S is the first phone we tested where one phone works on ALL US carriers.”

    This is amazing. I expect nothing less from the Nexus 5 now because I want a damn Nexus on Verizon with LTE. It’s the carrier my work uses therefore it’s paid for by them so I’m not switching.

  19. planed = planned

    1. I prefer planed. Then it sounds like it was rushed in or conceived on some top secret Google jet.

  20. If this was compatible with Verizon’s 750MHz frequency, I would consider selling my GS4 and buying this. Such is the dilema of a Verizon customer. Sigh. You constantly question why you are sacrificing freedom of phone choice, for network coverage and LTE speeds. If I wasn’t grandfathered into an unlimited data plan, I’d probably be humping AT&T’s leg right now.

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