Sep 17th, 2013

Despite the fact that more and more beautiful Android phones are starting to set themselves apart in the design department, some manufacturers still feel the need to piggyback the success of Apple’s line. The most notable is Goophone, who has been riding the fake iPhone wave since the beginning of time. Their latest concoction is the Goophone i5C, which is obviously based on the iPhone 5C, Apple’s “unapologetically plastic” phone that is meant to be a more affordable option than the flagship iPhone 5S

The phone actually replicates the look and feel of Apple’s original quite well, with obvious differences being the logos. These phones also tend to be built a bit cheaply, so although it may look the part we wouldn’t expect it to feel the part.

goophone i5c

For specs, the Goophone i5C presents MediaTek’s dual-core 1.3GHz MT6572 processor, a 4-inch display of unknown resolution, 512MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera, and Android 4.2. On top of the OS is a theme that is made to look like iOS 7 — no surprise there. We’re not sure what would make someone want a cheap knockoff to a quality phone, but there it is anyway.

And, to be fair, we wouldn’t disagree if someone said Apple’s own iPhone 5C looked a little cheap too (especially with those dog-ugly cases they think will change the world). Be sure to take a look at it in the 6 minute reel sitting above.

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