Sep 3rd, 2013

Kit Kat American Android wrapper

We posted this earlier to all our social networks but wanted to circle back and make sure no one missed it. Following Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat announcement came Kit Kat with a tasty announcement of their own. Uploaded today to the official Kit Kat YouTube channel was a funny little video spoof parodying Apple’s painfully over dramatized iPhone/iPad videos.

In typical Jony Ive fashion, Kit Kat’s spokesperson takes you on a tour of KitKat 4.4, covering every ounce of their candy bars in meticulous detail. It’s a jab at Apple for sure, but one that fits in surprisingly well when talking about confections. Kit Kat mentions that their bars come in 2 mega bites, 4 mega bites, or chunky mega bite options — but without expandable SD and removable battery, I’m not so sure I’ll be picking one of these up.

You can watch the full video below and don’t forget to let us know if you think they nailed it, or if the ad fell short.

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