Motorola files patent for smartwatch with multiple displays, knows when you’re looking at it


Motorola smartwatch patent gaze detection Phandrizzle

The growing wearable computing trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Motorola and Sony both took early stabs with smartwatch-like devices, but both failed to reach mainstream success for the companies. Doesn’t look like that’s about to stop Motorola.

Motorola smartwatch patent 2 sensors

Today, a newly published Motorola patent may reveal the company’s interest in yet another smartwatch device. Filed back in February, it appears that this time around, Motorola could be focusing on more ambitious “smart” features that, according to the filing, show a smartwatch that can detect how and when a user is looking at the device in what Motorola calls “gaze detection”. There’s also mention of dual-touch screen displays and of course, loads of fitness centered sensors (see above image).

With Samsung, Apple, Sony and more OEM’s rumored to launch their own smartwatches in the coming months, the wearable computing space is about to get a little more crowded. Question is, will there be a demand?

[USPTO | via Engadget]

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  1. I would love to see this in action. The display would always be off conserve energy, but when I look at it, it’s on without having to press some button.

    That’s what I want in a smart watch.

  2. I would prefer this over Glass as my tech toy of the future…

    1. Agree to that, much more discreet and less embarrassing piece of technology to wear.

  3. 1301 is ugly as f*@k! They could have at least made her hot.

    1. LOL! Is it just me, or is her tongue sticking out?


      1. I don’t know what that thing is, but it doesn’t look anything like a tongue. It just looks like they put a blob over a perfectly formed mouth…

        1. Looks like a band-aid.

    2. Mmmmm Number 6

  4. Now that’s pretty smart! Pun intended

  5. Unless it’s completly waterproof and antimicrobial I don’t care about any wearable tech (work at a hospital).

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      I would love to see this in action. The display would always be off conserve energy, but when I look at it, it’s on without having to press some button.

  6. Pretty soon the NSA will be able to do remote lie detector tests on the wearers of this watch. Use the microphone to listen to your conversation, and then read all your heart rate, body temp, skin moisture content, and your skin’s conductance (galvanic sensor).

  7. if it knows what I’m looking at and how I’m looking at it, it will just link me to brazzers every 20 seconds

  8. Ill wait for HTC or Samsung to make something worth wearing. I just dont like Motorolla. Ill prob get flamed because its just a coincidence that everyone started loving Motorolla right around the time Google bought them, and hated everything they did before that. Hypocritical much ?

    1. I’ve loved Motorola for about 13 years, first phone I had with decent signal when I’m not in the city limits. Samsung has only recently released phones with good reception, although they’re using qualcomm radios to achieve this I believe. I do like that Motorola is isn’t just a Verizon lap dog since the Google influence kicked in, however Google’s no microSD slot is a turn off.

    2. My sister has had a Razr Maxx since it launched and I was always impressed with the quality of the build. It’s a really solid phone and battery life second to none. I think you’re right however, in that a lot of people are gravitating to the Motorola mobility brand after Google purchased it. But I think it’s more because many of us wanted Google to get into hardware for a long time, to provide a better Android experience than the other manufacturers were offering. It’s sort of like how the Nexus hardware influences the software enhancements of Android, but now on a much greater scale.

      1. Yea but is it really Google hardware or just more MOTOcrap sponsored by Google. Looks like the same old crap to me.

  9. I love the Motoactv… I just wish they would concentrate less on innovative features and more on bugs, usability and better interfaces. My motoactv is great… When I don’t have to wait 3 minutes for a GPS “lock” or have it show vast differences on the same route.

  10. Waiting for an HRM watch with Ant+ BLE and analog belt compatibility.
    Ditto Moto stuff stops getting upgraded too quickly and being buggy :-(

  11. Looks great on paper but it better lasts at least a full day….

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