LG’s “G TV” trademark hints at upcoming Google TV device



While Google TV may have had some trouble finding mainstream success, it seems LG isn’t ready to quit the platform just yet. A renewed commitment to Google’s television OS might show its face this year as the recently trademarked “LG G TV”.

Announced during CES 2013, it was only earlier this year we saw LG’s 3rd generation Google TV equipped televisions hit the market. While it’d be easy to assume this is nothing more than a 4th generation version of LG’s television sets, we’re still too early in the year and CES is still a ways off. Instead — and this is still speculation at this point — we’re thinking LG might be entering the market with a new Google TV set top box or dongle, similar to the ASUS Cube or Chromecast. Also, trademarked was something being called LG Perfect Picture which sounds more like an app or special feature than anything else.

LG G TV trademark

Earlier today we heard about LG’s plans to go big in 2013, pushing out everything from smartwatches to tablets, and even flexible displays. If electronic global domination is in LG’s plans for the future, Google TV could be a key piece of that strategy. Remember, it was back in May that Google CEO Larry Page paid a visit to LG in their hometown of Seoul, South Korea. It was there they were said to have discussed a better partnership and the expansion of Google products — Google TV being one of them.

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  1. I hope Google goes OEM route for G TV.. lets work on replacing crappy TV UI’s with GTV UI! then have a small G TV (roku-like) box for older TVs. Google, get this in all the TVs like you got Android in all the phones and Bam! Android fun for everyone!

    1. That’ll make TV’s more expensive due to significantly increased hardware requirements. While I love the idea, I don’t see it happening. Focus on making a great standalone box, sprinkle some nexus love on it, THEN the rest will fall into place once the user base is there.

      1. i am not sure i agree (from the hardware point). Isn’t Android capable of working almost anywhere.. usb sticks, ski goggles, fridges? I think Google needs to unify Android as the all in one UI for all devices, dump Chrome OS, dump G TV OS and just make everything Android. I simply do not see any reason they don’t do this. Have all our devices connectable, Android is already installed in hundreds of millions of devices. Go forth and conquer Android!

        1. There is a HUGE difference between ‘working’ and working well. We’re talking full on 1080p decoding, 5.1 surround sound decoding, etc. A variety of apps (designed for android and for GTV). It’s not just bare minimum specs that are needed for the experience.

  2. Go LG!

  3. LG could easily be new favorite hardware company. If I were Samsung I would be nervous and I would realize how many holes in the Android/Google world they have left wide open for competition.

    1. LG is awesome!

  4. Not a fan of LG but if they release a cutting edge GTV device… I won’t be able to resist.

  5. Maybe throw in their WebOS cards. I always thought Android and WebOS could co-exist in form and function.

  6. Google tv has totally failed and now they’re gonna remind everyone of that lol

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