Ads have finally made their way back into Google Maps


Google Maps ads

When Google began rolling out the new Google Maps to Android devices last month, many of you noticed that the freshly redesigned app was without your favorite ads. Google is here to fix that for you, announcing in a blog post today that they have finally introduced targeted ads into Google Maps. The ads will show at the top of searches relevant to your query, making your day just a little brighter.

Sarcasm aside, you had to have known this was coming. Google Maps has always been a free service for users, but it’s also one Google makes a good chunk of change on by hitting up retailers to advertise on Maps. To be quite honest with you, I’ve actually discovered some nice eateries via ads in Maps, so hey, it works. If you’re a business person wanting to learn more about ads in Maps and getting started, hit up the source link below.


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  1. Really? I don’t even remember ads in the old version

    1. neither do I

      1. Where do you guys live? Local businesses would advertise on my maps and show up as little blue dots.

        1. adfree pretty much kills them. If google wants to send me ads, let them give me the phone for free.

          1. Really. Cause that mapping software is free to update on its own.

          2. You’re getting their services free. If everyone behaved as you did, there would be no Google.

          3. Then give us a paid version. I’m sick of ads. I don’t even watch live tv anymore because of all the damn commercials. I’ll either dvr it, or get a season pass on apple tv. Not that it matters, I don’t use google maps either.

          4. … you aren’t paying them any money to develop Android (unlike Microsoft). The way that Google make their money is almost purely through advertising.

          5. Screw em, AdBlock ho!

        2. Chicago area.. I have never seen 1 ad in Google Maps.

        3. Oh maybe seen those a few times. Never found them obtrusive enough to qualify them as adds. Not many in Canada.

        4. My job involves a lot of driving in Delaware and Philly/Camden NJ areas. Can’t recall any ads. I get ads often on Waze though. Those are pretty intrusive and annoying.

  2. thank god I have switched to co pilot live as my go to navigation app now. adds always kill stuff

    1. I go back and forth between Google Maps and CoPilot Truck because sometimes I need the truck routing that Google just doesn’t offer. Both have their pros and cons, but CoPilot’s biggest con is its minimal integration with the OS, but that’s been improving.

  3. I never read the ads so those advertisers are wasting their money.

  4. Well, this is the price we are going to pay if we want free stuff. I’d rather pay $1, $3 or $5 for an app and have no ads.

  5. I’ll just ask the gas station guy.

  6. AdWords advertisers should take a personal look at what’s showing up under their Google paces listing. Because Google insists on pushing this bogus feature we will likely cancel our campaigns. Advertisers will find one of three things: 1. Their own ad will show meaning that they could pay for a click that’s already been found organically (this happened to us and doubled our ad costs last month with no additional conversions). 2. A competitors ad will show even after you’ve been found organically. Keep in mind that this will be an ad for a competitor on your places page, the very page dedicated for end users to find out about your company. 3. The ad shown will be irrelevant.. We could only hope as advertisers. Users and advertisers alike need to voice and post concerns now.

  7. First the new maps is a piece of s**t! I can no longer just get in the car and put the phone in the car dock, Navigation comes up, and push 1 or 2 addresses from the remember list, and then go.
    NO! Now it asks for location, and before I can tap on, it launches the keyboard for me to type an address. Don’t even get me started on when it asks me to enable WiFi for improved location. My WiFi was all ready on, who turned it off. So I go to the trouble to turn it on, and it says “sorry, the application Maps has failed, and will close.”
    Now Google is going to put ads into the visible screen?
    Words can not adequately describe the inner churings of my mind right now. And the black depths I must climb back from to face my 5 hour, 270 mile commute I still have to drive tonight to be at work in the morning. All the while looking at ads that are a distraction while driving. Rode Rage is a high possibility.

    1. Someone call the whambulance.

    2. Could not agree more. I think the metrosexual coders at google thought
      they were creating a mapping app that you would be using to find the
      nearest starbucks to walk to. Does anyone at Google actually have a car?

  8. There are that many people who didn’t go back and reinstall the old Google Maps? Maps 7 made me almost think that to show sympathy for Apple and their Maps software that Google pushed out this stinkware.

  9. Like everyone else, I found the new version to be total crap. After trying several other apps I decided on Waze. Then I found out Google bought Waze in June. Hopefully they will leave it alone and not screw it up. Still find it hard to believe they haven’t admitted they dropped the gps ball.

    1. I miss the labs feature. I used the distance and elevation changes for work. Overall the new maps seems like a step backwards. I’ve used Waze for 2 years now for all my navigation needs so I too hope Google doesn’t screw that up.

      1. Just un install in reinstall the older version of Google Maps. That’s what I did. The last update before the “new” version was perfect. 6.14.3 is on Android Drawer

        1. Thanks, I’m definitely switching back. I miss the on-screen zoom buttons for one-handed operation and the offline caching for my occasionally absent Sprint data connection.

  10. That’s all well and good, but when are they actually going to FIX the new google maps?!topic/maps/XCSe9ruxo14%5B1-25-false%5D

    The number of issues and missing features from this update are too many to count.

    Maps has been ruined for a good number of people.

  11. Thanks but I’m using Apple maps anyway.

    1. you must like downvotes

    2. funny gai

  12. My places: Arguably a very useful feature. Still nowhere to be seen.
    Ads on maps: An annoying priority for Google obviously.

    Keep downgrading your products Google, thank you.

    1. Yeah, and even in the Nav app, you STILL can’t rename them.

  13. Not sure where all the haters came from, maps works perfectly fine, I click my shortcut for saved locations and it does it’s job, even reroutes me if traffic sucks, what more do you want from a map product?

    1. Just try to save (star) a place that does not have specific address/street number information. You can’t.

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