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We have seen rumors of the Moto X coming to Verizon on August 23rd, but until now there has been no word on when the device would come to other carriers. Verizon tends to take a while before releasing smartphones, so we were suspecting the Moto X could come to other networks sooner. Such suspicions might prove to be false, though.

A new rumor has emerged, suggesting Verizon won’t be alone on the August 23rd. According to “people familiar with the situation,” the Moto X will be released on all major carriers this date. Making this one of the smoothest multi-carrier smartphone releases of all times.

We are still not sure about this, so try not to hold your breath on this rumor. We still have a bit over 2 weeks until the 23rd. This information may be false or plans may change.

Moto X wheel cropped

This sure gives us some hope, though. Whether you are on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint, you might be able to enjoy your Moto X very soon! As expected, though, color customizations will still be exclusive to AT&T for a while. That will not be changing.

Even if you are not ready to purchase the Moto X, it will be great to go to our local retailers and be able to test the device (unless you are with T-Mobile). Who knows, many of you might change your minds and go for it! You can check out our hands-on video until then.

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  1. Still pretty pissy about that exclusive At&t landed :/ We deserve more than just black and white at launch on the other carriers as well…

    1. I know, I think Motorola really messed up on that one. Hopefully the exclusivity deal isn’t that long.

      1. Saw it mentioned somewhere that the AT&T exclusivity lasts until November.

        1. if so, it expires right in time for the Christmas shopping season. Not terrible. Lots of people do their smartphone shopping around then

          1. See my comment above. It explains my theory.

        2. Yeah just saw the same thing on droidlife. Very disappointed.

        3. Yeah, way too long.

          And I’m sure iPhone users will have their 5S’s pre-ordered before then. Customization was probably the Moto X’s biggest draw to that elusive market. All the tweeners and artsy hipsters like their pretty colors.

          Motorola cluster f****d this launch. Moto X could’ve been a huge success.

    2. Wondering how much money Moto could possibly be extracting from AT&T to grant that exclusivity. And, wondering if it’ll ultimately be worth it for the lost sales at Verizon …

      Walk into a Verizon store and see:

      – Galaxy S4 (that all your friends have)
      – HTC One (unibody design, front facing speakers)
      – entire Droid lineup
      – Moto X (in two colors)

      Way to stand out.

      1. I am willing to bet Verizon didn’t want anything to do with the customization. Why would they want to do that when they have the Droid Ultra (which is pretty much the same phone)? They paid all that licensing money to use the stupid Droid trademark, they want to get their money’s worth out of it.

    3. are we sure it was an exclusive deal or that only ATT agreed to the up front cost?

    4. The exclusivity of the customization is only temporary. Probably a month or two past launch it will be available across the board. My guess is Motorola wants a ‘soft opening’ so they can stress test and see how many orders they can take from one carrier first.
      *edit* And in terms of AT&T, they probably raised their hands with some cash to be able to be the first to test this out.

  2. Still waiting on the official off-contract price…

    1. Same here… The hands free aspect with some of the intuitive features have me just interested enough. I don’t expect $299 nexus pricing but I’d consider it at $350-$400. No more though…

    2. its $579 for 16 gb and $629 for 32 gb

  3. This really is something android oem’s really need to work on. It seems like they would announce a device then it will take another two to three months for it to actually be available where as apple makes an official announcement and its available in a week or two. Motorola needs to release this asap.

    1. Like iOS7?

      1. But thats software, not a new device so I would think thats a little bit different.

    2. i dont mind early announces, i feel like android oem’s HAVE to announce their phones months or weeks before release so that consumers know a new one is coming out.

      Wether you buy a iphone 5 now or an iphone 5s in Sepetember, either way Apple is making $650. If you don’t know the Moto X is coming out in 3 months, there’s a high possibility they’d just “settle” for the gs4 or htc one or whatever other phone is currently available.

  4. Has it been mentioned whether or not the Moto x will be able to use LTE 800mhz on sprints network?

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      I am willing to bet Verizon
      didn’t want anything to do with the customization. Why would they want
      to do that when they have the Droid Ultra (which is pretty much the same
      phone)? They paid all that licensing money to use the stupid Droid
      trademark, they want to get their money’s worth out of it.

  5. All the hype is gone and nobody cares about moto x cuz of the colossal screw up on the launch plan. Motorola still blows even when google owns them.

    1. Would you care to elaborate? From what I know most of what has been done has been intentional from Motorola regarding the informational release dates and such.

    2. Huh. Where do people get these kinds of ideas and then post them as some sort of fact? “Colossal screwup” and “nobody cares”? Are you a market analyst, market statistician, someone who knows anything about sales and marketing on a global scale? Are you basing your “nobody cares” on the forums and blogs like this, or do you have some research on the number of people getting new phones globally and what they care about? 99.999% of the global phone market does not read Phandroid and any of the other poorly written tech news agrigators.

      1. I’m due for upgrading.

        Personally, researching the Moto X I got very excited at the UX features and Moto Maker, the one thing that made me overlook the 720p screen. Customization is awesome.

        Then I learned Moto Maker is exclusive. I need a device now.

        I probably will get a different device, solely due to missing out on Moto Maker. Motorola cluster fu***d the launch.

        I’m sure that was the single bigges thing that would’ve drawn Apple users. They’ll think the same thing I just did, and then go reserve their iPhone 5S.

      2. Ive been tirelessly researching this exact topic, CalypsoArt. If you wanted to break down “what I do” to its very essence one could call it, Moto X Hype Barometerization. Or you could say I take the overall “hype” of a product and compare it to the different levels of hypeness of products launched in the past. Our findings show that the Moto X is literally launching into a vacuum of hype!! The hype has been totally sucked out of space and it now closely resembles a void of nothingness!! I would attribute these findings to carrier exclusivity, contract only availability, bloatware, $600+ off contract pricing, and lack of options for customization at launch. Ill forward my white papers to you.

  6. The specs in the camera looks good, but given Motorola’s reputation with cameras I have my reservations. Will definitely wait and see.

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  8. anyone know if and when google will have it on their play site? i would rather get a clean android than the bloatware versions…

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