Aug 7th, 2013


We have seen rumors of the Moto X coming to Verizon on August 23rd, but until now there has been no word on when the device would come to other carriers. Verizon tends to take a while before releasing smartphones, so we were suspecting the Moto X could come to other networks sooner. Such suspicions might prove to be false, though.

A new rumor has emerged, suggesting Verizon won’t be alone on the August 23rd. According to “people familiar with the situation,” the Moto X will be released on all major carriers this date. Making this one of the smoothest multi-carrier smartphone releases of all times.

We are still not sure about this, so try not to hold your breath on this rumor. We still have a bit over 2 weeks until the 23rd. This information may be false or plans may change.

Moto X wheel cropped

This sure gives us some hope, though. Whether you are on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint, you might be able to enjoy your Moto X very soon! As expected, though, color customizations will still be exclusive to AT&T for a while. That will not be changing.

Even if you are not ready to purchase the Moto X, it will be great to go to our local retailers and be able to test the device (unless you are with T-Mobile). Who knows, many of you might change your minds and go for it! You can check out our hands-on video until then.

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