AT&T: Galaxy S4 Active owners will get one-time replacement for water damage


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After the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active launched on AT&T, many users were surprised to find out that the company wouldn’t foot the bill for replacing phones which are water damaged. This was quite odd considering the company advertises the phone as being waterproof. Users were obviously peeved about it, and let both Samsung and AT&T hear an earful over the course of the past few weeks.

Thankfully, AT&T is showing a little give. The company has announced that it will now be offering one-time free replacements for any Galaxy S4 Active which shows signs of water damage. Beyond that, users will have to pay the normal deductible to get their phones replaced. It’s only fair — you tell someone they can go swimming with their phone, and they are going to go swimming with their phone.

Still, even the most durable phones have a chance of being damaged. That’s why we always remind people that, although their phones might be designed to withstand a couple of bumps, you shouldn’t go out of your way to test any theories.

A walk in the rain or an accidental drop in a puddle isn’t much of a problem in that regard, but do you really need to take your phone under water to take photos? Buy a GoPro if you want to do that. Going dirt biking with the phone in your pocket should prove to be fine, but you shouldn’t be burying it beneath sand on the beach.

I’m not taking up for AT&T or Samsung — these companies advertise phones’ waterproof capabilities using the most extreme scenarios — but both sides should show a little give in this situation. If you own a Galaxy S4 Active and it happens to get water damaged, give AT&T a call or stop into your nearest corporate store to get taken care of.

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  1. A little give? WTF. Dont sell the phone as water proof/resistant if you’re not going to replace it if it gets wet. PERIOD. Be a stand up company who stands behind the product.

    1. it’s sold as water resistant (not proof), but they did screw the pooch with their advertisements which give users the idea that it’s fully waterproof. And with the ports if they don’t cover them properly it could be user error.

      1. I’m certain I’ve checked mine recently. Just checked thinking “Yeah, user errror if it gets messed up.” then found my back plate had one spot not fully seated. So if I HAD decided to use it in water…oops, MY bad :)

      2. Thats the problem with the semantics. Dont tell me its resistant for 30 minutes at 1 meter. That means I can put it under the water for 30 mins.

        “Water-resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
        and dust-resistant (based on IP67 rating)”

        1. It means it will resist water up to 30 minutes at 1 meter, resistance isn’t always successful. That’s the problem with marketing and people these days, they can lie their asses off because people don’t seem to fully understand english anymore, water proof and water resistant have always had different meanings.

          I’m not arguing in favor of Samsung’s marketing deception, only explaining why it’s so easy for them to get away with.

  2. my primary use of buying a phone like this would be for running. so far, i haven’t seen any sweat proof testing for it…especially when you’re going 20-30 miles a week regularly.

    1. The obvious answer is to become a typical ‘murican and stop getting exercise. You’re phone will be safe that way.

    2. I would think the active could withstand that easily.

    3. 30 miles a week is a lil excessive ,,, whens your knee replacement ?

  3. To be honest, I have heard and read that most the water damage occurs around the USB charging port. I wonder if some of these damage claims are simply because people are not closing it properly? If it’s user error, then I understand, but if it’s a faulty door, then the companies should pony up many times over until the cover is fixed. Also, didn’t we see something not to long ago about a water proof coating that could be sprayed on the internals? I wonder what ever happened to that…

      1. And there we have it!

  4. You guys can say water ever you want! It’s your fault for buying this phone.. If you go swimming with any phone in your pocket, don’t be mad if it ends up sleeping with the fishes!

    1. I see it… what you did there… clever. Yes, very clever.

      1. Lol these puns just come to me in waves.. I can’t control it..

        1. Now you’re just showing off.

          1. oh man! I can’t get anything buoy you can I?!

  5. Sounds like a good way to get a brand new unscratched one before you sell it. Oh look at this nice bucket of water. Wouldn’t it be a shame if…

  6. They said the S4 was water resistant. I dropped a wet tissue on my S4 while cleaning my Mac screen and the my S4 completely stopped working! It’s a disgrace!

  7. I live how at&t is being presented as doing the consumer a favor. All while they scramble to adjust their marketing of this device I’m sure.

  8. “A walk in the rain or an accidental drop in a puddle isn’t much of a problem”

    but if you believe the ravings of the warranty repair people (Vodafone, I’m looking at you here) then one drop of rain is all it takes to make your phone show signs of water damage.

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