Jul 29th, 2013


With the all new Nexus 7 (2013) model now readily available for purchase across the US, many of you who purchase the last year’s model might be looking at your old device with discontent. There have been countless reports from users that, while the device performed snappily enough at first, it soon became bogged down over time, sluggish to the point of where it was completely unusable.

Before you throw that old device in the bin, you might wanna wait for the incoming Android 4.3 update. As discovered by AnandTech, some new lines of code found inside Android 4.3 could vastly improve performance, making the device feel like new again. This has something to do with TRIM being enabled in Android 4.3 that tidies up the device’s internal memory, dumping out all those old files like a laxative. While we anxiously await Android 4.3 to hit our own Nexus 7 (2012), let us know if you’ve experienced any speed improvements after updating your device (either officially, or unofficially).

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