Unboxing and hands-on with the New Nexus 7 [VIDEO]


New Nexus 7  2013 unboxing

After hearing everything there was to hear about the Nexus 7, Chris couldn’t be more excited to get his unit and go hands on with it. The 7-inch tablet was unboxed and fondled as possibly no other tablet has been unboxed and fondled before.

This 7-inch device comes with Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 1920 x 1200 resolution, 16 or 32GB of internal storage, NFC, wireless charging, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and more. Here’s just a quick video to show  what you can look forward to once the device lands on your doorstep soon. Hit the play button above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Watch this heartwarming promo for the new Nexus 7 [VIDEO]

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  1. Dang it, now I want one just so I can unbox it and smell fresh electronic smell.

  2. Chris…unit…and hand in the same sentence…..that is all.

      1. does it have the cheap feel the last one had or has asus improved this one

        1. xD

      2. he’s trying to give u the D

      3. Chris, please post an article mentioning if this new Nexus7 has Miracast capabilities or not. I need to know !!!! I know the Nexus4 does. and I hope this Nexus7 does as well.

      4. I would like to know how quickly the battery charges. My current nexus 7 takes about 4 hours, when powered off, but that’s using the OEM 2.0 amps charger, and they have decreased that to 1.35, so that makes me wonder if they are using Qualcomm’s quick charge 2.0.

    1. And sentence 2 goes on to use “fondled”…..

  3. How are the speakers ? The old ones were terrible especially compared to the kindle fire

    1. I haven’t tried the fire’s speakers, but I have to say I’m impressed with the old nexus 7’s speaker. I use it all the time while taking a shower and can hear it well over the water, so for that matter I hope the new one performs well there too.

  4. I hope these have better quality than the first several batches of the original Nexus 7. I think I bought 3 of them before I found one with acceptable screen lift. Never got one that was perfect.

    1. same here that is why im going to pass on this one

      1. Why bother coming here and commenting?

    2. Had the problem on my first from Sam’s, but I guess I got lucky on my second from el goog a few weeks later.

  5. Oh, Chris, can you check the I/O speed of the internal storage? I’m not touching this thing until I can see it’s much better than the first N7.

    1. Wasn’t there complete benchmarks including the I/O speeds of the internal storage posted yesterday or the day before?

      1. I’m not sure. I didn’t see it if there was. I also don’t trust it. I want to see real world.

  6. I am actually a bit upset about the addition of the camera. I hate people who use tablets as cameras.

    1. I have to agree, but am ashamed to admit I probably would use it if my N7 had one, since it has such a longer battery life than my Gnex.

      1. i assume you are getting the moto x to replace your gnex?

        1. Probably not. I don’t know if I’ll ever go non Nexus again. Even though Motorola is owned by Google, I fear the lack of support for updates. If I buy new, which I rarely do, I’ll probably go with the 5th nexus, whenever that may launch.

          1. that I understand, I only ask because I hear most getting it to replace their gnex what ever the next nexus may be (if there is one)

          2. I wonder why that is – I have the Gnex and my contract on Verizon ends in September. I’ve been tempted by the HTC One and the Moto X, but at the end of the day, I just can’t imagine being disappointed with the Nexus 5. Glad I get to watch things develop over the next couple months, but I think I’ll be that guy furiously hitting F5 when the N5 goes on sale on Google Play.

          3. Ditto on that last statement. A fight to the death….. hoping it has a removable battery.

    2. I use it for stuff such as QR code scan, and since it is only 7inch it doesn’t look that stupid to take picture with

      1. Yeah, because it is important to not look stupid ;-)

    3. It does look pretty stupid, but when you already have your tablet out and not your phone, you might as well use your tablet.

    4. I agree with you, but the back camera can be useful. For instance – say I’m in a video chat Hangout with my wife and we’re talking about something that’s happening around me. It is much easier to click “switch camera” to view what’s on the other side of the device than try to turn the front-facing camera 180 degrees to capture it without me being able to look at the screen.

      And yes, this use case actually happens to me, so I’m very glad to see the addition. Please slap me if I ever take pictures with my tablet in public. In fact, even if I’m in private. Well deserved either way.

    5. Upset? Dude no one is forcing you to use the camera…

  7. Fire this baby up and showcase the browser/maps JANK. We all know it’s there, I just want to know if it’s improved.

  8. I just can’t care about these things without SD storage. I’m perfectly happy with my note 8.

    1. when’s the n8 getting 4.3?

      1. yaa when is it getting 4.3?!?!
        until then you’re missing out on some very important features you’re gonna be at a disadvantage without like…umm…..

        1. Exactly Samer.

          4.3 isn’t even a blip on my radar when it comes to how I use my tablet, I need raw storage so nexus tabs are useless to me. Now when 4.3 roms become available for my note 2 is a bit more of a concern.

    2. I’d be ok if it came in 64GB.

  9. Even though I watched another unboxing, it wasn’t Chris Chavez so I had to watch this one.

    Edit: every unboxing hits the wifi screen you can’t skip.

  10. I wonder if Google will do the same with the nexus 4 by releasing it with the same name, almost same design, and up to date specs. I wouldn’t mind that at all

    1. I was kinda of hoping they would call this one a decimal higher, but that would probably alienate people.

  11. This tablet will be completely useless without dock functionality of any kind. What the hell were they thinking? It’s like going back in time to have to plug in all kinds of wires. Very disappointing. Guess I’m stuck with this low res old N7 for now.

    1. It supports wireless charging. Of course, no audio that way, but I find with the original N7, I have to go into settings and tell it to play sound through the dock every time I put it on, which makes it absolutely pointless.

      1. Hmmm, it doesn’t do that to me. The only thing it does is put on the clock when I set it it. And all I do is tap the screen anywhere and it goes away. I could always change that in settings I guess, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I I am a fan of wireless charging of course, anything without wires is good to me, but as you said that does not make sound go to my speakers and it also doesn’t prop the device up. These are all good additions, just doesn’t explain why they TOOK AWAY functionality of other kinds.

        1. Google taking away functionality seems to be par for the course these days. Anyway, think ‘m gonna keep the old Nexus 7 to go permanently on its dock for audio output (since it’s only 16gb, and I might get $100 for it used), and use the new one for everything else :)

    2. I don’t totally disagree with you, but I think wireless charging and Bluetooth could be a pretty decent replacement for many…

  12. I always talk about your hands – how they’re so soft and milky white…

  13. during announcement,google listed the dimension of the new N7 as “slimmer and thinner”..if they would of listed the numerical dimension, it would show that it is significantly longer….or taller….

    1. Perspective having to do with the 6mm off the width. The increase is 1.5mm, which is nothing with the additional 1.85mm off of the depth.

  14. Someone needs to do a side by side comparison of the Nexus 7 (1) and (2) comparing full brightness, also contrast ratios.

    I am not a fan of the original N7 screen (the res was decent though) outdoor brightness wasn’t all that great, and the washed out colors and crappy contrast ratio is annoying.

    The bootscreen isn’t looking very promising in this video as far as how dark the black is. Brightly lit room and its looking just as bad as the original N7. I use my original N7 with the dock as a bedside clock/alarm/media player/reader etc.. and at night the screen’s poor contrast ratio is painfully obvious.

    I’ve been spoiled with my amoled screens for too long, everything else looks like crap.

  15. I just noticed this but the New Nexus 7 has actually more bezel on top and bottom, if you place it next to the old its a bit taller, so they shrunk the side bezel and added more to the top or bottom ?

    1. They shrunk the side bezel to make it easier to hold, I guess they didn’t think the top/bottom mattered all that much. Probably making space for the extra camera & speaker components.

    2. 1.5 mm additional isn’t much at all, and 6mm off the width, and 1.85 off the depth makes it all in all nothing.

  16. I hope there is a new Nexus 10 coming soon.

  17. Any idea if this will support USB OTG?

  18. As always, this chris guy really sucks and is so annoying.

  19. Did any notice how long it took for this thing to boot up? Why? Check the time!

  20. It’s Ay Soos… as opposed to ace us.

    And it’s Matt… just like the name, but with an E that makes no sound at the end. As opposed to mott… who makes apple sauce.

  21. That has to be one of the most unprofessional video reviews ever.

  22. Would like to see Asus come out with their own flavor of N7 with SD lot (Google wont do this) and Tegra 4 or Snap800. Would pay up to $100 more for that.

    Would also like to see someone put out a near zero bezel 7 incher that includes a separate solid snapon frame for those who want bezel. Aftermarket could come out with different sizes and maybe even w/front facing speakers.

  23. The New Nexus 7 works with the wireless charging orb!

  24. Come join an awesome NEW Nexus 7 (2013) community on Google+!

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