HTC One launches in Glamour Red, available exclusively at Phones4U in the UK



Well, I guess HTC can stop pretending that there is no red HTC One now. The company has just revealed that the phone would be headed to the United Kingdom in a new color — Glamour Red — and that those who want it would only be able to get it from one place. That place is popular retailer Phones4U. This edition of the HTC One is the same as every other non-Chinese version, though we aren’t sure whether or not this particular model will come in standard 32GB flavoring or the more sweet 64GB.

Exclusivity in the United Kingdom doesn’t mean the phone has no chance of making it anywhere else, though. We imagine this thing still has a chance of making its way to some carrier here in the United States (Verizon, anyone?), Canada, and perhaps other parts of the UK after Phones4U’s period of exclusivity is over. Whatever may happen, though, we’re just glad to know that this new color option is more than wish and a dream. The handset will be available from mid-July.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That would look sexy with Vanilla Jelly Bean and that red phase beam wallpaper that’s in the pictures of the Play Edition One and S4

  2. I would pick up a red one for Tmobile in a friggin heartbeat. Nexus 7 would get sold to fund it real quick LOL

  3. Hell, why do I like red phones? Probably same as my affection towards red cars, and sexy blonds ;)

  4. It’s so beautiful.

  5. Nice mobile from HTC

  6. Me no likey.

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