Jun 27th, 2013

It wasn’t too long ago Google Glass was released, but only for 2012 Google I/O attendees. Since then, we’ve seen Google open up Glass availability to just about anyone who wanted it (and was willing to pay $1,500), through their #ifihadglass campaign. In the spirit of openness, Google is now opening up availability of another one of their iconic gadgets, the Street View 360-degree camera backpack.


Haters gonna hate

While a helluva lot cheaper than Google Glass, technically Google is providing a loaner program for 3rd party organizations (as opposed to individuals) who would like to help in the effort of mapping our entire globe in 360 degrees of wonderful high-definition Photo Spheres.

The first volunteer was the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau who took the Trekker backpack through beaches and volcanoes, now allowing anyone in any part of the world to take a break from their busy city life, and take a quick mini-vacation to the shores of Hawaii. Amazing.

If you’re a part of a tourism board, non-profit, government agency, university, research organization or other entity, you can apply for Google’s 360 camera via Google’s Street View Trekker Project here.

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