Reminder: only a few days left to get locked into Google Play Music All Access price of $7.99 per month


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Here’s just a quick reminder for those of you who were thinking about trying Google Play Music All Access at some point in the future: if you want the service at the nice price of $7.99 for as long as you’re a subscriber, you’ll have to begin your free 30-day trial at some point before the end of the day on June 30th. Once that date comes and goes, those who begin their trial will be asked to pay $10 per month.

It’s only $2, but it adds up — $96 (not including taxes) per year vs $119. No matter which way you slice it, cheaper is better. There’s no real reason not to at least activate your trial as you won’t be charged until your 30 days are up, so head to Google Play Music and activate it even if you don’t see yourself keeping the subscription — perhaps you’ll experience a change of heart by the time you’re ready to make your decision.

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  1. Reminder: Still not available in most countries :(

    1. set up a VPN to get you connected to a supported country…sign up for google music then your done, once your signed up it doesn’t matter where you are when you play the music, just need to be in the US (or a supported country) to sign up, i did a trial with a VPN service, signed up for Google Music, stopped my trial and i now have google music :)

      1. I actually have done that. But I want All Access. It doesn’t work with that feature.

        1. works me, i am in canada, i signed up for all access through a VPN connection at work to our US office, signed up and I now have All access, i stream daily

        2. Get it working in Canada (Maybe other countries as well):
          1. Sign up for the service using a US IP through VPN (eg. Tunnel Bear)
          2. Login to Google Play Music with US IP, that will initialize your account.
          VPN No longer needed
          3. Go to Google Wallet and change your address for your CreditCard to a US one (just google some restaurant or a gas station and grab their address)
          4. Go to Google Play Music and accept the 30-day trial of All Access.
          5. Once prompted select the credit card where you changed the address (in case you have multiple)
          6. Enjoy All Access

          IMPORTANT!!! Don’t forget to change the address on the credit card!!! You don’t want your future purchased Nexus devices to be shipped to somebody in US.

          1. 11125 Equity Dr, Houston, TX 77041
            DeVry University. LoL!!

          2. Thanks for the help. But after doing all that i keep getting ” The item you were attempting to purchase could not be found.”

            Trying from Norway btw.

          3. Are you having trouble getting Google Music access to work or just can’t get All Access? Have you changed your credit card billing address? Perhaps you need US proxy enabled while “purchasing” All Access trial (I didn’t).

          4. is not working for me, I’m not even getting the offer, is there a direct link to All Access

          5. Hmm not sure about direct link to All Access…Did you have an old google music account or created a new one today. I have created a new one and received the offer right away (see pic) Also try…

        3. I just signed up for All Access from Denmark. There is an article on how to do it on androidbeat ( from May that shows how. You install Proxmate Chrome extension and then log in to Google Music, and it works fine. Just don’t quite know how Google will react when my free trial is up, and they try to use my credit card with a phony address…

          1. Carsten, you magnificent bastard! That took only a few seconds. Thank you so much for that advice!

  2. Love the subscription!

  3. I love the new service and can not imagine losing it. I am happy to pay Google for this awesomeness.

    1. I wont be cancelling any time soon… Found an app (Song Spout) that allows you to take Google all access music offline permanently. I love that i can take the music to any device this way.

      1. spout doesn’t seem to be working. When it did, were the files still protected (making simply an easier browser-based download manager), or was it actually stripping the protection?

        (Can’t find out as it doesn’t seem to be working atm…)

        1. working great for me right now… did you watch the how to video?

    2. I know!! I thought it was like Pandora where you just stream the music based on the artist or whatever and you’ll hear some of your songs.

      I was HORRIBLY wrong. You can actually go to ANY song you want and play it. It’s like you have the song. Oh my gosh!! That’s so amazing and cool!! That’s exactly what I wanted.

      I’ve already listened to $40+ worth of songs. LoL!! Thank goodness I’m on Tmo’s Unlimited No Throttle Plan. =.P

      I’ve used 2GB within the 2 days I’ve had this. And I found some awesome songs.

      I don’t see me cancelling this anytime soon. =.D

      1. You do know that the Zune market place has had this service since it’s release, right? But with Zune market place you get 10 song credits a month, so you can actually keep the amount of songs that you pay for with the subscription. Fantastic deal! Too bad google is taking the glory :/

        1. I never had a Zune, so I wouldn’t have known about that. My 1st MP3 device was some regular MP3 player. Then I moved to an iPod.

          But I’m not understanding what you’re saying. It sounds like you’re saying every month you got 10 songs for free.

          1. Haha I understand, I was the oddball in my group of friends and got the Zune. Don’t know why but I’ve always hated the ui of iTunes. What I meant was, with both the Zune market place and Google all access, you have unlimited accessibility to any song you would like to listen to, as long as your subscribed to the service. If the subscription is canceled, any song you downloaded to your library will No longer be available to you. But with Zune service you pay 10 bucks a month and you get 10 credits a month, to download and actually own any song you choose. Bad thing is, your credits dont roll over to the next month, so you have to use them or lose them! Always thought it was pretty neat, never seen anything else like it until now :).

        2. Those days are gone my friend. Zune marketplace is now Xbox music which got rid of that.

  4. this service is awesome!!! i have all my song and some new songs that have barely come out and i dont need any other music streaming device or sevice!!!

  5. Can I save playlists to an ext SD Card yet? nope!

    1. Download TinyTunes for that

    2. Why would that be allowed? If that were possible you’d be able to take music you didn’t own and move it elsewhere.

    3. I want to be able to save my playlists to my ext SD card so it does not take up room on my phone. I have 64gb of memory on my card. I do not want to have to stream everything from Google Play Music.

  6. How about this for a reason not to activate?
    “The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories.”

  7. Love this service. Was a little worried at first when the first few radio stations I tried sucked but I found better ones after those first few attempts. I’ll still keep a local library just in case but as long as I’ve got a connection. I’m actually already into my first billing cycle.

  8. I finally signed up yesterday because it constantly wanted me to try the free trial. While I enjoy it as I knew I would, after the 30 days I’ll be getting rid of it. Don’t need another subscription bill piled on top of my many other bills.

  9. I highly recommend this to EVERYONE. I didn’t understand how it worked before. You can listen to any song in the Play Store. So like you type the name and you can listen to it. It’s not just streaming random music based on an artist.

    That’s what got me and is keeping me staying. I do suggest that if you don’t have unlimited data you turn your quality to “Low” in settings.

  10. Can you try out the radio stations on the free version? I downloaded the free version but I don’t see any radio stations.

  11. Way overpriced. Cancelled.

    1. Find another service that cheaper and better and we’ll talk (no pirating)

      1. You’re right. But, I guess I just don’t care that much about music.

  12. I hope they launch the same promo when they expand to other countries. I can’t believe that Australia and half of Europe have it before Canada. Hello Google, we are right here. I really wish Google would start launching products in Canada at the same time as the US. We are so close in laws,regulations, etc that is should be a no brainer.

  13. It’s still pretty buggy and doesn’t deal with network drops gracefully at all. Rhapsody and Spotify work way better imo. I’ll keep it for awhile though and see if they improve things. Wouldn’t be a Google product unless we paid to be guinea pigs. :/

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