Sit in on Samsung’s June 20th London event with this live stream


samsung galaxy premier event live stream

Samsung is preparing to show off some of the latest products from its Galaxy and ATIV lines of products. Fortunately, the world isn’t being left out of the loop on this one as Samsung will be streaming it live over the internet. We expect Samsung to show off some of the latest products it’s announced, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Rumor has it Samsung is also going to be bringing us an Android-based mirrorless camera dubbed the “Samsung Galaxy NX” that will allow you to swap out NX-mount lenses as well. We’re still not totally sold on that particular possibility just yet, but considering we’re just a couple of short days away from finding out we’re not stressing too much about it.

We’ll have people on-hand covering it live so be sure to circle back to Phandroid for all the latest on what’s coming out of Samsung’s London venue this Thursday at around 2pm Eastern (7pm/19:00 in London). Make a note of the URL above.

[via Samsung]

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  1. nah I will Just rather read about it here t will abridged and the comment section will alive

  2. Hoping for at least a teaser on the Note3. I have been happy with my tweaked GS3, but am ready to upgrade. I watch a lot of media on my phone, and after listening to the HTC One and Nexus 10 front facing speakers, I will never buy another phone or tablet with speakers in the back. I think that the HTC phablet is going to beat the Note 3 to Verizon, so as soon as I confirm the N3’s lack of front speakers, I’ll immediately buy the HTC phablet. Apparently, HTC is listening to their consumers and reportedly will offer an SD card on the new phone, so, though I would like a removable battery as well, that’s enough to get my money.

    1. Are the front speakers as loud as those speakers on a tv? Do you really not use a headset to listen to music or watch movies? With my gs3, when I listen to music and I’m doing something ekse, it’s on speaker.. Usually I use a headset to watch Netflix or listen to my music playlist.. The other time i use the speaker is while watching a quick YouTube video.. If the front is going to get huge bezels because of the speakers, then no, stay at the back..

      1. Or the sides.. LoL or top or bottom like on the iphones..

        Those placements are better actually

    2. You sound kinda dumb. Buying a phone solely for the speakers? Really? The Note’s main appeal is the S-Pen, and the cool stuff you can do with it. You have no clue what to look for in a phablet.

  3. With music streaming becoming more popular and people relying more and more on their phones for music I think it’s unlikely.

  4. What the hell is an Ativ?


      Samsung Ativ (stylized as ATIV) is the branding used for personal computers and mobile computing devices produced by Samsung Electronics running the Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8 operating systems. The term “Ativ” is a reversal of the word “vita”, meaning “life”.

  5. Poll: what would you rather see from Samsung events? More off-Broadway style productions in Radio City or more Tiger girls?

  6. ATIV = Windows S4

  7. Note 3! Don’t wait Samsung!

  8. oh lol, its tomorrow

  9. oh lol, its tomorrow

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