Jun 7th, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 wireless charging pad

Samsung has listed all the items necessary to turn the Galaxy S4 into a Qi-compatible powerhouse, but it won’t come cheap. In order to get wireless charging up and running on the flagship phone, users will need to purchase both a replacement battery cover as well the wireless charging pad. Both items have been priced out on Samsung’s US website and should be available for purchase shortly.

The wireless charging-ready back cover is priced at $39.99 while the charging pad runs $49.99. Add that up for a grand total of just a few cents shy of $90. Such is the price of living on the bleeding edge of technology.

Many were hopeful that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would feature wireless charging out of the box, but despite a long list of features it was not among them. While many will be perfectly fine plugging their phone into the standard wall charger, there’s no denying the convenience and coolness of no-cord charging.


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