Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging accessories will set you back $90


samsung galaxy s4 wireless charging pad

Samsung has listed all the items necessary to turn the Galaxy S4 into a Qi-compatible powerhouse, but it won’t come cheap. In order to get wireless charging up and running on the flagship phone, users will need to purchase both a replacement battery cover as well the wireless charging pad. Both items have been priced out on Samsung’s US website and should be available for purchase shortly.

The wireless charging-ready back cover is priced at $39.99 while the charging pad runs $49.99. Add that up for a grand total of just a few cents shy of $90. Such is the price of living on the bleeding edge of technology.

Many were hopeful that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would feature wireless charging out of the box, but despite a long list of features it was not among them. While many will be perfectly fine plugging their phone into the standard wall charger, there’s no denying the convenience and coolness of no-cord charging.


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  1. I think it’s awesome that they can offer it after market.

  2. IMO the wireless charging should have been built in. $40 for a plastic back plate with a Qi receiver seems like a cash grab.

    1. And this is one of the many reasons I love my Nexus 4. You just can’t beat the overall price!­ ­http://mybestfriendmakes65dollarsper&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

  3. It will also set Samsung up with an 1500% profit as they probably only cost $3 each to make. Greed is evil!

  4. Way too much considering plugging it in is such hard work.

  5. I had wireless charging on my first smartphone, Palm Pre Plus, and it was great but since then I’m used to just plugging it in. Wireless charging is just a unnecessary frill for a smartphone. True innovation will come with quicker charging methods, larger capacity batteries, and solar charging options.

    Example: My watch has eco-drive and it charges it self just by wearing it during the day time. How many time has my phone sat on my desk dormant while it could be charging itself during this time!!

    Those are options I would pay for!!

    1. I love how marketing has changed an automatic watch to “Eco drive”. People really think its something new but it’s been around for a century at least. Edit: 1770 according to Wikipedia.

      1. Ok…I don’t think you know what eco-drive is on my Citizen watch. It is not a automatic watch as you put it…but a watch running on a solar powered battery cell.

        Also…I was making a point about spending on innovations with smartphone charging. I don’t know of any smartphone out there that is solar charged during the day while you use it. It wouldn’t eliminate all need for charging but would increase up time.

        Finally…I never said any of this was NEW technology. But wouldn’t quicker charging methods, larger capacity batteries, and solar charging options be innovating

  6. Luxuries indeed hopefully in some years it just becomes standard.

  7. And this is one of the many reasons I love my Nexus 4. You just can’t beat the overall price!

  8. thought you left android one reads your sloppy ios so called reviews

  9. I’ll just plug it in thanks

    1. its my profire msopfez gasper !!! always hard working is my dairl slogans

  10. Available for the S4 active?

  11. Is this anything like the wireless charging that was supposed to come out for the GS3, but never did? I call BS until it’s actually in people’s hands.

    1. It came out third party, you can add it to your gs3 for $10 with a Qi insert and keep the original battery door.

  12. The price for the backplate is highway robbery. I got one for my girlfriend’s Droid3 for less than $5. $40 for a piece of plastic and a small copper coil is just absurd.

    Then just as I was thinking the price for the charger itself was reasonable, I read on samsung’s site: “**Requires 2Amp charger to function.”
    So they don’t even give you an AC plug for it? What a colossal ripoff.

    1. Yes it comes with a 2amp charger.

  13. You can Do it with third party accessories for about 35 to 40£. Enough posts on xda about this and it is better since you can use Any case with it unlike the Samsung one. Or see this link and see the thinker qi insert video on the same Channel too

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