Verizon, NFL continue relationship with new multi-year deal and way more mobile access to games


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Ever since Sprint and the National Football League dissolved as partners, Verizon and the NFL have teamed up for the former to become the official wireless sponsor for America’s most popular sport. Verizon took over the duties of providing exclusive NFL Mobile coverage to its mobile users, and that deal won’t be ending anytime soon. The NFL has announced a multi-year extension on the deal.

It must have been a fruitful relationship for both sides up to this point. The terms of the deal’s length and worth weren’t disclosed, but we do know that we’ll continue to get mobile access to Thursday Night, Sunday Night, and Monday Night Football games on the go, as well as live coverage from NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

The app will be updated with new features for the 2013 season, and gives us access to the usual round of news, stats, highlights, fantasy football, on-demand video clips, and more. This deal goes even further than that, with the folks at Fox and CBS signing on to give users access to mobile games within their home network starting with the 2014 season.

Viewers will also be given all post-season football on the go, including the all-important Super Bowl. If NFL Mobile wasn’t a good enough reason to stay with Verizon, I’m sure it will be for some people now. Be sure to head to NFL’s site for the full press details. (Oh, and Go Pack Go!)

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  1. Wow… NFL is stupid to keep this deal in place. The combined app ecosystem of Google Play, Apple Appstore, Windows Marketplace… etc is a whole lot bigger than Verizon. I am sure there are plenty of NFL fans on other carriers that would be willing to pay for an NFL app subscription. I know they’d probably hook me at about $49.99 for a season… if I had access to games.

    1. Maybe verizon offered them more money for the exclusive rights than the NFL thought they could make with wide availablility (pure stupidity if this is what the NFL thinks)

    2. You do realize you can get all this information for free on various websites, right?

      1. Live streaming of NFL games?

        1. I am sure there are sources.
          There would be legal ones if the NFL did not have its head ups its own ass

  2. If I don’t install this can I get a discount?
    I want a cell service not all these stupid addons.

  3. Does this actually let us watch games live? I remember the VZW NFL app didn’t used to, it was just real time stats, which are worthless.

    1. How long ago was that? Verizon had an NFL app before but Sprint had exclusive rights to streaming games. Verizon now has those rights. I used the NFL Mobile app to watch several games last season.

      1. Awesome :)

    2. Yes, NFL Red Zone for the mass of Sunday afternoon games, and all other games in their entirety. It’s been that way for years. And the story makes it sound like we get all games in entirety starting 2014, though that is a bit unclear from the article.

      1. I wonder are they still charging for it?

        1. Was $5.00/month last year.

      2. Negative. What they said was CBS & FOX would start allowing the mobile streaming of the games shown by a user’s local affiliates. In other words, whatever games your local CBS and FOX station was showing you will then be able to watch on mobile as well. Access to EVERY game is the exclusive domain of NFL Sunday Ticket.

        1. I knew that part sounded too good to be true. Still, gotta like it.

  4. if the contract rumors are true 1 billion dollars would make it worth an exclusive contract. they are supposed to have the ability to watch games but I believe you still have to pay 5.99 per month. I don’t think it is a free feature.

    1. Plus you’ll probably only be able to watch about 10 minutes before hitting the lame monthly data cap.

    2. Was $5 even last season.

  5. Go Pack Go!

  6. So this app will help me catch all the highlights of the Patriots upcoming Super Bowl season. Good to know.

    1. LOL @ the Patriots in the Super Bowl! You got some jokes, man!

  7. No thanks. I’d rather watch my Cowboys lose in spectacular ways at a bar, where I can drink my sorrow away, like we are supposed to do.

  8. I’m sure Verizon provides the NFL with more than just cash as well. I bet this deal is actually worth much more than what’s on the check.

  9. Can’t wait to try this now that I’m a Verizon customer

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