Jun 5th, 2013

Google Keyboard banner

Well, this was unexpected. Seems Google is releasing yet another one of their stock Android apps to the Google Play Store today, this time by way of the Google Keyboard. This is the bare-bones (but still fully featured) stock Android keyboard you’ll find on Android 4.2.2 AOSP, without any skins, fluff or needless permissions from the countless others keyboard replacements in the Play Store.

Google Keyboard screenshots

I almost can’t believe this is really happening. I’ve mentioned in other posts that if Google would simply release their stock apps into the Play Store — Messaging, Launcher, etc. — it would make the lives of stock Android enthusiasts that much easier. While there are no shortage of keyboard alternatives, if you only feel safe trusting inputting your passwords, credit card information, etc. with Google — have at it. Download link below.

[Google Keyboard on Google Play | MediaFire if not available in your country]