6-inch ASUS FonePad Note announced


asus fonepad note

ASUS has come to the tablet with the phablet of all phablets, it seems. Beating Samsung to the 6-inch punch, ASUS has unveiled the ASUS FonePad Note. The device will feature a stylus and 1080p resolution, and should be running some form of Android 4.x once it launches. The FonePad Note will have radios for data and voice, so users can use this ridiculously-sized device as a phone if they so wanted (we recommend a Bluetooth headset for something this huge, obviously). It’ll be powered by Intel’s 1.6GHz Z2560 Clover Trail+ processor with 2GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel camera. ASUS has promised folks that they will be including tons of applications which would be perfect to take advantage of that capacitive stylus it comes with. It’s a big year for ASUS, folks.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I like my Note II, and yes, I would like it even bigger. (But not too big to fit in a pocket.)

    1. I agree, I think I’d be willing to go to 6”, but no bigger. I don’t really mind the size since 99% of the time I text and use apps. For long conversations I use my ear phones.

      1. for me I think as long as I can hold it in one hand and use it somewhat comfortably. so 6 sounds about right

  2. If Asus can price this as aggressively as they have the 7″ FonePad this could give Samsung a real run for the money in the phablet market.

  3. Looking at the photo above,appears to be a 3G device.
    Probably not headed for this side of the pond.
    ASUS could sell a lot of these here if they wouldn’t hamstring it out-of-the-box.
    Oh well…………………..

  4. Great hardware, but ASUS software capability is questionable. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of ASUS, but usually limited to motherboard hardware!

  5. Capacitive stylus? That will be pretty useless.

    1. Yeah. You can get a capacitive stylus for $5 to $25 now that’ll work with just about any tablet. I guess having some enhanced software would be nice, but it’ll be no different than using your finger, except for not getting the screen oily.

      Why couldn’t they have partnered with N-Trig or wacom for a real stylus?

  6. I like Asus but who knows if this phone will make it to the states. I also have reservations about how they will take advantage of a stylus. this is where Samsung has been genius with their note series and its stylus.

  7. Charge $349 for it and I’m there.

  8. guy looks higher than a kite lol and he’s holdin a joint haha

    1. I must photoshop that pen for a joint!!! Lol

      1. Do it. That would be hilarious!

  9. I could be wrong but I didn’t see a back speaker. Hopefully that grill at the bottom is a front facing speaker.

  10. I have a Note 2 and I could definitely see myself getting a device around the 6″ range. It’s funny because now everyone with a Note 2 is saying they’re OK with a 6″ device, but before the Note and Note 2 were around, they were saying 5.5″ is by far the biggest they’d go lol

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