Swisscom challenges the public to a stare-off with the Samsung Galaxy S4


Swisscom is bringing new meaning to the saying “Keep your eyes on the prize.” The carrier took advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s eye-tracking technology to launch a unique promotion, offering the phone free to anyone who could survive a 60-minute stare-down with the handset.

It was no walk in the park, either, as they threw just about everything from motorcycle crashes to pestering tourists and more in an attempt to distract individuals vying for the Galaxy S4. It’s actually a brilliant little bit of marketing. If only Samsung had thought of this one themselves…

Kevin Krause
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  1. THAT is great marketing! HTC, you paying attention? I’m sure Samsung has learned from this as well.

  2. I’m looking at YOU, HTC.

  3. That`s a good one Kevin… I would watch it over and over..
    But wait, now Apple will sue them for that..

  4. “Stare-off”? This sounds stupid!

    1. it may have sounded stupid, but I sure it raised a LOT of good PR. I would have loved to have been watch it and probably even attempt it.

    2. I smell a hater

      1. Umm, “hater”? No. Usually if I’m starring at something,
        I prefer them to be boobs, not a smartphone!

        1. Yes I was right, you’re a hater. Enjoy!

  5. That’s was a real thought out marketing ploy. I thought it was great.

  6. samsung s4 is like the next iphone 7

    1. You mean the iPhone 4ssssssssssss?

  7. So did anyone actually win?

    1. did you watch it?

  8. i dont think i couldve just stood there in one spot doing nothing for an hour let alone standing in 1 spot starring at 1 spot on a advertisement for an hour…
    not that i wouldn’t have tried… =P

  9. I’m from Switzerland and I can tell you the day they made that video, 4 persons won the s4, including the one on this video. This challenge happened in my city (Lausanne) two days ago but there were just too many people to wait for so I did not play…

  10. ”If only Samsung had thought of this…” How do you know they didn’t? Did you talk to Swisscom and the local Samsung marketing and PR department for that area of Switzerland?

  11. Oh I thought you couldn’t blink for 60 minutes. Lol. I’d be able to do it by blocking out all distractions, but bring beautiful women around me and I’d forget about the S4.

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