May 16th, 2013

Google Hangouts banner

When Google announced the new Google Hangouts experience, which will replace Google Talk and Google+ Messenger, users were miffed to find out that the app didn’t have any SMS integration. That doesn’t mean SMS won’t eventually come to the app, though. In fact, we already have confirmation that the feature is on its way sometime soon.

If you check under the permissions list for the app, it requests the ability to interface with your SMS in various ways. That alone isn’t enough to quell fears, so the community manager for Google+ Hangouts and Chat, Dori Storbeck, confirmed it in a response to a question about SMS integration on her Google+ page.

Unfortunately she only mentioned the features would be “coming soon,” but indulged to us that it was the most requested feature thus far. We imagine that sort of demand isn’t going to be taken lightly by Google so we’re hopeful the software company won’t drag its feet on the update. Now all we have to do is wait. In the meantime, why not get your family and friends briefed on the all new Hangouts app? The sooner you get everyone onto the new goods, the better. Have fun!

[Thanks Joel!]

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