Jawbone’s Big JAMBOX now available in custom colors`


jawbone big jambox custom colors

The wireless speaker world rejoiced when Jawbone introduced the ability to customize the colors of the Jambox at the time of order, but those who owned the BIG JAMBOX have been left out of the fun… until now. The company has announced that users can now customize the BIG JAMBOX with other 100 different color combinations — you can finally get that Phandroid green and blue combo you’ve been dying for!

Of course, that is only an aesthetic change. The device itself is still the same otherwise, which means it’ll still cost you $300 to pick one up. It’s a steep price to pay, but the BIG JAMBOX’s nice, big audio drivers with dual passive bass radiators give you a nice, full, thumping sound in a relatively small package.

This one also has 15 hours of battery life compared to the 10 hours you’ll get on the smaller JAMBOX, or the 8 hours Jabra’s SoleMate provides. If you’re interested in buying one and want to get it in the colors you like be sure to head to the Jawbone website to get started. Even if you aren’t planning on buying one it can be fun coming up with different color combinations, so give it a try anyway.

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