T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 multi-window update rolling out now


Samsung Galaxy S3 JZO54K update

Samsung Galaxy S3 owners were in for a nice surprise today after T-Mobile began pushing out an all new software update to their handsets. The over-the-air update adds new features like the multi-window view which allows for 2 apps to be open on the screen at one time. If the multi-window tab is bothering you, it can easily be turned off via the settings toggles in the notification pulldown.


Some other new additions include the Paper Artist application which let’s users play around with photos, applying filters that transform pictures into sketch-like drawings. Smaller changes like a new options in the camera settings, 4G status icon, and “easy mode” were also added.

If the update hasn’t hit your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3, you can manually check for the update by jumping into your device’s Settings > About Device > Software Update. If you’ve already got the update, let us know how you’re liking the new multi-window feature in the comments below.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Glad to see Samsung still supporting their older devices.

    1. Honestly, they’re SOOO good when it comes to that. All other OEM’s need to take note (and I’m sure they are — they just need to do it).

      1. Except the Vibrant was srewed.

        1. And the behold 2.

        2. The US variants of the Original Galaxy S were all kinda screwed. Thankfully Samsung seems to have learned a few lessons across 4 generations and dozens of variants on the Galaxy S line.

      2. I think it’s worth noting that in recent history.. what, two years ago? Samsung had the reputation for being the WORST at updates/supporting older devices. At the time, HTC was probably the best.


        1. lol yeah now it’s the other way around.

  2. Please come to Metro PCS!

  3. you can turn it off with long pressing the back button too

  4. It’s pretty good the only thing wrong is the other apps on the phone isn’t supported yet

  5. Wonder if AT&T will update ours anytime soon…

  6. “Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available.” So have to unroot to get the update this sucks. To much work for one new feature.

    1. Devs will add that to their ROMs. You shouldn’t worry about that.

      1. they could’ve added it a while back, I’ve been using roms with it for awhile now.

  7. when I show apple fan boys and girls this feature on my note 2; showing off a youtube video and another video at the same time their jaw drops lol.
    and then i start to show off when I drag one of the videos around adjust the size

    1. Can I join in on the fun?
      At my younger brother’s B.day party, I was taking pictures and videos with the HTC One and showing them the SlideShoes, Zoes. I told the people that I didn’t make that, the phone did. I just take the pictures and it would add to the SlideShow automatically.

      They had S3’s and were asking me if their phone could do that. LoL!! Indeed you know the answer.

      A little civil war isn’t bad. =.P

  8. Got mine yesterday!!!

  9. Verizon where are you?

    1. Mathematically, we’ll get the update around late August.

      1. Let the 2 to 3 month delay for “testing” begin. I’ll start the clock when the S4 hits shelves in Verizon stores. They can’t be bothered to put out new features so close to the next generation of the phone.

  10. LOL @ people who wait for official carrier updates to get these features.

    1. You should LOL at your penis!

      1. I should LOL at my penis. How the heck am I ever gonna fit that huge thing inside your mom?

    2. Hell yeah bro I’ve used the GalaxyMOD Rom-now known as AxisM-since the day I got my S3. Custom ROMs ftw!

  11. Meanwhile, the AT&T S3 has been stuck on 4.1.1 while every other carriers have rolled out the 4.1.2 update. I feel so alone…

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