May 14th, 2013

verizon droid dna coupon

Bummed about having to miss out on the HTC One? Verizon’s sort-of making it up to users by offering HTC’s next best phone for absolutely nothing. The HTC DROID DNA can be yours for the low, low price of free (unless you consider the hidden costs which come bundled with signing a two-year contract agreement). Through May 21st, you can enter your email address over at this Verizon page and get a coupon to knock $200 off of the price of the phone.

Of course, that still isn’t an HTC One. If you’re interested in one of those you’re either going to have to hope and pray that Verizon decides to start carrying it at some point down the line, or just jump over to a different carrier. There’s also the option of going with Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4, which is now set to come out May 23rd. Make your decision, and if this sale is enticing enough to get you to consider going with the DNA be sure to enter your information here to get your digital coupon.

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