Motorola XT1058 spotted at FCC with AT&T bands, could be X Phone


While nothing extremely solid regarding the supposed Motorola X Phone has leaked out yet, we’re still holding onto hope that the phone still exists. Our hopes just got a bit of an upgrade, though, as a new Motorola device has just made its first appearance at the FCC. This one carries the model number XT1058, and its radios suggest this thing is bound for AT&T shores.

motorola xt1058 xfon

The FCC outline doesn’t give much away, natch, but we can see an area for a (rather large) camera sensor flanked by a speaker grill, an LED below that, and likely the Motorola logo below that. This setup looks to match the same featured on the prototype leaked by @evleaks close to two weeks ago, a phone that was labeled “XFON ATT.”

That isn’t concrete evidence that the X Phone is real and that it’s going to AT&T, but if this device is real then we can’t imagine AT&T won’t get a crack. So when can we expect a revelation, if true? Earlier rumors suggested Google I/O, but we’ve never been too confident in that date.

Several rumors since the device was first tipped suggest Google might opt to announce the device at a later date, but considering the shakiness of this entire mill we’re not exactly sure what to put faith into. We’ll have our attention fixated squarely on Google I/O regardless, and we’ll be there live and ready to bring you updates on anything Google and Motorola might be bringing to the party.

[via FCC]

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  1. So basically any new Motorola phone could potentially be the new X phone.

    1. Unfortunately, yes.

  2. Sick of the rumours, I don’t think it exists at all. Even if it does, it won’t be called “X-Phone”.

    1. Yes it does. See my picture above. Want some more pics? I have plenty.

  3. What if this phone was actually a successor to the Atrix HD from the beginning and AT&T lost its “exclusive” Atrix label? Say like this “X-Phone or XFON” (as the FCC has it labeled) will be brought over to all GSM carriers? I read that Google is abandoning the project, yet here is a leak. So many rumors are clashing. Can’t wait for Google I/O.

  4. Why isn’t user Bionic all over this article??

    1. We just got tired

  5. I wouldn’t expect to see it at I/O, especially after the announcement that it would not spend much time on new products but would be focused mainly on the developers.

  6. A little late Phandroid lol

    1. Mad late. I’ve been using the phone for a month now.

  7. This phone needs to be in my pocket already. My little OG Atrix is huffing and wheezing

  8. If the “XFON” does go to ATT, I hope Motorola/Google doesn’t allow them to bloat it up.
    Or at least offer it on Google Play Store :D as Vanilla.

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