May 8th, 2013

HTC First Facebook Home wm

The HTC First isn’t a bad phone. It’s an Android phone with Facebook Home installed by default, an experience that can actually be disabled if you don’t want it. Kevin commended the phone for providing a decent balance of good hardware and simplistic software in his review, but some still felt that wasn’t worth the $100 on-contract price AT&T wanted for it.

Well, it’s cheaper now — a lot cheaper. In fact, you don’t even need a full dollar to buy it as AT&T has discounted the device to $.99. It still requires you to sign away two years of your mobile freedom, but such a cheap upfront cost seems to be perfect for a device like this. The HTC First is undoubtedly aimed at those who don’t really seek a full-blown smartphone, but a phone that gives them easy access to the world’s biggest social network.

It’s hard to ask someone to pay $100 for the simple ability to post status updates and like pictures, especially when there are cheaper phones out there that can do the exact same thing. Kudos, AT&T — that’s the sweet spot, and you’re probably going to get a lot more new sales because of it. Were any of you sitting on the fence about this smartphone before but would consider buying it for this price?

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