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We’re about a week away from Google I/O and there’s a lot we expect Google to announce, but new rumors give us more clarification on a couple of things. This information is courtesy of forum-goer ryan_socio, the same one who leaked all the juicy bits regarding Google’s Nexus announcements a week and a half ahead of time. This time, it’s all about Google Babel and Gmail.

For starters, the word around town is that Google Babel will launch as Google Hangouts at the end of it all. This would be the service that combines Google Messenger, Google Talk, and (obviously) Google Hangouts. Google Voice messaging will also be folded into the mix at a later date, apparently.

We also get a bit of an idea of what to expect in regards to the UI. Spoiler: it’s Holo, and a swipe to the right gives you convenience and quick access to all your chats. The source didn’t have much else new to share except for the fact that the Icon would be end up being the current Messenger icon, except it’ll sport a green huge rather than red.

The source also had something to share regarding Gmail. The app will get an update that is expected to be introduced once Google unveils Android 4.3 or 5.0 (latest we’ve heard is that it’ll be the former, and that this’ll be another incremental upgrade to Jelly Bean). The Gmail UI will be similar to the new card-style layout Google has taken a liking to. Think Google Keep, Google Now, or even the new Play Store. We imagine Google will do something similar to what they did with the iOS app in regards to switching between inboxes and labels, where a swipe to the right will bring all of that up.

We’ll have to wait until Google I/O to see if any of it pans out, but considering the good track record of the source (and the fact that none of this is outside the realm of possibility) it’s not hard for us to give these rumors some clout. Remember that we’ll be at Google’s big Spring show to take it all in and provide live coverage so stay tuned for all things Android coming out of the event.

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