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Many of you have your Samsung Galaxy S4 by now, and we’re sure picking out the accessories for the phone was a more excruciating decision process than whether or not you’d actually buy the phone itself. I know how easy it is for folks to get attached to their accessories, and we’re sure some of you have clung to a few by now.

Cases, storage, screen protectors, carbon skins and the like — you name it, and you’ve probably bought one or more of a few of these for your device. We can tell that much just by checking out the Galaxy S4 section of, where all sorts of interesting discussions are going on about accessories for the device.

The biggest thread is the one users are gathering in to discuss the best cases and covers for the device. That thread is chock full of suggestions and guidance regarding your new smartphone’s protection so be sure to check it out if you are at a standstill and a loss. Here are just a few more to keep your eye on:

And there’s a lot more than that going on over there so stop by and take a look. Log-in — or create an account if you don’t already have one — and be sure to participate in all that exciting discussion. Don’t forget you can also leave your comments on this post: we’re definitely interested to know what your favorite Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory is.

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  1. I’m using the Trident Aegis case on my GS4. This one has a different feel than the Aegis I had on my GS3. It feels a little softer, but that may be due to the fact that it has more rubber/silicone on the sides as opposed to plastic. It doesn’t really increase the overall size of the phone and isn’t difficult to remove from my pocket.

  2. The best accessory for the GS4 is gasoline and a car. Then you can drive yourself back to the store and swap it out for an HTC One.

    1. Lol… Why would you say that in a forum talking about accessories for the S4? No point in doing that and you’re not adding to the conversation.

    2. oh, you like to downgrade. got it!

    3. Oh Look, another HTC fanboy. Why would anyone support a compromised product I don’t know. Enjoy your HTC nONE

      GS4 Airtouch vs HTC n’one
      GS4 Thermometer vs HTC n’one
      GS4 Pedometer vs HTC n’one
      GS4 Humidity Sensor vs HTC n’one
      GS4 SD CARD Support vs HTC n’one
      GS4 removbatts vs HTC n’one

      This is just the tip of the iceberg. So many practical features in Touchwiz.

      THE HTC n”ONE!!!
      …..with blinkfeed™

      1. Lol the “Pedometer”?
        What does that do? Tells you the pedophile level of a person? :P

        And I really think the first four features are more of a gimmick by the way. The only reason I see myself buying a S4 is for the sd-card slot and removable battery (if I need those features). But, in the end, both the H1 and the S4 are great devices, and choosing one or the other would be a personal preference. It’s not right for you to bash the H1 when it is one of the best android devices you can buy.

        1. I will totally agree it’s a preference. But when some jerk starts coming out saying crap like, “The best accessory for the GS4 is gasoline and a car…” Im not just gonna sit here and do nothing. Why? Cause I appreciate Sammys products and want people to enjoy the same quality of a phone.

          1. I agree with you. But like I said, no need to trash the H1 over some loser who obviously has his biases.

        2. Damn I can’t believe you got downvoted for that.

          1. Lol yeah… I expected that, especially when I’m in a S4 forum. :)

          2. Black GS4 + Dante Red Spigen Case.

      2. I don’t think I would call Airtouch a “practical feature”. More like a gimmick that will be forgotten days after a person gets their phone.

        1. Ummmmm….no.
          I use it all the time when I’m going through my data and appointments on my calendar in monthly view without having to go in and out of days. That’s just one essential e.g. I’ll stop there cus I realise it’s a feature you need to need ‘own’ to understand and appreciate fully.

          1. exactly, not only that air touch changes the way you browse on mobile. You can hover over links for drop down menus etc, I’ve been using my s-pen for that but using a finger is much more practical for browsing. This alone is a freakin amazing feature.

        2. Not really. You just don’t know how to use it. In gallery you can scroll through the pictures with your hands & eyes.

      3. The only thing more amusing than seeing the android kids whine about the iPhone is seeing them fight over android phones.

        1. I know …. we should all just shut up and let the manufacturer tell us how we want it. :)

      4. So you need a thermometer so it can tell you your rectum temperature and while its up there you can measure humidity, using the pedometer tell you how far you’ve run around your house while using airtouch to turn the vibrate on and off?

      5. All you mentioned are nothing but gimmicks, I mean serious who cares about “thermometer” or a humidity sensor, really? Lol keep that crappy plastic, inferior screen and cartoon looking touchwiz interface. I’ll go with the superior product.

    4. Because it was funny!

    5. While you are driving, enjoy putting a 64GB microSD card with tons of movies and MP3s in your GS4 and have some spare batteries.. The road maybe long and boring, you need these features the HTC ONE does not offer.

    6. I knew as I was scrolling down to the comments that some idiot would say something smart. Congratulations.

  3. I want to get this case, it’s made from very quality, premium materials. The one called smart case.

  4. Best accessory: an aluminum back… oh wait…

  5. The only accessory I plan on buying is an extended battery. After living with a Bionic for the past 1.5 years (if you call that living) I can’t wait to go a whole 5 hours without needing a charge. And if I can extend that to 2 days, I will.

    And life will be perfect.

  6. MHL Adapter(for HD TV’s), OEM Dock w/spare battery & 32 GB SD. I’ve been using this combo with a 32 GB GS3 and a Note 2 handle live sports streaming, download large video files and run hotspot for to upto 4 other devices. MHL Adapter should work on GS4 too.

  7. How well does the GSIV survive a drop test?

  8. my accessories suggestion is netgear PTV3000 for wireless miracast mirroring to my TV bonus is it outputs in 1080p unlike the 720p of the samsung allshare wireless dongle, plus it also works with intel widi laptops unlike the allshare dongle and the s-view cover is fine

  9. For
    me, choosing the best case is a priority to my Samsung Galaxy S4, that’s why I
    like to point you to a link, gives you an idea about your Samsung Galaxy:

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