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Our inbox and forums are chock full of folks screaming about a new OTA update hitting the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4. Indeed, there is one, and it’s about 27MB in size. The update doesn’t seem to change much on the surface, but there have been consistent reports of smoother performance across the board. Particularly, a slight lag that was bothering folks before seems to have eased up.

This update also breaks root, but we hear existing methods are still valid for getting it back. It’s not yet clear if AT&T is targeting the same bootloader exploit Dan Rosenberg found, but if you want to be absolutely certain that you’ll be able to use Rosenberg’s method when it’s released it’s wise to hold off on the update until we have more info. If you don’t care about any of that stuff and you just want a smoother device check for it by visiting the settings menu (but make sure your battery is charged and you are on WiFi beforehand).

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  1. I had something similar pushed out by t-mobile yesterday, have not tried to root yet however.

    1. it breaks current root methods

      1. you can re-root afterwards

        1. what do you guys mean by break root?

  2. I just updated mine. It seems to stop the lag but it might just be me thinking it does

    1. Was the phone lagging in general or was it a specific hang up?

      1. Whole phone was. I had to restart it like 2 times a day and memory usage was bad. It all seems better now. It’s as smooth as my note ii is now

    2. Many other users are reporting the same, it is smoother now.

  3. I think Samsung rushed the device out so that the HTC One wouldn’t gain any traction. They’re going to fix the problems with the phone through software updates. That’s my opinion.

    1. Seems logical, but it wasn’t as if the S4 was unstable. Just had some things that needed to be improved.

  4. Average memory usage dropped on mine about 600MB after this update.

    1. Same here it was a memory hog before now it seems better

    2. Samsung was quick off the mark, hope it sits that way worldwide.

    3. deleted

    4. My memory usage dropped 500MB after the update. http://www.geekchoice.com/new-york

  5. my 16gb galaxy 4 came with 9.8gb and i make the update and now it have 8.1gb someone can tell me why? please
    I understand that some memory is for stock apps firmware and other things

    1. The apps you have downloaded count in to that. I’m at 2.1 free. The update was tiny it’s it gonna change that much

      1. I just unbox my phone like 3 hours ago and I just download the update I don’t understand what happen

        1. You probably had installed apps update download a few…. This is by no means the update doing it. Buy a micro sd card. And check under settings and applications to see what is on the phone

          1. Yeah seem like some updates has been download but im going to buy the 32gb version of the galaxy

      2. Damn. what are you people doing to eat up all that space? I still have 7.13gb of free space on board and cant imagine filling it. Although I dont play games so thats probably it. @ the dude that lost 1.7gb after the update I have to call shenanigans. I have 9.72gb after the update and only lost about 60mb of space.

        1. I have music on the phone cuz my memory card is filled

  6. Thought it killed my sd card but after I reinserted it all was good. Seems to have relieved some lag.

  7. They probably had the update in progress/testing while the phone was being launched. Wouldn’t be surprising.

  8. This update did NOT break root on my phone.

  9. Great, now much less user available spaces after all these OTA’s from S4’s rush debute.

  10. My phone appears to have just installed this over-the-air update *on its own*. (I guess it could have been a pocket-“dial” though… can someone confirm that they’re getting pushed on us?)

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