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The biggest feud in the smartphone industry comes to a head with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but should the latest Android powerhouse have Apple shaking in their boots? We got down and dirty and crossed platform lines to see whether the now 6-month-old iPhone 5 could still give the brand-new Galaxy S4 a run for its money.

For more in depth analysis, don’t forget to check out our full Galaxy S4 review. If you’re on the fence about another Android flagship, check out our Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One comparison. But now let’s jump right into our point-to-point comparison of some of the main features of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4.

Quick Jump: Design | Display | Software | Multimedia | CameraBattery Life | Conclusion

Design and Build Quality

In the past, it was no secret that Samsung looked to Apple’s design language for a little bit of inspiration, but, after a few lawsuits, the look and feel of the latest Galaxy S and  iPhone handsets couldn’t be more different. For starters, the iPhone 5 looks like a little baby next to the sizable Galaxy S4.

In pure measurements, the GS4 sits at 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches. The iPhone 5 measures 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches. Because the 5-inch versus 4-inch display size causes a large variation in height and width, the easiest comparison is in thickness. Both phones come in at just a hair apart, with the Galaxy S4 0.01 inches thicker than the iPhone 5.

In terms of build quality, Apple has crafted the iPhone to be as much a work of art as a useful machine. While we’re sure Samsung’s staff had the same intentions, there is no denying the craftsmanship of the iPhone. Its solid aluminum and glass design tends to make the Galaxy S4 feel cheap by comparison. Still, the Galaxy S4 gains some benefits from a removable back cover.

Edge: iPhone 5


When Apple introduced their Retina Display, they ignited a new trend in mobile. For the first time, pixel density became as important a factor in marketing smartphones as did HD resolutions. This leads us to the 4-inch Retina Display found in the iPhone 5. It’s a full inch smaller than Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen. This equates to a pixel density of 326 ppi for the iPhone 5 (1136 x 640 resolution) and 441 ppi for the Galaxy S4 (1920 x 1080).

Technically the Galaxy S4 features a crisper image, and it definitely looks amazing stacked next to the iPhone 5. It’s arguable how much a difference the greater pixel density makes, but what there is no debate about is the size difference. The Galaxy S4 is like a spacious penthouse suite while the iPhone 5 is a totally accommodating, yet cramped, room at a 5-star hotel. Navigating the web and interacting with apps is definitely roomier on the GS4. Going back and forth, the GS4 was the clear choice for such activities.

The iPhone 5’s display offered a color profile that could be considered a bit truer to life, while the Galaxy S4 opts for a saturated image with great reproduction of darker tones. Both look great, but we’re naturally drawn to the richer image quality and greater screen real estate of Samsung’s offering.

Edge: Samsung Galaxy S4

Processing Power & Performance

When matching the iPhone 5 against the Galaxy S4 on the basis of hardware, there is no argument that Samsung’s phone features the superior component compliment. The Galaxy S4 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor clocked at 1.9GHz (an Exynos 5 Octa in some regions) coupled with 2GB RAM. The iPhone 5 sports Apple’s dual-core A6 chip clocked at 1.3GHz and 1GB RAM.

While a large portion of performance is directly tied to pure power, optimizations make up the remainder. The iPhone is tailored to its iOS interface and operates as smoothly as any smartphone out there, but we suspect a benchmark would show the Galaxy S4 blowing it out of the water. We can attribute the gap in hardware to the fact that the iPhone 5 was released over half a year ago, but we still have to give the Galaxy S4 the edge based on its upside.

Edge: Samsung Galaxy S4

iOS vs. Samsung TouchWiz

It’s almost impossible to begin making software comparisons between the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. As much as iOS and Android set out to achieve many of the same tasks, they are accomplished in much different ways. The most basic difference comes in a lack of an app drawer in iOS, putting all app icons directly on the homescreen. This also means you can forget about widgets in iOS.

But aside from surface level differences such as the notification shades found in both iOS and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, there are also plenty of software enhancements that set each device apart. Samsung has built in plenty of hands-free and touch-free input methods to the Galaxy S4, including AirView and Smart Scroll. Don’t expect anything so experimental from the iPhone 5 (other than Siri voice commands, something Google Now does equally well).

Perhaps the best way to compare the two is this: if you are looking for a simple, clean, and intuitive interface, iOS might be a good place to start. For those seeking a deeper level of control and customization, as well as some more advanced interface options, TouchWiz and the Galaxy S4 provide the answer.

Edge: Toss-up


The iPhone’s roots in the iPod have made media a big part of the handset’s success, and while the focus in recent years may have started shifting away from iTunes and earbuds, syncing, sorting, and playing your favorite music is still a real strong suit of the phone. The Galaxy S4, and Android in general, isn’t so blessed, but things are a lot better off than they were in year’s past.

iTunes offers a complete solution for organizing tunes and moving them between smartphone and computer. It’s a super refined experience, as is the separate Music app found on the iPhone. Samsung’s default music player isn’t as slick, nor is it backed by such tried-and-true desktop software. Samsung Hub does offer a one-stop shop for content, including videos and music, but it’s not quite where iTunes is.

Of course, there is Google Play, which is a bit more evolved in terms of available content. And there is Play Music, as well, which provides one clear edge over the iPhone. Cloud storage and streaming of your tracks is 100 percent free for Android users. iTunes Match, a service providing the same function on the iPhone, costs $24.99 per year. No official Google Music app exists for iPhone.

Despite that final caveat, it’s still hard not to give the edge to a device that was born from the iPod, the undisputed portable media king of the past decade.

Edge: iPhone 5


The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 13MP camera with LED flash capable of capturing 1080p video. Likewise, the iPhone 5 features an 8MP camera with LED flash and 1080p video capture. Both handsets squeeze every last ounce of picture quality out of the hardware they are equipped with.

The Galaxy S4 performed a bit better in lowlight situations, giving a better representation of color in a dimly-lit indoor environment. Outdoors, the Galaxy S4 once again provided a brighter image with more vibrant colors, but in terms of clarity it was a wash. Both cameras can produce some stunning images in the right lighting and with a bit of planning. Also, notice the Galaxy S4 is capable of capturing a much wider image (16:9) than the iPhone 5.

For video, the iPhone seemed to do a better job of capturing a richer image, but there were some odd stabilization effects. The Galaxy S4 was a bit grainy in low light. In our quick sample, neither produced a particularly impressive result, but, again, with proper planning and execution both are capable of more.

In terms of software, Apple’s camera is pretty barren of features. It can shoot panorama or regular shots, but that’s all. The GS4 offers a much more robust experience with 13 shooting modes and plenty of options to customize and tweak the final results of your photo escapades.

Edge: Samsung Galaxy S4


Apple offers the iPhone in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities. Likewise, so does Samsung for the Galaxy S4. Where to two differ is expandable storage. The iPhone features none, while the GS4 can add up to 64GB of additional storage via a microSD slot located under the battery cover.

Pricing is a consideration here. Both the 16GB Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 start at $199 when purchased from most US carriers. Since the GS4’s storage can be expanded, consumers can spend less up front and add more memory later. On the other hand, an iPhone buyer will have to spend more up front to secure a larger storage volume.

Edge: Samsung Galaxy S4

Battery Life

Looking at the numbers, you can predict which phone is expected to come out on top in terms of battery performance. Though Apple doesn’t advertise the fact very loudly, the iPhone 5 contains a meager 1,440 mAh hour non-removable battery. It’s touted as providing up to 8 hours of 3G talk time and 225 hours of standby. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 2,600 mAh removable power cell.

Samsung doesn’t provide battery life estimates, but the Galaxy S4 was clearly dominant in this area. However, the gap wasn’t as huge as the milliAmp hours suggest. Credit this to the larger display and its AMOLED technology, a well-known battery hog, as well as the Snapdragon 600 CPU clocked up to 1.9GHz.

Edge: Samsung Galaxy S4


Head-to-head, it’s pretty clear that the Samsung Galaxy S4 outdoes the iPhone 5 in the majority of our categories. But in the few categories that the iPhone did win, it was an obvious and decisive victory. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Design & Build Quality: iPhone 5
  • Display: Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Software: Toss-up
  • Multimedia: iPhone 5
  • Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Storage: Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy S4

Which Phone Should I Buy?

The answer to this question isn’t so simple. Looking at our rankings, it would seem like the Galaxy S4 is the obvious choice, and for many it will be. Perhaps it’s even an unfair comparison considering the age of the iPhone 5 and the promise of a new Apple phone around the corner. The decision will ultimately come down to software, design, and brand preferences. If you want to earn some cool points and value beautiful design alongside a simple, intuitive, clean interface, go for this iPhone, the next iPhone, any iPhone. If you want power, a big display and battery, and a deeper software experience, the Galaxy S4 is the way to go.

So, I’m almost afraid to ask this, but which phone is your choice? Sound off in the poll below!

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  1. this is like taking candy from a baby!

  2. there is better phones than the iPhone 5 out there you know!

    1. i mean, maybe, possibly, hopefully, apple can come up with a new revolutionary phone because they are have not done anything since the 4 i mean 1.3 dual core? we have phones now a days that have octa[-core!

      1. No, we don’t have any octa-core phones. Common misconception about Samsung’s E5O chipset.

        1. What? Yes we do have octa core. Samsung galaxy s4 has an octa core processor. You could go buy one right now and put it on att or tmobile. Sure it wont have lte, but it will have an octa core processor.

          1. you’re going to get a bunch of repeat offenders telling you how there’s 2 quad-core chips that work together and not an 8 core processor working all the time… but they’ll fail to add them up, 4+4=8… because what they’ll be meaning to say is “it has 8 total cores (which makes it octa-core) but only 4 operate at any given time.”

          2. It is possible to have 2 hardware threads per core, which could calculate to 8 cores being available. But the Exynos 5 Octa is in fact not an 8 core processor.

          3. But it is, in fact, an 8 core processor. There are 8 total cores. It may be more factual to call it a 4×4 core – true – but there are 8 total cores never the less.

          4. The Exynos has 8 cores but only 4 would be used at a time. There’s 4 full cores and 4 low-power cores. The low-power ones are used during light usage or background syncing, while the full cores are used during heavy usage. It’s the same concept as the Tegra 3’s 4+1 architecture… but Nvidia doesn’t try to market theirs as a 5 core processor.

          5. That’s precisely what I said… is this a recap of my statements or something? There are also MP processes that can use all 8 at a time. As far as marketing, they don’t market it as octa-core, they market it as “octa”. Despite that, they could market it either way… simply because semantics allows them to. It isn’t a question of functionality – it’s one of a technicality.

          6. Exynos 5 Octa is only a quad core processor. It does not have 8 processors.

          7. it does have 8 processors… wtf r u smokin

          8. It has two quad core processors. Not 8 separate stand alone processors. I think you’re the one smoking.

          9. so how many processors are there total… EXACTLY freakin kids are so damn dull these days.

          10. You’re an idiot.

          11. It has 1 single 8 core processor, on which 4 cores operate at any given time unless there is an MP process taking place. There are not two separate processors.

          12. Regardless of whether it is two quad core processors or a single octa core processor, it is accurate to say that it has an eight core processor and inaccurate to say it only has a quad core processor. Do 2 quad core processors = 1 quad core processor? That’s wacky math. Here is the thing, 4 cores + 4 cores = 8 cores. That’s good math. The prefix octa (or oct) means eight. Octapus, octagon, octuplet, octa core. It has eight cores. It is an “octa core” processor.

            The fact that it doesn’t operate in the traditional sense is irrelevant to the math of how many cores it CONTAINS. But it does not USE all of them at the same time. It alternates between the power saving and high-processing cores to give balanced performance and battery life. But it STILL HAS EIGHT CORES.

            It’s like saying that a car that does not have four-wheel-drive is actually a motorcycle because it does not power all four wheels simultaneously.

          13. Yes it does. There are 4 low-power processor cores coupled with 4 high-power processor cores on a single chip. First grade arithmetic now – 4+4=8. 8=Octa.

          14. not available in the US at this time, it comes with a 1.9 Ghz Quad core processor

          15. Its is available. I know several stores where you can buy the octa core version and put it on att or tmobile. Or you could just order it online. The one you get from the carriers is an lte quad core, yes, but that doesnt mean ita not available in the US

          16. I am a current T-mobile customer who just talked to t-mobile about it yesterday, they told me directly that the phone comes with a 1.9 Ghz Quad core processor, when i asked them about anything bigger like an octa-core processor they told me it was not available in the US markets……and if you know “several stores where you can buy the octa-core version”, i ask you now…where??? I was told that the reason they dont have the octa-core in the US markets is because of the issue they had while it was in testing with over heating…..you can find it however in Japan if you want to travel to get one

          17. I dont know where you live, so obviously i wont provide you with my local stores. But heres a company thats based in the US, and ships from the US, and is one of the many online american retailers to carry the octa. The octa has absolutely no heating problems. Never ask someone at a tmobile store. Google is your friend. The reason why tmobile doesnt have the octa is because it costs more for them, and it doesnt have lte radios. Which is fine for you because they probably dont have lte in your area. http://negrielectronics.com/samsung-i9500-galaxy-s-iv-16-gb-lta-unlocked-black-mist.html

        2. Correct. Octa = 8, quad = 4. There are no Octa-core phones out as of yet. I don’t even see the need in a octacore processor in a phone.

          1. You’re the one falling for the misconception here. It is octa-core. A single chip houses all 8 cores. They are *equivalent* to certain processors on the market, and only operate 4 cores at a time to drive those equivalencies. They are not, however, two separate chips that turn on and off at a whim. It is an octa-core processor, running only half the cores at a given time. It’s as simple as that. The same architecture can be run with only 2 cores if one so desired, one powerhouse, one power-sipper – and it would be a dual-core chip…

          2. tony i think that he’s either trolling, or talking about the quad-core version that is in some regions, and maybe doesn’t know about the octocore version or something. either way its pointless to argue since this guy is obviously like a brick wall or something lol

          3. Nah… common argument on blogs the past month. It goes.something like “it uses ARMs big.LITTLE architecture that has two quad-core chips that split the work based on need… blahblahblah”.
            . As if using their trademarked name for it somehow makes them experts on it… meanwhile the details of it just compared 4 of the cores to one chip, and the other 4 to another chip – and explained how this single chip solutions allows certain processes to use different cores.

          4. What a hilarious geek pissing match…lol!

          5. ‘Tis a fun game.

        3. it’s not called octacore.. it’s called octa which means 8, cause it houses 8 total cores no matter how you cut it… EIGHT CORES it has EIGHT EFFIN CORES…

          1. Some people don’t know what they’re talking about. Its called octa. Anyone whos says its a quad is a troll or severely sucks at math. 4+4=8.

      2. Although… Not all cars are four wheel drive simply by the fact of having four wheels…

        1. Interesting that you made that reference, I did not see your comment prior to the one I just posted, which used the same reference. It is a good comparison.

      3. You retard SPECS DONT MATTER. REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE IPHONE 5 is faster and smoother you think apple is crazy ?that they put a dual core on the iphone 5? How do you play wild blood gra vice city and real racing 3 so effortlessly on the iphone 5? Then the htc one or s4
        Its cos ios is far more optimized then android the s4 lags scrolling thru PICTURES CMON GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGH! The s4 is FSUOER POWERFULL!!!!!’ On paper. Also the iphone 5″s gpu is much stronger and developers optimize the apps on ios far better

    2. They already compared the GS4 and HTC One. Apple only makes one phone a year. All that’s left would be Windows and BB10 devices?

  3. waiting on benchmarks…

    1. ^ This. Not that ANY of this matters anymore, I personally have an S3 and an Iphone 5, but the only reason I use the Iphone is because of the selection of premium apps on the appstore. Until we have either a true real world test of it, or at least a benchmark to hold onto it’s all subjective. Hardware aside though, I can’t play multiplayer Carcassone with my buddies who have Iphones on my galaxy. Sadly, I wear my badge of fruit for the sake of fun.

    2. It’s pretty hard to do a side-by-side benchmark of the two phones. The benchmarking apps available for Android are not the same as those on iOS. I suspect, though, that the GS4 would come in well ahead.

    3. Here they are :

      GS4 is king of the hill now.

      1. Web-based benchmarks are a poor choice for a hardware comparison because there are too many variables–different versions of different web browsers–essentially virtual machines–running on different OS’s. You can’t isolate the hardware in that. The GS4 is probably the fastest, but outside of synthetic benchmarks, the difference in performance between that, the HTC One, and the Nexus 4 will be imperceptible.

    1. At least we can agree on this!

      1. Hell yeah Baltimore!

  4. the whole phone versus phone thing is waayyyy played out already.

    1. I think it’s often played out… but my Facebook wall is littered with people asking Galaxy S4 or HTC One? Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5?

      I think those two comparisons are immediately relevant and once the X Phone, iPhone 5S, and potentially (i’m still praying) new Nexus are announced/released, people will be asking a new set of questions.

      What phone to buy is one of the biggest tech purchases someone will make in any 2 year period so people want to get it right. The majority of these people are asking these EXACT questions. While the answer isn’t usually definitive, it helps people gain a greater context of the decision they’re about to make, avoiding buyer’s remorse and a 2 year mistake.

  5. Because phandroid isn’t biased towards iPhone right ? Lol. The display on the iPhone is better than the S4. Plus it doesn’t look so cheap considering the fact that the S4 is made entirely out of plastic…. I’d still choose the iPhone over the S3/S4 anyday.

    1. How does the display look better? Just curious.

    2. The display, I will say, really comes down to preference. I gave the edge to the GS4 because its larger screen size does afford some benefits. While image quality is debatable, I felt the iPhone display was just too small in some cases. Still, I’m not the biggest fan of 5-inch phones and had been using the RAZR M up to this point, which I think strikes the right balance at 4.3 inches. I could have easily called this a toss-up as well.

      1. I have to agree here. The iPhone remains an attractive option because of its size. So far my favorite screen size has been 4.3″… these 5″ phones are a tad unwieldy at times.

        1. Why do people just ignore dimensions and only focus in on the screen size? People don’t take into account how much bezel a device has.

    3. How is the iPhone display better?

      1. from gnex owner: i phone has better/realistic colors. brighter whites. comparable Blacks. no screen burn. im so done with amoled. next phone screen will be IPS. and amoled screens are not much better in battery life. diff is negligible imo.

      2. iPhone’s screen is still the best in overall quality, but the GS4’s screen can now be considered almost on par. The very best AMOLED screen yet, for sure.

        Displaymate already tested the GS4 :

        1. “Retina” is not the best quality.

          1. Have you read the Displaymate article ?

          2. Did you mean the best in overall quality compared to the GS4? Compared to the other IPS displays from the One, G Pro etc. I very much doubt the iPhone’s display is better.

          3. I guess you’re focussing too much on ppi. Of course, full HD screens give higher pixel density. Wether it’s useful or not is debatable (can you honestly see a pixel on a 300ppi screen ?), but things like brightness, contrast, color accuracy, low reflectance, power consumption and longevity are pretty objective (just read the article and others on Displaymate).
            For example, your Optimus L has a max brightness of 335 nits. The iPhone 5 climbs up to 550. Guess which one is legible outside ?

          4. I don’t have any problem with legibility for my phone when I use it outside, I don’t doubt the iPhone’s screen would be better after all my device is a mid-range.

          5. The iphone’s brightness adversely affects it’s black levels though. You can’t look at just a single number or metric.


    4. More ppi, its 1080p and made for people who have regular sized hands. How is the iphonw display better when its not even 720p? Not to mention super amoled and the fact that its almost edge to edge and doesnt have unsightly picture frame like bezels like the iphone and ipad.

      1. resolution doesnt equal quality. amoled colors are terrible except blacks

        1. Totally subjective… I LOVE the over-saturated AMOLED colors

    5. he gave display to the iphone 5 and he used facts for the display decision. samsung has more ppi than the iphone. so how is he biased. please elaborate. i got your back kevin

      1. not to mention bigger screen and oh yeah 1080p full hd.

        1. i am sorry i meant design to the iphone. and obviously i did read the article if i knew the gs4 had more ppi. so quick to jump on my ass damn.

      2. he actually gave display to S4 if you go back and read, as well as it should be. the iphone 5 was a flop, i have at least 10 friends who said that if apple doesn’t step their game up big with the next one instead of just a little step up, their going to have to consider a switch to android.

      3. Even the Galaxy S3 has a better display than the iPhone 5.

  6. Are you kidding me? Why do we even bother comparing iphone to flagship Androids? Android is light years ahead now… there is no contest, it’s not even close. I can’t be the only one thinking so.

    1. no, I’m with you. The only thing Apple has is build quality…..for now. I don’t agree with Apple winning the media portion of this compairson. I have a Note 2 and my wife has the iPhone 5. Even stock media player on the Note 2 wins hands down, but throw in a 3rd party player like MX Player and it’s no contest. I love that I can hook my Note 2 up to the TV and use AllShare to play movies off my computer. Wife can’t do that, that we know of.

      1. I totally Agree, MX Player is the best in my opinion. My Droid Razr and EVO 3D both play whatever I throw at it. I carry FLAC files on my phone everywhere!

      2. same with HTC, only thing they got is build material. Not sure about quality tho.

      3. and with htc one , iPhone doesn’t have the build quality too.

        1. I was thinking that…if the the galaxy s4 wins, then the HTC one will whoop iphones ass because of the build quality and media attributes…

      4. Apple has a few other things going for them. They have a larger PR budget and they have a legion of ifanboys that outnumbers android fanboys. And since ifanboys are generally much less knowledgeable in all things technical, apple’s PR budget can go further. How many ipad mini users think their tablet is 1080p…you would be surprise.

        1. Now this is badly wrong !
          Samsung’s marketing budget is mile ahead Apple’s, everybody knows that (biggest PR investment of the world, by far). And there are tech savvy customers on every platform. I’d get a GS4 over an iPhone 5, sure, but don’t mix facts like this.

          1. Apple’s whole marketing budget goes for something like 5 products. Samsung’s marketing budged goes for like 5,000.

      5. All the Apple build quality in the world doesn’t seem to stop it from having its glass broken far too easily. Few cars have better “build quality” than a BMW, but if you have to pay for maintenance and repair out of your pocket, they’re a huge headache.

        For iPhone users, what difference does it make? No one keeps a new iPhone for more than a year or so, because they always have to have the latest. The phone only has to be build well enough to last the two years of your contract.

      6. The iPhone can stream music and movies to a Xbox or computer using imediashare or AirPlay works on the computer if u download Xbmc player so iPhone can do that to have your wife check it out. And a iPhone is just as good as any android, and can be even better if u jail break it, apps you have access to after a jail break like movie box or music box are way better than anything I’ve been able to find in android and that’s just 2 of the apps I like

        1. I’m calling you on this one. In what way would a jailbroken iPhone compare to a rooted Android? No integrated file system (meaning you’re really limited on things like what you can send in an e-mail). Fewer connection options (no NFC, HDMI, IR, WiFi Direct, etc.). Can’t view a significant portion of the web (no Flash or full Java). Sloppy multi-tasking. Non expandable storage or battery. No Swype/Swiftkey/Kii Keyboar. Siri is Sad (especially compared to Google Now, or even Speaktoit). No Widgets. Facetime is limited to “i” devices. iCloud continues to fall behind (Google’s solution is hardware agnostic, web based, open source, offline cache-able, and file type agnostic). Lower number of supported Codecs. Limited screen size (creating letterboxing on apps that were created for iPhone 4s and earlier). Poor porting of newest innovations to older platforms (for instance, Siri or Maps Nav on the iPhone 4, gets worse with older models…even my OG SGS got Google Now and my G1 had Nav!). I mean, come on? Who are you kidding? The iPhone 5 couldn’t even take my SGS3, and you think it can compare to the 4?

        2. Look into MX Player. It brings a TON of codecs to the game, pinch-to-zoom video, subtitle support, HTML streaming, a lock button, a toddle lock game to go with the movie, Hardware or Software Decoding, Gesture controls, it’s free, it’s available to non-rooted devices, no ads, and it works SUPER well. That’s at the top of my recommended app list to everyone with an Android.

      7. She can, you need an apple TV though.

        It does something like Allshare ( airplay has significantly higher quality)

        I used the iphone to shoot NBA gametime into my TV for 30 bucks a season. Same with NFL season Ticket. AIRPLAY the application right in to the Apple TV

        The quality was really good, NOT HD but light years better then a Flash type feed.

    2. I’m with you Alex!

    3. You’re on an Android fan-site, so no…you’re not the only one.

    4. ummmm but iPhones are cool and magical…. don’t ask me why though, they just are.

      1. You mean,- iphones was cool – right….

        1. Nah, it was all sarcastic.

    5. I like iPhone better and android is still not even close to OS X

      1. You do know that osx is different than ios?
        NM… you don’t.

        1. ha you got me there :D I use both OS X and iOS and they work great in combination and once I ‘switched’ to Notes 2 for 12 days I was like without hands and it was so impossible to integrate it to working environment… the best I could do is to ‘get pictures out’ but if you use iCalendar, iPhotos, iWork environment and own 500+ dollars of software and everything on one platform and then switching to another for better battery life please…

          1. I know what you mean… we can get locked into ecosystems. I’m not hatin’… I use Windows, OSX and Android EVERY day. Whatever works for you, works for you. I was only saying Android is far superior to iOS. But to prove I’m not a hater, I would also “generally” say that OSX is superior to Windows.

      2. False.
        Question: Why is Android better?
        Fact: Android is 54% more awesome than OS X
        Fact: Bears prefer Android.
        Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

    6. Huh? Why so? Please do explain

    7. I totally agree with your point – and I’m not trying to be a jerk – but I have to point out that light years are a measure of distance and I am assuming from the context that they are used here as a measure of time (based on the fact that technology is often said to be “years ahead”). Sorry, it’s just one of those things that will make my OCD flare up if I ignore it. But if we were to make iOS and Android race each other in go carts, then yes, Android would be light years ahead of iOS.

  7. iPhone 5 is insignificant compared to phones like the GS4 and HTC one.

  8. I’m really pleased to see that you didn’t just throw the iPhone under the bus because it’s an iPhone. This really speaks to your professionalism and in my mind keeps Phandroid as my go-to site for Android news :-)

    1. True. Good work here guys.

  9. Your multimedia conclusion is wrong… The term Multimedia in 2013 means a whole lot more than “syncing songs from my computer”. Inherent to platform/OS limitations (ie, LACK OF FILE SYSTEM), My old Nexus One trumps the iPhone 5 in all-encompassing Multimedia capability… and it doesn’t require a computer to help it get the job done either.

    Try downloading a wav file, trimming it, saving it out to an mp3 file, then setting it to a ringtone on your iPhone 5 without a computer… let me know how that goes.

    1. Amen brother, amen

    2. Apart from setting the mp3 to a ringtone, every action you describe is feasible on an iPhone (but you’d have to add a few apps from stock to enable them). Of course, jailbreaking the iPhone would allow for direct manipulations.

      1. Any device without a file management system is a toy. A toy that will get bloated over time.

        1. Calling it a toy is an insult to toys!

        2. Tell that to the majority of customers : they don’t care at all.
          Coming from Android, the first thing I did was looking for apps that implement a manageable file system. There are many good options available.
          And yes, it feels like a toy… in the beginning.

          1. Cobbling methods together to accomplish the same things Android does OOB is a shame.

        3. Most toys are made out of PLASTIC…

          1. My HDTV is plastic. My kids’learning laptop is aluminum. Guess which one I’m watching movies on…

          2. and all soda cans are made out of aluminum I throw away every day. your point?

          3. Most cars are made out of flexible metal. Know why? Obviously, a car needs to be strong enough to withstand minor impacts, hence the metal, but it is a fact that flexible materials absorb impact, which is why they use flexible metal. The car crunches, the people inside don’t. Let’s compare that to a phone. You drop your “pretty” metal phone and look at that, no scratches. Wonder why a week later it turns off for no reason? Now, drop your “ugly” plastic phone. Oh no, I dented the back of it and scratched the corner. But all the internal components are doing just fine.

            And compare the Gorilla Glass 3 in the Galaxy S4 to the Gorilla Glass 2 in the iPhone 5. Which one will be better protected against impact? The point being, if you like a metal phone because you think it’s more durable, you may be mistaken. If you like a metal phone over a plastic phone because it’s “pretty” and makes you feel like a high-roller, with no regard for which phone actually outperforms the other and offers a broader range of features, perhaps you’d rather make calls and send texts using a Rolex, a pair of Gucci sunglasses or a bottle of Cristal. Good luck with that.

    3. What a pathetic website this is, biased to its inner core. All websites say iPhone 5 has a better diplay than the SGS4, a better camera, a better design, battery, etc.

      1. Display is better? You mean because of its smaller size and lower pixel density? As far as design, this article gives the iPhone 5 the design win… did you even read it? Battery: how could you possibly conclude that the iPhone 5’s non-removable 1440 mAh battery is better than a removal 2600 mAh battery? I think you need to stop putting so much faith in what your news sources are telling you and start thinking on your own.

  10. iTunes should be listed as a con for the iPhone. Being forced to using it a reason for not getting an iPhone.
    Also the GS4 should win multimedia only because its display is much better for movies.

  11. This was a surprisingly well done comparison.

  12. you guys are rewarding quantity over quality
    Smh. more features equals better? crappy gimmicks make the cam better? its still android ftw…but let’s be fair… lets call it like it is…

    1. More useful features, yup – there’s a reason why it sells so well and has such positive word of mouth. Best camera software/app on Android – has been for years, yup. Best version of Android since the GS2 came out, yup – apparently HTC didn’t get the memo from motoblur’s initial release, social network information overload isn’t desirable.

      There, I called it like it is.

      1. Name me ten useful, reliable, features that are exclusive to TouchWiz on the S4. Anything made by Google does not count.

        1. 1. Camera – best camera app on Android. Exclusive to touchwiz. Stock camera app is boogers in comparison.
          2. Gallery – touchwiz gallery is the best gallery available on android. It has multiple view types, video previews, and folders. Once again, stock gallery is doodoo in comparison.
          3. Calendar/S Planner – the best calendar app vailable on android. Not only can you see what things are at a glance instead of a colored block, you can reschedule by dragging.
          4. Multi-window – this alone makes touchwiz better than any other OEM version of Android, and better than stock.
          5. Lift to dial – got a contact up you want to call instead, put the phone to your ear.
          6. Smart stay – the screen won’t time out as long as you look at it. Despite what the morons who have never used it say, it works in the dark as well as the light. Sunglasses? Yeah, you’re screwed there.
          7. Smart rotate – see above.
          8. Smart scroll – See above.
          9. Finger hover in web browsing – expands menus like you have put a mouse over them, makes for a desktop internet experience.
          10. Notification bar toggles that work – the original creator of the bar toggles. These all have the same function. Tap to turn on/off. Unlike the doodoo Google implementation of it, some are long press, some are short press, some launch settings menus, some do nothing at all.
          11. Just for fun… S-Beam – Let’s not even pretend Android Beam is useful or WiFi Direct is practical. S-Beam actually makes both useful and easy. NFC provides the WiFi Direct handshake and password credentials. Then transfers actually take place without your phone needing to mate another phone for an hour to transfer 1 picture.

          Want me to continue with another 10? Android is Touchwiz these days. All the others are imitators, including Google who spend each new release trying to catch up to Samsung now.

  13. The fact that you’re saying iPhone earns you cool points means that you don’t have any.

  14. Software is a toss? That’s a joke.
    TouchWiz is much customized and varied than iOS… it is simpy and also the Easy Mode in the S4 can make the phone simpler.
    Also you can not compare the multimedia features between both… even my Galaxy Note 2 is much better playing and sharing files…

    1. You forget that iOS has the app advantage, which is arguably half of the battle.

      1. The fact that they have the app advantage is also arguable. As far as quantity, they are evenly matched right now, with Google predicted to cross the 1,000,000 line first. I can agree with you on a couple points:

        – The number of useful apps in comparison to apps in general is probably higher in volume in the App Store.
        – Android apps have potential to pose higher security threats

        But the following can also be argued:

        – Android allows for apps to be side loaded.
        – There are many more free apps or apps with free versions for Android than for iOS.
        – Though there are perhaps not as many great apps, the apps in Google Play allow for greater customization. Particularly, Tasker, which pretty much lets you do anything you want with your phone.
        – Google Play Store is a centralized place from which a user can download apps, books, music, videos, and magazines.
        – Google will automatically restore your apps after a wipe or if you replace your phone.

        So it really comes down to priorities. Which particular element were you referring to?

  15. Apple could pull the best phone ever out of their ass and I would still buy a dumb phone before I would give them any of my money

    1. I think that says more about you than it does about Apple :P

      1. Yes, it says that his/her principles are worth more than the unreasonable amount of money that he would have to give to a greedy, monopolistic and manipulative corporation that makes overpriced and overrated products and sells them to people who don’t know any better than to buy them for the sake of being trendy.

        1. ‘that makes overpriced and overrated products and sells them to people
          who don’t know any better than to buy them for the sake of being trendy.’

          Yeah, I feel the same way about the HTC One :)

          1. While I don’t necessarily agree with you about the HTC One, I am glad that you can admit the validity of @Rdfry’s opinion, contrary to your original reply.

            As far as HTC, I can’t say that I know enough about them to argue one way or the other; I had some HTC phones a few years ago and was reasonably happy with them, but have not used any of their newer offerings. On paper, the One looks amazing, but as we all know, what it looks like on paper is not necessarily indicative of what the user experience will be like. But at any rate, I’m not sure I would call them trendy.

    2. And with 72% of the profits in the smartphone industry, I’m sure Tim Cook is crying that you won’t give him your money (O_o)

      1. Yes, 72% profits, despite the fact that Android has left Apple in the dust in terms of market share. Apple sells less units and makes more money.

        I hope that tells you something about the real value of Apple products vs the amount of money they charge for them.

        1. “Android” sells a bunch of cheap, unprofitable junk….only a fool with no business sense would trumpet market share over profit share. What it demonstrates is that Apple has a superior business model…with the legions of Android OEM’s pumping out iPhonies by the multitudes it has resulted in exactly ONE that is profitable. And by the way, if the carriers want to eat a higher subsidy to carry iPhones then that’s their business; I pay the same $199 base price for my iPhone as you do for your iPhony, so whoever is paying higher prices it certainly isn’t me. You can take that market share and wipe you rear end with it; means absolutely nothing….

          1. Wasn’t saying iPhones COST more, I was saying that you are getting less for your money. Are you saying that the fact that a company sells less units and makes more profit would NOT suggest that they are overcharging in comparison to their competitors? Because if you are, that is simply not mathematically logical. Who is trumpeting market share over profit? I was pointing out the market share IN RELATION to profits. I understand market share is not the only (or even the most important) factor, but when you consider the difference between market share and profit in this scenario it suggests exactly what I said.

            Oh, and no need to get touchy (“wipe your rear end with it”), I believe that as adults we both possess the ability to keep this debate civilized. But perhaps I’m wrong.

          2. Overcharging WHO exactly??? Again it certainly isn’t me. Also, Apple sells less units because they have decided not to commoditize their brand with this “race to the bottom” mentality that had made it nearly impossible for 99% of Android OEM’s to turn ANY (let alone a substantial) profit. Go back to Samsung’s GS4 unveiling, as ridiculous as it was. How many times did you hear the word “Android”? Zero. While Google giving Android away has resulted in huge market share, as a business model it has been an abject failure. This is why it would be a huge mistake IMO for Apple to produce some cheap iPhone just to compete with Android in terms of market share. If at the end of they day they’re walking away with nearly 3/4 of the profits in the industry, WHO CARES how much cheap, zero-margin junk their competition sells???

  16. Android and Apple fandoy-ism aside isn’t comparing the iPhone/iOS to Galaxy/Android a bit oranges to apples these days? Why not compare their specific roles for users and how well they do in that role instead of feeding the fanboy fires.

  17. This isn’t really a contest. This could be a bit biased and the poll doesn’t really count because all this is on an Android website, put the poll on an Apple site and see what happens.

    Also I find it funny how it’s not about Android vs. Apple anymore, it’s Android vs. Android, Samsung and HTC have been trying to kill each other and so have other Android manufacturers, they are suing each other! Just show that Apple is not good enough anymore.


  19. From all i’ve read the octa core 8 core will be in Europe and Asia and the quad core will be in the United States

  20. Wish Motorola would announce their next flagship phone, so I can decide which Android device to replace my Bionic soon. The rumors are intriguing, but they’re just rumors. The Galaxy S4 looks really nice, and I understand a rugged version will be released in July. But, except for my iPhone 3G and 3Gs, I’ve trusted Moto for all my life.

  21. I found it amusing that you failed to even mention the places where there was no direct comparison between the devices. For instance, the S4 supports NFC, while the iPhones does not. The S4 has an IR port, for doubling as a TV remote control, while the iPhone does not.

    You seemed to tone down the S4’s strengths, and upsell the iPhones, in an effort to make the review more “balanced”, even though such a thing is impossible – the S4 clearly trumps the iPhone in every single area, hardware-wise, except build quality. The biggest differentiation is the software – Are you a fan of Camp Apple, whose ecosystem is based on control and forcing consumers to work the same way, or are you a fan of Camp Google, whose ecosystem is based on openness, and all the benefits and caveats that it comes with?

    I *really* don’t like allowing a company to tell me what I can and can’t run on a piece of hardware I own. That’s what Apple does. If Apple doesn’t approve it, you can’t install it (with out jailbreaking, which is a pain in the ass to keep up with). Google, on the other hand, allows you to install anything, even if it isn’t in the Play store, and in fact allows other marketplaces to exist on the platform (You can pick from Amazon’s, Google’s, and many different 3rd party ones, too) with the simple setting of an option. I don’t have to “trust” that Google will continue to allow an application I want to use, like I do with Apple. If I install application X on an iPhone, and Apple suddenly has a problem with that application, they can pull it and I’m screwed. The application can not be published in any other way that I can make use of, unless I jailbreak and deal with the hassle of such. On Android, many many other options exist for that developer. I don’t have to put my faith in a company who isn’t even transparent about their requirements and enforcement policies.

  22. Either HTC One or S4 is a no brainer choice for an iPhone convert. The list of features lacking from iPhone is just as important as matching features (NFC, normal aspect ratios). I’m going with the S4, simply because I want the expandable storage and removable battery more than I want better speakers and metal. Once it’s in an S View case, I’ll never know the difference anyway. Plus coming from an Atrix 4G, this is a big jump up.

    Android OEM’s are clearly innovating where Apple is now catching up. Front facing stereo speakers, brilliant for media consumers. When will auto companies realize we want more stereo BT and fewer iPhone docks?

  23. Kevin, Multimedia apple wins??? you have to be blind or looking at one tiny sliver of what is regarded as “multimedia”. Android is EXTREMELY versatile and OPEN with regard to file formats, and ability to play next to anything you throw at it, even MPEG2 files I record on my PVR, I can copy to my phone and watch when I am travelling. Apple requires you CONVERT these kinds of files to proprietary formats. I can also do FLAC/OGG/APE and subtitles on foreign movies… oh, and Divx, Xvid, MKV etc… so… methinks Android craps all over dem apples.

  24. This comparison is done right biased and stupid. How are you going to compare a phone that came out this year with a phone that came out last year? It should be S3 vs IPhone 5. Why would the iPhone 5 be better than the GS4? Sorry, but that’s just cold doing this comparison.

    1. Are you serious? The iPhone 5 was announced 6 months after the GSIII was announced. The GS4 was announced 6 months after the iPhone 5 was announced. If it isn’t fair to compare the GS4 to the iPhone 5 because one is older than the other, then how is it fair to compare the GSIII to the iPhone 5? The two companies don’t release devices at the same time. Reviewers have to compare the newest offerings or what’s available at the moment. YOU may be the biased and stupid one. You can bet that the next iPhone will be compared to the GS4. Will you also cry then?

      1. I’d imagine the next iPhone to be pitted against the GS4. That is what I’m saying is right. Why would I “cry” about that?

        2ndly, those devices all came out during the same year. Those are the devices to be competed against each other. The GS3 and iPhone 5 compete against each. Another year? Now it’s the iPhone 5(S)/ 6 that competes against the GS4.

        I don’t like how the iPhone has to compete against the GS3 and the GS4. How can it compete?

        3rd, it doesn’t make me biased if I want things to be fair. LoL!!

        But I’m starting to understand where you’re coming from. It is a 6 month difference between these devices, giving enough time for mobile technology to advance. So in all retrospect, the iPhone 5 could be far better than the GS3, and on par with the GS4. Depending on who you ask. Hmm…

  25. And now it’s all clear. Kevin is an admitted lifelong ifan who just jumped ship.

  26. No brainer (

  27. Seeing as the Galaxy S3 already kicked the iPhone 5’s ass, this was a formality.

  28. It’s like comparing my Benz (Android) to my old Honda (iPhone) and asking what is better of course my Benz is the only people that would take Honda are river fans.

    1. Uh… the more appropriate analogy is having Androids be Honda… they are cheaper, there are more out there and the perform pretty good once you tweak them…

      Apple iPhones are overpriced with decent power, but people don’t really mod them, they just leave em stock.

  29. I’m surprised only by the battery life victory for the Samsung, is there data for this? I agree that on standby and light use they are similar but I have always found iPhones to be far better at battery management under heavy use. If i play 1hr of games on an Android phone I can count on the battery being down ~15% and often times more. On my sister’s iPhone 5 I have played an hour of some pretty intense games and seen a < 10% battery decrease (sometimes closer to 5%). I guess it's due to the smaller screen. Either way the only thing I've ever wanted to get on my Android phones that my iPhone friends have is the battery life.

    1. source: Anandtech. Which I’m sure everyone can agree is a reputable site.

  30. The only good thing about Apple is the camera

  31. just got S4 dude it blows iphone5 in all aspects

  32. apple mole kevin ..your reviews are bias to apple

  33. No contest for me. I wanted an iPhone so bad to match my iPod touch…then I got a cell phone salesman as a boyfriend. He was trying to sell me the original Galaxy S but I picked up the EVO 4G and was in love…Android turned me into a technology geek, I just wanted an iPhone because I didn’t understand what Android was.

  34. Dude androidscales are u fuckin blind ur telling the 1080p display is inferior to the iPhone’s lol wow

  35. Which phone should I buy between the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S 4? The answer is neither. Buy a Nexus 4, and be happier.

  36. I like how the galaxy won everything but the multimedia and people are trying to justify why that is not an apt conclusion. Seriously, you people poke fun of iOS users (including in this thread), yet you are just as bad. “But but but it has to be better at EVERYTHING”.

  37. is this some parallel universe? If I wanted to read about the pre-historic iPhone, I would go to C|Net of 9-to-5 Mac. Please stop.

  38. I agree about everything except the camera. The reviewer is out of his mind if he thinks Galaxy S4 camera is better than iPhone 5. The colors on the iPhone are so much more natural, and low light shots are MUCH better on the iPhone. This review is very biased toward the galaxy S4. Just Google other reviews for comparison! You will see that there is no contest between iPhones camera and that of Samsung. iPhone 5 wins EVERY TIME, especially in low light or indoors. Whenever Samsungs shots look better its an illusion, because the colors are blown out of proportion. iPhone shows yo the REAL colors. The way they are in real life.

  39. Just gonna leave this here… (source: Anandtech)

  40. Just gonna leave this here as well (source: Anandtech)

  41. yPhone

  42. S4 is now my daily driver and I couldnt agree more w your poll. my 5 is now on the shelf :)

  43. I”d getthe iphone 5 cos its faster has better video recroding and i cud always jailbrake it and customize ut if i wanted too lol we
    Can even get paid apps free by vshare and appcake and get in app purchaese for free too by iapfree overall the iphone 5 is just faster. The S4 is just as fast but still lags when ceiwing webpages or even going thru the photo library. Oh and the iphone 5 has much more and higher qualify apps specially optimised to takenfull advantage of the hardware. The iphone 5 is faster? Want to debate and find why ? Question away to me.

  44. Minor quip, but I think it’s BS that Samsung advertises 7.9mm when the iPhone 5 is 7.6mm because you can see the GS4 significantly thicker than the iPhone 5 in that photo.

  45. I feel that the software review was a crucial piece. It was glossed over. I’ve used both, ios is a launcher not an os.

  46. I think it is funny all this talk about the iphone 5 beating the SGS4 in build quality. My SGS3 after 6 months without a case still looks like the day I bought it. My sisters i phone 5 after one month is a complete mess, it has scratches and small nicks all over the phone. It even scratches when you simply remove the case. To me that isn’t great build quality. What every one seems to forget is most aluminum built phones always have some kind of radio signal issues, whether it is the data or just gps, it always has signal issues. The polycarbonate built phone takes allot of grief, to me it is the material of choice. If you drop both phones the aluminum always takes a beating. I will always prefer the polycarbonate built phone.

  47. Come on, you Android wetters – the iPhone is clearly the more polished & enjoyable user experience, what’s wrong with you?! What’s the purpose of having all these gimmicky ‘user settings’ when you have to turn all the f**kers off just so your clunky phone’s battery has a chance to last all day! RUBBISH! What a con!

    The iOS is the only platform for true gentlemen isn’t it, & for anyone with the slightest interest in creativity – try making music on Android. You flipping can’t. And try even doing some basic video editing. You flipping can’t. Its nice to have competition, but as an OS Android just isn’t ready yet. It’s a good effort, but i liken Android to a big, bloated heavy tractor compared to Apple’s sleek, fast Ferrari. I thank you.

  48. lol… It is not Galaxy S4 but Galaxy S3 as he said in the videos… so… S3 maybe is a bit worse but S4 beat the iPhone 5 all the way

  49. I don’t agree multimedia conclusion and design and build quality is debatable

  50. What was the average on-screen time on S4? I think that’s the best way how to compare battery life…

  51. I like my razor flip phone, I don’t need all of this devil technology.

  52. Should have included this in my last post. I really detest incorrect reporting and comparisons. The S4 just like S3 is made of polycarbonate materials NOT plastic. Polycarbonate is as mush as 300 times stronger than plastic. Its even stronger than kevlar. Anyone who thinks a phone is built better just because its metal is Apples primary target, ‘stupid uneducated uninformed consumer’.

  53. I work with both of them on a daily basis…and I currently have an s3.

    When i needed my phone to be a PC, android just cant be beat….They have better productivity applications and they have file manager.

    But I can say this for certain ..My Hero, my Desire, My GS1, Moto 2 and my GS3 all run like crap after 6-8 months.

    My Iphone 4s and my HTC Pro 7 run as sooth as the day they were activated. The 4s did 10 months of hard service bumped up against the 16 gig cap for 8 straight months and still runs flawless.

    I wish i had a NEXUS phone to compare to the WP or iPhone, I think the touchwiz-Sense-Motoblur is what kils androids performance.. My Motorola Xoom runs fine 2 years after launch.

    After i bought a windows 8 tablet…i just need a phone to be a consumption device again…WP8 and iOS are so much smoother doing that then android.

    I will end up with a Galaxy 4 for work…I dont hold out much hope that it will behave any better then the Galaxy 1 or 3.

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