LG confirms first smartphone with flexible display technology releasing later this year


During LG’s earnings call, the longtime Samsung rival may have spilled the beans on their plans to release an upcoming smartphone featuring flexible OLED technology inside. We’ve been hearing a lots of talk about flexible displays for months now. In fact, it seems like just before every major Samsung release — whether it’s the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, and now the Galaxy Note 3 — there’s always murmurings that Sammy’s next greatest smartphone will come equipped with the technology. Guess everyone was too focused on Samsung to see LG coming.

According to the The Wall Street Journal, LG’s vice president of mobile Yoon Bu-Hyun confirmed during the company’s earnings call that the South Korean manufacturer plans to release their first smartphone featuring a flexible OLED display, due out sometime during Q4 of this year. This after LG reported a Q1 profit drop of 91% compared to Q1 of 2012 (due mostly to their television division). LG is planning to leverage their display unit to bring this phone to market, and turn things around for 2013, and what better than a phone featuring this cutting edge technology.

Keep in mind we are not talking about an entirely flexible smartphone. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the alien alloys to make such a device a possible. This more or less pertains to a smartphone with a “wraparound” display which should make for an interesting smartphone design, something that we always welcome from smartphone OEM’s. Have to say, LG’s has proven themselves a true contender in the crowded Android smartphone market. God knows Samsung could use some competition.

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  1. Does the flexibility mean that it will shatter less easily? Because, if so that’s all I care about… who would want a wraparound display?!?!?!

    1. It will be thinner, and break less easily underneath, but they’ll still have to put glass on the top to keep it from scratching. So kinda… no :/

      1. Special glass :p …..somewhat sarcastic comment for those who are cynics…..

        1. Special glass for those with special eyes.

          1. ha!

          2. Your brand is your special hair!

      2. … and nobody likes extra glass, right Chris? lol

          1. Haha, you’re a good sport! =)

      3. aw bummer! That’s what I was really looking forward to with the whole flexible screen technology about to come out… Oh well :-

      4. it could be essentially less prone to breaking because isnt this technology essentially plastic anyway? maybe just a special coating on the material to be “scratch resistant” not necessarily glass or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass……who knows until it actually comes out. Have there been any prototypes shown that are in phone format and not just the screen portion where they contort the hell out of it?

      5. Why don’t they use plastic, or something non-breakable? I put screen protectors on my display anyway, so scratches aren’t a problem. The REAL problem is that glass is fragile and breaks when dropped. (even from 2 inches)

      6. It’s a pity cause we don’t want these phones to break. Gorilla glass 4 better be flexible glass, haha

      7. Why do they need to put glass over it? I want it to have no built in glass. If I want glass over my unbreakable screen so that it doesn’t scratch, I’ll get a glass screen protector. Plenty of companies make them now, and a screen protector is far easier and cheaper to replace (even a glass one) than a glass screen built into the phone.

    2. The wrap around display, when held in landscape, can have on screen buttons on edge. Sort of like r1 and L1 on ps3 controller. I think that’d be pretty dope. My fingers always rest there anyways when gaming or typing in landscape orientation.

  2. Please no amoled!

    1. I think amoled is the easiest to make flexible

      1. Right you are!

  3. God knows everything Chris, he sees you at night, when you sleep.

    1. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. So be good or go to hell.

      1. He Knows if you are rich or lives in the ‘hood

  4. Don’t care unless it will indeed look as good or even better than the HTC One display with excellent sunlight legibility, improved durability and increased accuracy and sensitivity. If it doesn’t fit the above bill then, keep the darned flexible screen out of my phone.

  5. I don’t want No complaints about it being made of plastic.

  6. Nexus 5 again by LG with wrap around screen?
    I wouldn’t mind :D

  7. It just gave me a goose bump!

  8. It’s nice to see tech that has been in development for years( decade, at least), finally come to market. Phillips, and someone else(can’t remember) started it, but it was just black, and white then. This is just the start of something good, patience is what’s needed, rome wasn’t built in a day.

  9. I want to know if you can pair it with a flexible capacitive grid. If you cannot, then the news is pointless LG.

  10. Why aren’t you letting people know about the LG Spectrum 2 update? Lots of people have opted for LG rather than Samsung. LG has a better antenna! But no one wants to say that. Is Everyone in Samsungs pocket?

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