Watch this guy try and cut through a Galaxy S4 like a steak [VIDEO]


One thing most people won’t be keen on doing once they receive their shiny new Galaxy S4 units starting this month is trying to see how the device’s gorilla glass holds up to the sharp, pointed elements of life. If you wanted to know how your phone might survive in a pocket with keys and coins, though, Youtuber Szabolcs Ignacz has done the world a very necessary deed. He put the Samsung Galaxy S4 through a typical scratch test with keys and coins, but decided to take a step further by trying to slice the phone’s display using through different knives.

As you might expect from a device sporting Gorilla Glass, the Samsung Galaxy S4 whimpered but it didn’t shed blood. The device came out of the scary ordeal with nary a scratch to cry about, though some users might contest the real test — one that involves sand and a whole lot of rubbing — wasn’t conducted.

Regardless, if all you want to know is whether the Galaxy S4 can survive in the same pocket with a pair of keys and some leftover change, this video should give you that answer. Watch the video above if you’re not too squirmy, and be on the lookout for our full Samsung Galaxy S4 review sometime soon!

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Who cares? Samsung has been using Gorilla Glass on their phones since the original Galaxy S and every year these results are the same. I think we know by now that the glass isn’t going to scratch from keys/change/knives.

    1. exactly… drop tests are the only “tests” that matter because that is how they will break

      1. Seriously! Just show me some drop tests!

        1. Correction: show us some scientific drop tests.

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    2. Oleophobic coating can easily withstand such tests … But as soon as the coating is off which can take 1 month or 5 months, phones are a lot more prone to scratches…

      That said, I have a Nexus 4 which never scratched … But after 2 months it suddenly had 3 deep scratches ….

      Luckily you can reapply the coating or buy a new screen for only 60 something bucks.

  2. Even though I love my Note 2, I keep leaning more & more to the S4 as the days go by.

    1. I also have the Note 2. If you don’t use the stylus a lot and can live with a slighty smaller screen that fits better in hand, then its an awesome phone.

      1. Until Key Lime Pie comes out in a couple of months and y’all are stuck with JellyBean for up to a year.

        1. That’s what root is for :)

          1. You can fool yourself but that is not what root is for. There’s a reason CM team members (some key members right now) have taken a stance to no longer support Samsung phones (in particular, the S4). So don’t expect to get any timely (read stable) updates from custom ROM makers for the S4 when KLP comes out.

          2. The US version is the 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 NOT the 1.6GHz Exynos. The Exynos was the chip everyone complained about.. So it is likely they will support it. And the fact that there will be a sizable number of people owning and clamoring and contributing to the project…. I think the US Version Galaxy S4 will likely be among the first of the platforms to get new releases.

          3. I think the U.S. version will get CM love. But if it doesn’t, then…


          4. you can fool yourself but samsungs been great at updates. and note 2 gs3 users are guaranteed klp. sup now lil baby qq more.

          5. BOOM!

  3. lol no kidding… okay drop it without a case on it and see what happens…

    1. Or rub some sand on it.

      1. Or specs of dust. These tests are all meaningless because they don’t take into account the real circumstances that still put scratches on these so called fortified glasses.

    2. It will probably be fine, since it’s made of plastic.

    3. i actually didn’t use any case for the gs1 I had and dropped it more times than I can count. screens fine other than usual scratches and dents on the body. I never used screen protectors and i’ve been fine. must be the way I handle my phones.

      1. Take your screen, hold it at an angle to light. Then see if you see any marks on the surface.

  4. The test was weak.

  5. Like I said over on AC, these types of tests are totally useless, you can take just about any damn phone today and run all the same tests and more than likely none of the screens will scratch. The culprit of almost all scratched screens is sand/silica, which can be found any and everywhere. One small grain can and will cut through any screen, gorilla glass or not, as if it was a hot knife going through butter. So if you want make an impressive video how about someone take some sand and rub it up against the screen then get back to me

  6. um no …my keys have scratched my one s, sensation, nexus 4,

    1. Chavez? O.o

      1. Nice, but his head is too small to be Chavez ;)

        1. Oh sh!t. Apply cold water to the afflicted area.

          1. Giggity ;)

      2. look nothing like chavez lol …

  7. How about a nail or knife with one of those jagged burs on it? I bet that’d scratch it pretty easy.

    1. bet it won’t. It’s still the same type of metals.

      1. So you’re saying surface area has no effect on the scratching of a screen? Also nails and knifes aren’t the same metals. Nice try bill nye

  8. No offense, but i pretty much assumed Gorilla Glass wouldn’t scratch… (Common sense)

  9. 1 word. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  10. hes too soft with the tools !

  11. Everyone knows metals, like keys and knives won’t scratch Gorilla Glass. Why not try sand??? Bet you it won’t survive that!

  12. I could not swatch the scween with my knife, now let try the kweys. There is no sign of scwatch.

  13. Yeah, now scratch those edges with the keys…

  14. this isn’t cutting like a steak. They barely touch the screen!

    if this was a REAL test they’d actually measure the pressure put on the screen as they try to cut it. As this isn’t such a test, it’s basically crap.

  15. TRY SAND!

  16. I’m getting tired of these scratch tests. Are people going to be putting knives to their phones? Not if they are sane and bought it with their own money to actually use for its intended purpose. With Gorilla Glass being the standard on pretty much all higher end smartphones anyway it’s not like you’re going to see any variation from phone to phone anyway.

    But I’ll also secong what others have said; give me a good drop test over this drivel! Drop tests are far more harmful to your electronic investment than butter knives and coins. Do you know I can’t even find a drop test video anywhere for the Droid Razr HD? I looked and looked but found squat. Oh yeah there are iPhones, and GS3s and others, but a Razr HD or HD Maxx? Good luck! I did end up buying that Razr HD but haven’t bought a case for it, and its taken a few spills and so far damage free. Still, I wish I could find a difinitive drop test.

  17. This is awesome, now I will not have to choose between getting a new cutting board or the GS4. With the GS4 I can have BOTH! This is the phone I’ve been waiting for.

    1. This^

  18. Drop this phone from ear level. We all know Gorilla Glass is very resistant to scratches. If you’re going to do only a scratch test, use a sharper edge with significant force. Things such as steak knives are not sharp–they cut well because they’re serrated. Or at least drop the coins from more than a few inches above the phone…

  19. man screw knives and sand…i wanna see it withstand some real scratch test…use a freaking diamond man!

  20. now lets see these tests performed on screen protectors

  21. Instead of many totally useless videos showing millions of items that do NOT scratch the
    screen… instead… why not use more and more extreme means until you start finding out what *DOES* scratch it.


  22. Stupid test and FAKE. Give me that S4 I will show you how to ruin that screen with a simple dinner knife. This guy probably doesn’t have teeth, he seems to never eat a steak in his life and certainly doesn’t know hot to cut a steak. His video is a click spam to attract view count. The best is to ignore those stupid video. Unfortunately for me I gave him one click.

  23. Gorilla glass will scratch. Its normally very fine scratches however. Gorilla glass is basically a resin, which is not even close to as hard as a diamond. Even diamonds can be scratched though. This was one of the least scientific scratch test I’ve seen. He didn’t even bother to wipe off the fingerprint smudges with a cloth so you could properly see the reflection of the scratches. I don’t even know why Phandroid posted this vid.

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