Apr 22nd, 2013

One thing most people won’t be keen on doing once they receive their shiny new Galaxy S4 units starting this month is trying to see how the device’s gorilla glass holds up to the sharp, pointed elements of life. If you wanted to know how your phone might survive in a pocket with keys and coins, though, Youtuber Szabolcs Ignacz has done the world a very necessary deed. He put the Samsung Galaxy S4 through a typical scratch test with keys and coins, but decided to take a step further by trying to slice the phone’s display using through different knives.

As you might expect from a device sporting Gorilla Glass, the Samsung Galaxy S4 whimpered but it didn’t shed blood. The device came out of the scary ordeal with nary a scratch to cry about, though some users might contest the real test — one that involves sand and a whole lot of rubbing — wasn’t conducted.

Regardless, if all you want to know is whether the Galaxy S4 can survive in the same pocket with a pair of keys and some leftover change, this video should give you that answer. Watch the video above if you’re not too squirmy, and be on the lookout for our full Samsung Galaxy S4 review sometime soon!

[via SamMobile]

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