HTC One Developer Edition unboxing and hands-on [VIDEO]


I told you guy guys yesterday about the email I received notifying me that my HTC One Developer Edition had been delayed from Wednesday, to a vague “before the end of the month” time frame. Can’t say I was too thrilled about the news but lo-and-behold, the FedEx lady made yet another stop to my house early this morning (it’s almost as if she never left), dropping off my HTC One Developer Edition. Seeing as how I’ve already spent a lot of time reviewing the AT&T version, I was curious to see if anything in the box had change as well as the differences in software and hardware.

Taking a look at both Ones side-by-side, I noticed the issue with the speaker grill gap is now very minimal, almost invisible in the Dev Edition. Also, the small complaint about the volume rocker and power button being embedded into the plastic and impossible to find by touch doesn’t apply to the Dev Edition where they are much more pronounced and easy to locate. Lastly, I hate to even mention it but the display on the Developer Edition has a cooler, almost purple hue, while the AT&T version is a bit warmer. Which display is “better,” I’ll leave for you to decide.

Of course, the Developer Edition comes without any carrier branding or pre-loaded carrier apps (read: bloatware). Comparing the software information found that the AT&T version is currently “up to date” and running 1.26.502.6, while the new Dev Edition is running 1.29.1540.3. I spoke with HTCDev this after noon and they told me they might be looking to bring special, early access RUUs and ROMs to the HTC One Developer Edition via HTCDev.com. While not exactly set in stone at the moment, consider me excited.

Don’t forget that because HTC One Developer Edition isn’t tied to any specific carrier (although it fully supports AT&T’s LTE network, and even a few Canadian networks as well) there’s no longer a middle man getting in the way of updates. If/when HTC is ready to push out a software update, there wont be the normally long wait from carriers testing OTAs for weeks/months before pushing them out to their customers. Not too many people remember but the international model of the HTC One X received Jelly Bean almost a full 5 months before the AT&T version. Just some food for thought.

“My Android is better than your Android” debate aside, it’s all these reasons why I’ve made the HTC One Developer my next personal Android device and see great things for it in the future. Cheers.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The TELUS version I have isn’t branded at all, and there is also no sign of bloatware. Not even a TELUS logo or anything anywhere, just a tiny UPC on the back of the box.

    1. There is a “telus_wwe” in the brand string if you check system info. That’s as close to no branding as you can get. :)

      Looks like my build is newer than ATT’s, but older than the dev edition: 1.29.661.5

  2. 2:56 “Off ssAIEIIOO” LMAO

  3. Also, the reason for all the unibody parts being off is probably because you got a pre production model.. Idk why this one is different, but w.e.

  4. Did they fix the dumb ass button configuration in the dev version?

  5. Obviously, you now have no need for your ATT One, so… just in case you were looking for an average guy to be a “reviewer”…

  6. Chris can you put a T-Mobile sim in both phones and see if either one pick up Tmobile 4G on the AWS band. Per AnandTech the Dev One, AT&T One and T-Mobile are basically the same phone on the hardware side.

    1. I will buy this if it supports the aws 1700 on t-mobile usa!

    2. I would be interested as well. The T-Mobile version bands are not the same for HSPA+, but look the same for LTE. Since I don’t live in an area with LTE support from T-Mobile, the HSPA+ is important to me. I think it may work on the 1900 band that T-Mobile recently repurposed to HSPA+. I wonder if it is 21 or 42 you might get with developer edition.

      1. Looked at the bands, and it looks like it’ll get HSPA+42 and LTE on tmobile, but not the far more prevalent HSPA+21.

    3. Yes, Chris please try this. I don’t want to get a carrier version so my updates are to be delayed.

  7. The phrase “inconsistent build quality” is going to become associated with this phone based on some of the reviews I’ve read/watched. Hopefully HTC has this sorted out and it was just a few that slipped through.

  8. 5 Apps Chris? I’m sorry buddy, but did you graduate? :)

  9. Need to add your storage? See: http://goo.gl/lfEXI

  10. I had the dev edition of the phone on preorder, but the main reason I cancelled it was because I needed some kind of protection incase my phone takes a turn for the worse.

  11. I’m definitely getting the 64 gb developer, does it come in black?

  12. Can you test if Google Wallet works?

  13. Hi Chris, I also would like you to try a T-Mobile sim card and see if it will be able to get HSPA + Network. The 1700 radio, I know that it will Get the 1900 radio. If this phone is capable of getting the 1700 HSPA+ radio from T-Mobile, I would be in heaven. Please Chris, check this out for your dedicated followers.
    Thanks Chris, Vinny

  14. where can i order this?

  15. I got mine yesterday, and was very disappointed and wanted to cry like a baby. The unit has a very bad light bleed at the lower right corner. Gosh, how unlucky can that be! Looks like I’m the first to have this particular defect with an M7.

    photos at the link ….


    1. Oh no.. really bad. You are really unlucky.

    2. Did you order from an international delivery site? Still searching to order one.

  16. Hi Chris, is “Tethering” function disabled in this Developer Edition? I have a Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T, and the internet sharing feature is disabled unless you opt for the data sharing package. Thanks!

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