Rumor: Motorola X Phone to come in over 20 different colors


Motorola’s next flagship phone, long known as the X phone, has had some ridiculous rumors tied to it. The most ridiculous of them was the possibility of being able to customize the hardware inside your device when ordering them as you would a computer, being able to get the combination of RAM, processor, display resolution and memory you wanted. While a modular phone like that isn’t as likely, today’s rumor might be as believable as any of them.

According to a source of PhoneArena‘s, Motorola will build the X Phone with over 20 different color options to choose from. That’s a massive number considering most OEMs don’t typically exceed 5 or 6 options, let alone 10 and 15.

It’s tough to say how Motorola will handle such a broad spectrum of colors. It could either say something about how the phone will be built (it may have a design that allows modular customization of the chassis) or Motorola’s production process (they might mass produce the most popular colors and only build certain colors on special order).

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if this rumor holds up and to see just how Motorola plans to accomplish the feat whenever it decides to officially unveil the phone. Which color would you go with?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. As long as black or white are available.

    1. I’m so TIRED of black phones!! I mean, they’re pretty cool looking, but oh my gosh.

      1. I’m tired of looking at cool phones when I could look at even cooler phones.

        1. I get what you mean. That’s why I went with the white S3 last year.

        2. I haven’t gotten tired of black phones yet. At least not with black on the front…it blends so perfectly with the screen turned off, or the black statusbar and onscreen buttons. Especially with that deep black of an amoled.

          1. Me either, personally I like an all black phone because it looks the most uniform and classy, but for those who want and enjoy other colors it does no harm to me, as long as basic black remains an option.

      2. Man you’re all kinds of stupid.

      3. Bruh, you and I, we are of the same kin.
        Once you go black, you never go back.

        1. That’s what she said

        2. once you go black, your a single mother.

          1. you’re*…idiot

        3. Once you go black, you’re gonna need a wheelchair.

          1. “Hey Latrell!” One of the best movies EVARR!!!

      4. Black is best when paired with OLED, since there’s no contrast between the screen and the border, and the phone just “fades away”. I like my old SGS1 for this reason alone when compared to my white SGS3.

        I want for my Note 3 to again be black, or at least a very dark shade of some color.

        1. The white bezel on the SGS3 makes the screen not look as good. HTC did a good thing with the One X and One by going with a black bezel around the display.

          1. I agree. The HTC One Looks really good. with that black bezel around the display. I wish all would do this.

      5. The reason black is good on a phone, is because it’s a universal color. White, brown, red blue, they stand out too much. Black blends in with any environment.

    2. But most importantly, black

      1. Black is most important, but I’d take a dark green anodized aluminum look for the backside, so long as the front can be black.

  2. I’d love a bright colored phone. something like a phone from the lumia line. those phones are gorgeous.

  3. Something random like Green. I like green.

    1. Hot pink…that’s pretty random.

      1. That might actually look good.

      2. Lavender with gold stars and cyan stripes…
        moar random

        1. I’d buy that.

    2. AOKP Unicorn Pink!

  4. Matte Black would be wonderful

    1. If prefer off black or resilient black. Oh!!! Or blackberry black. Now that would be awesome!

      1. What about “midnight charcoal”?

        1. That’s what color Amish shoes come in.

      2. It’s the Archer pilot all over again.

    2. Matte Black with a slight rubberized feel.

  5. This is supposed to be an Android phone, NOT a Windows phone!!! Windows devices have been known to come in a rainbow of colors. This is NOT the Android way!!!!

    1. Sony Xperia’s running Android have been available in many colors well before WP devices started coming out in colors.

    2. lolwut? So… Android phones are limited to black and white?

      But.. isn’t the Android logo green?? So why aren’t all phones green???!??

      … bro… you sound really dumb.

      1. Nope, Android phones are limited to black, white…and silver. :P

        I kid I kid, the HTC hero also came in a brown color.

        …seriously though I’m joking.

      2. Actually, just a thought, if it comes in Google Andy green, I might buy. Although I would never consider a green phone for myself before this thought.
        I also hope the color is not the only thing that will be of choice.

        1. Cruzerlite has some nice android green TPU cases. Still have my old one around somewhere…

  6. I didn’t even know that many colours existed…

    1. Black
      + White
      + Primary Colors
      = A few

      + “Girl Colors”
      = Thousands

      1. If I could give 1000 likes for this comment I would, excellent hehe :)

      2. Sadly, my mother is an artist, so she implanted those thousands of colors in my head at a young age.

        I actually know the difference between ochre and periwinkle. (Hint: They’re VERY different). Or, between forest green and teal. (Not as different)

        1. I’m color-blind so there’s only a few to those like me :) I couldn’t even list 20, let alone know what they are.

  7. Navy blue for sure

  8. Not really. You can anodize aluminum in any color known to man. I made a case for my note ii from aluminum and it’s lime green

  9. The body of the phone will be able to change color at the touch of a button…

    1. That would be pretty cool though. lol

    2. Like that chick’s fingernails in Total Recall… I’m in!

  10. I don’t believe this for a second. In order to mass produce that many colors, they’d have to invest a ton of money into getting the right colors, having them integrated into whatever material they are using (likely plastic of some sort if this is true), and the material would most likely end up being either a cheap plastic (think worse than Samsung’s plastics) or the color will simply be a spray-on outer coating. I don’t see this happening. Especially since so many people slap on cases that cover the phone anyway…

    1. have you considered possibly that the colors will simply be free (with purchase) cases that they let you choose at the time of purchase, maybe the chassis is built in such a way that it snaps on to the outside of it like a case. If that were the case, I don’t see why they couldn’t do 30 colors! :-P

      1. All this won’t matter, because carriers will only offer black/white/silver.

        1. This is going to be sold sans carrier, if I’m not mistaken… Just like the Nexus 4

    2. Motorola has been making metal clad phones for a long long time

  11. Changeable faceplates, like old Nokia phones!

  12. Oh man if they have clear!!!see- through gray!!!glow-in-the dark!!!!see-through purple!!!!Gold plated!!! :D

  13. Which is a bad thing?

  14. If you knock out half of the colors out just to release the phone quicker; I would support that for sure.

  15. But it will require a new charger design, and Google won’t have those ready until 2015.

  16. As long as Motorola drops the PenTile display I am okay with any color.
    How about something that changes with your mood, like the mood rings.

    Or on command “Phone change to red!”, “Phone change to green!”.

  17. Camouflage

    1. Expecting good reception while hiding from the enemy in the woods/desert?

  18. I’m fine with it coming in any color I want as long as it’s black.

    1. Thank you Mr. Ford.

  19. As a plastic injection molding process technician, it’s very simple to change colors. Clear or translucent is the most challenging due to it’s inability to hide contamination. Personally I would love a phone made of carbon fiber filled Teflon. It is naturally black, lighter than normal Teflon(which has that “damn that’s heavier than it looks” feel) and is incredibly strong, but very very expensive. It has that cool matte finish with almost hologram 3D look when held at an angle. The X phone, so excited when/if it becomes reality. Holding out buying a new phone, cause I’m happy with my “og” droid razr maxx. It is going to take a huge leap forward for me to switch for once.

    1. Or how about a phone made from textured G-10 (a glass-reinforced resin material)? YUM. That stuff is so STRONG that’s used in high end knife handles. And, like plastic, it doesn’t get cold/hot in the winter/summer.

  20. Not necessarily. The iPod touch comes in a number of different bright colors. Funny thing about that is the colored portion is made of metal and the black/white portion is plastic.

  21. I’d like a sky blue, like on the Lumia line.

  22. Cobalt blue please. :3

    1. Take away the emoticon and you’ve got a respectable comment.

      1. I presume what you meant to say was “I like cobalt blue too”. If you want to talk about being respectable then perhaps you should focus less on nit picking, especially when the object of your interest is as irrelevant as emotions.

        1. Eh, I do what I want, it’s the internet man.

    2. Or cerulean 8)

  23. .

  24. Make it in all the colors that the fleshlight comes in and you won’t be able to keep it on the shelves.

  25. I call this BS

  26. They should just turn the entire back of the phone into a multi color notification light. haha. One day.

  27. How about 20 different shades of black…..

    1. Or 50 shades of grey…. oh.. waitaminute…

  28. “While a modular phone like that isn’t as likely, today’s rumor might be as believe as any of them.”

    Sorry. Are you guys writers or do you just use spellcheck and hope its okay? Come on! I know it’s a rumor site, but have some integrity!

  29. As long as they release a phone this year with a Xenon flash.

  30. Orange!

  31. Are there really 20 colors that would sell in any kind of volume?

  32. I hate that this thing is delayed until August. I was going to upgrade in June but now have to wait even longer. I still have the original Galaxy S. The wait is unbearable.

  33. I hate that this thing is delayed until June. I was going to upgrade in June. I still have the original Galaxy S. The wait is unbearable.

  34. Yes, because what Android needs is a bunch of fruity colors to compete with the iPod.

  35. I’ve posted about this phone on the androidcentral forums and got to “test” if I liked the specs of this phone and how it’s promoted. the phone is not a high end phone, but a mid range phone with a 4.5″ screen, a bezel-less display and changeable back plates to change the color of it (about 6 of them). I don’t know why people are still holding off their upgrades like this is going to be a top tier phone. I was apparently not the only person who had seen/tested for this phone either, as other people were able to agree on a lot of the specs from what they had seen/tested.

    Unless they completely trashed the last one and are doing something different there is no reason for people to get their hopes up.

  36. Transparent, so we can see the insides? Yes please.

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