Schmidt: Android activations reach 1.5 million per day, Google’s new products ‘are phenomenal’



Eric Schmidt addressed the crowd at the Dive Into Mobile conference today, starting things off with an overview of the current Android landscape. As has become customary for such presentations, this included a look at recent Android activation numbers. Google’s Executive Chairman said that daily activations have now reached 1.5 million, up from 1.3 million last fall.

Schmidt says the numbers make reaching one billion total device activations by the end of the year a reasonable goal, which follows the 750 million figure recently revealed by Google CEO Larry Page. The ultimate goal is to get Android into as many hands as possible, which Schmidt sees as achievable once the $100 price point becomes the standard.

Moving on, Schmidt teased the future of Android handsets, saying we can expect the next generation of Motorola devices to be “phones plus” (or would it be phones+ to go with Google’s current offerings?). According to the former Google CEO, Moto’s new handsets “are phenomenal.” Might this include the oft-rumored X Phone?

But if you were expecting any big reveals from Schmidt’s little chat, you will be left wanting more. As is typical of his presentations, the conversation quickly moved to a more broad discussion of mobile and tech in the world today and looking ahead. But with strong activation numbers and a product line that gets Eric Schmidt excited, the future won’t be short on Android.

[via Engadget, AllThingsD]

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  1. That is just insane. I remember I felt the same way when they announced 1m per day. That’s a lot of Android.

  2. Android is amazing :)

  3. Motoogle, please release a phone quick so I don’t buy the S4!

    1. Well if you have to wait, go after the HTC one and get a better phone anyway.

    2. June…

      Rumors are the X will be out in June. You can wait a few more months. You can. it’s not a question. Just repeat it to yourself over and over…

      1. Who said June? Don’t go makin’ stuff up and getting me all worked up, now…

        1. Okay, July… (3rd hand, per Bionic/Per Sarge)

          But it’s only one more month. Surely you can wait 3 months…right?

          1. The Galaxy Nexus is running pretty slow… Need Upgrade Now!

          2. I agree wholeheartedly. It is. I’m one of the few who bought one and hated it.

            Never again…

            Just take a deep breath and try and imagine how much you’ll like your shiny new X Phone in 3 months…

          3. *laughing*

            I never said you had to believe me….Or bionic… Or sarge… Both of whom always seem to come through with reliable Intel from Motorola.

            You can believe whatever the hell you want… I’m just letting people who apparently want to know what I have heard from what I consider extremely reliable sources.

            If you think you have better Intel, by all means: do tell….(crickets)

            Hate on…

  4. I remember when I first purchased my G1(first Android phone), everyone around me had iphones at the time, and said Android will die out very shortly, what fools! I told those fools to give it a few years and Android will knock Apple on its ass. It does feel good to be right though,

  5. God Bless Android

    1. God bless Android, bless Google, bless open source and god bless God.

  6. Great numbers, but audio lag is still a huge issue for us music makers. iPad is light years ahead. 4 years and counting …

    1. Recording and mixing live music on your phone or tablet is a GIMMICK and will be for the foreseeable future. Use real gear. Thanks.

    2. That has far more to do with developers than Android, or even the hardware in many cases. Developers still choose iOS over Android. That tide is slowly changing, but it is changing. In the end I think Android will be a better platform for content creation since it has better sharing, and file management than iOS.

      1. Devs would love access to a huge new market of musically-inclined Android users, but there’s no point in building apps for them when the latency is a bag of sh** – hence no-one bothers to much use Android for audio creation/manipulation.

        1. What are you talking about? Look, Android is a pretty solid platform and it can do pretty much whatever iOS can do and more. So is it hardware? Maybe on some super cheap tablets and phones, but on the mid to high range? Last time I checked the hardware was on par to much better than most iOS devices.

          But in all seriousness real professionals use dedicated desktops and laptops with commercial grade software and serious processing power for content creation. Sure you might have some decent audio manipulation apps on the iPad, but no one is going to produce an album or even a high quality podcast off an iPad. So for that reason I’mm calling BS on the whole, “Android is too slow” schtick. For all intents and purposes Android can do anything an iPad could do, and in many cases MUCH MORE than what an iPad could do.

          But hey, just to be fair when you can use two high quality audio editing apps that are roughly on par in features, quality, etc., on both Android and on iOS and can actually compare this latency problem you say Android has then I’ll believe you on that one.

          1. That video means nothing to me. For starters the software is different so how do I know it’s not an issue with the app itself? Like I said before it’s not a hardware issue but a software one, and one that can be fixed if developers put their best into their Android apps. Right now iOS gets all the love, while Android gets crappy ports. But hey, keep mixing on your iPad if you want, it’s no thing to me.

  7. Time to get down with the Get down….Thanks Android………

  8. Good for Android! I bet Apple numbers aren’t that good. Competition is good for everybody, and this proves it.

  9. Did anyone actually think a board director would say his products are crap? Of course he will say his products are “phenomenal”.

    1. good catch

  10. Link to video of speech please.

  11. Your jedi mind trick won’t work on….. wait, I want an X Phone! :D

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