Apr 16th, 2013


Eric Schmidt addressed the crowd at the Dive Into Mobile conference today, starting things off with an overview of the current Android landscape. As has become customary for such presentations, this included a look at recent Android activation numbers. Google’s Executive Chairman said that daily activations have now reached 1.5 million, up from 1.3 million last fall.

Schmidt says the numbers make reaching one billion total device activations by the end of the year a reasonable goal, which follows the 750 million figure recently revealed by Google CEO Larry Page. The ultimate goal is to get Android into as many hands as possible, which Schmidt sees as achievable once the $100 price point becomes the standard.

Moving on, Schmidt teased the future of Android handsets, saying we can expect the next generation of Motorola devices to be “phones plus” (or would it be phones+ to go with Google’s current offerings?). According to the former Google CEO, Moto’s new handsets “are phenomenal.” Might this include the oft-rumored X Phone?

But if you were expecting any big reveals from Schmidt’s little chat, you will be left wanting more. As is typical of his presentations, the conversation quickly moved to a more broad discussion of mobile and tech in the world today and looking ahead. But with strong activation numbers and a product line that gets Eric Schmidt excited, the future won’t be short on Android.

[via Engadget, AllThingsD]

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